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James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son


Pray for rapture...

Ok guys.

Number one, if anyone beleives this, you're just as deceived as Mr. Cameron.

How is a guy, with no more than a highschool education going to go against the curator or the Israeli museum, who also found the tomb to begin with, to say that it is Jesus?

Jesus rose from the grave, 3 days later. That's it. The ascension into Heaven was both physical, and spiritual. Henceforth, there would BE no remains left. That 20 year period 'unaccounted for' in Christ's life, should be explained to you all. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the life of Jesus, knows he was poor- and a carpenter. So what did He do in that 20-odd year period? Hm...carpentering? OH GEE. Who'd have thought?

By doing this, James Cameron is trying to re-write Christianity into his own Hedonistic, hollywood religion- basically saying, 'If Jesus can marry a whore, I can do whatever I want'. Thus being, a religion of doing whatever you want. And I'm sorry- you're wrong. Jesus died sin-free. He died for OUR sins. Died, a shameful death. For us. And we're twisting His word around, and making ourselves look ungrateful.

Cameron is trying to do the same thing that the Mormon's do, and that the Jehova's Witness does. Along with the Unitarians, and and Skeptics, and Christian Scientists- they're cults. Because, the one common factor in all of the above is- they all denounce or warp Christ's existence/purpose. CULTS.

We cannot be led astray by Cameron. Lies are paraded around in Sheep's clothing, but really, they are as ravenous as wolves underneath. We have to see through the lies, and beleive that Christ was killed for our sins.

The pope was right- Islam was founded on violence. Muhammed killed all those opposing him. Get mad if you will- I don't care. Buddhism is a self-based religion. Scientology is an all-out lie, probably based on a 50's sci-fi book.

I will continue to pray for all of you who are led into worshiping false idols. I pray that you wall come to your senses, and see who is the true King.

In Christ!


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