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US Air Force inks deal with Raytheon on Windows 10 (and other) support for ARSE

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Re: They

Some one get me the FeckIT and DrinKIT

Hell hath no fury like a radar engineer scorned

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Re: 2.5MW

While you comment isnt completely without merit, the US already uses most of its budget on social services like medicare, medicaid, and unemployment. Even education gets more than the military. https://images.app.goo.gl/MpcB3XGJskTMKF4t7

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Re: 2.5MW

Global Hawks and the variants are not stealth as someone said before, 2nd Stealth has several different types, none make any aircraft invisible they just shorten the effective detection range. Smaller planes are focused on stealth in the range of radars that provide fire control solutions to missiles often you may pick it up but cannot maintain a good lock required for fire control radars. Larger aircraft IE the B-2 is broadband stealth designed to defeat both fire control and and lower frequency search radars. If stealth was totally useless why are all major nations persuing it? The goal is to get close enough to the target that SAMs cant get a good fire solution even if they briefly see you, and hopefully by that point your well within your weapons delivery range and already destroying the intended target.

What do sexy selfies, search warrants, tax files have in common? They've all been found on resold USB sticks

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You would think by now with technology what it is, that when you empty the trash on a windows machine it would mark the file to be deleted and it would go back as a background process and write random data to at least make a good faith effort that it cant be recovered, it should be the default setting and maybe allow you to change it to x amount of days or something. I use 3rd party stuff to do it now, but it should be included.

Spooky! Solar System's Planet NINE could be discovered in the next NINE years (plus one to six), say astroboffins

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Re: Future name?

Niburu ...obviously...

Don't mean to alarm you, but Boeing has built an unmanned fighter jet called 'Loyal Wingman'

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Re: Gulf War....

There was some deception in that regard, the newest versions of that is called MALD they can do ECM, emulate the radar signatures of other aircraft etc.


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Re: In Harm's Way ..

F-15s do not act as wild weasels. F-16CJs, and EF-18s, do that role now and whatever is left of the EA-6's the marines are flying. At least thats for the US forces, I cant say what other countries may be doing. I used to work on the F-16CJs it was a great job :).

The F-35 will be a superior WW, it has tech the others only wish they had along with the ability to actually get closer.

Fake fuse: Bloke admits selling counterfeit chips for use in B-1 bomber, other US military gear

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Re: So is this somehow worse than selling a complete weaponry system that doesn't work?

I spent 20 years in the USAF working on multiple different aircraft. They all have problems they all have teething pains even F-16s have 20-30 models all with improvements etc over the old A/B model lawn darts. The proof is in the pudding though 20:1 kill ratios in exercises, planes that have excellent handling, power, and technology far above anything else even the F-22 in many areas, this plane is a monster. Yes, it needs refinement and fixes. All planes do, but everything I have heard pilots and other say tell me I wouldn't want to be on the other end of this plane in combat in anything less than an F-22 and mayyyybe the newest tranche's of EF to even have a chance.

Two out of five Silicon Valley techies complain Trump's H-1B crackdown has hit 'em hard

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We had overseas outsourced employees who were magically qualified in everything we needed so exactly so that they were the "only possible" candidate...until we hired them and actually asked them to do it....they couldn't we re-did everything they touched cause in reality that had zero skill in any of those areas and when it came time for the company to save money...they got rid of the people re-doing all the foreign work...6 months later they were desperate for those expensive US guys to come back...we all told them to F*ck off.... supposedly they were in quite a state for several years. I would tell you it got better but later on everyone I knew who was still there also got outsourced.

Seagate woos NASty folk and other flashy types at CES

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Re: Why?

I was looking at just doing a RAID1 SSD volume for ISCSI VMware datastore. I do a lot of customer testing at home and storage is always my slow point for my two VMWare servers and even though they have local SSD they currently have no redundancy. Nothing I could lose would be critical just a hassle.

Feeling a bit gassy? Toshiba floats 16TB helium whopper

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So does this mean hard drives will get cheaper ..lol

Doubt it. I mean they aren't super expensive but even getting several 8TB or 10TB is prohibitive to me. Usually I can get multiple times more 4TB drives for example with more capacity than the 8s for the same price. I am running out of room in my case using smaller drives so it would be nice for the larger drives to come down in price a bit since I would imagine the mechanicals etc of multiple drives should be more than a single 8TB with mechanicals or is it just me?

EDIT: Looking at amazon it looks like prices may be starting to edge down for 8-10TB so maybe soon ill grab a couple. I am personally not a huge fan of shucking drives from externals but it really is the most cost reasonable route.

Gigabit? More like, you can gigabet the US will fall behind on super-fast broadband access

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Re: "Gigabit class wifi"?

Funny I got IPV6 before I got even 100Mb internet on my carrier. I just recently went from 30Mb to 120Mb though my ISP claims that 200 may become the standard soon (this is in WV,USA). Course my upload only went from 10 to 20Mb still better ....i guess.

Using a free VPN? Why not skip the middleman and just send your data to President Xi?

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Re: Own VPN?

^^ This i use an openvpn appliance on a esx box in my house and dynamic dns client to update my IP, I use it to access my home lab/files while I am on the road for work or if I want to vpn through my house while i am at the hotel to do banking etc.

Monster mash: Spectra Logic's tape library now twice the beast it was

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Television studios for one. I saw one of these in a media company. They stored almost all their video on them until they were moved to warm storage in preparation for them being aired. It was really a neat setup, it made perfect sense to keep it on tape so that they didn't have to have petabytes upon petabytes of spinning disks for media that once created really didn't get changed. And in case of corruption I believe they said each video was stored at least 3 times.

Britain's new F-35s arrive in UK as US.gov auditor sounds reliability warning klaxon

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Re: Stop Defence reporting, you're crap at it.

We live in the days of instant communication. Every major aircraft program has their issues, but you notice its only become something so out there and known since the internet came to widescale use. I blame the internet as one of the main reasons the F-22 was canceled so early. Panicky politicians listening to idiots with no understanding of aerial warfare or tactics and making decisions based on that. I worked on F-16s and there have been at least 9 different versions of them each either adding capabilities or fixing issues such as engine power etc, but when most people see an F-16 they assume it came out nearly perfect... It didn't it killed a few pilots with its issues and there were calls to cancel it, now its one of the most widely built fighters ever because it was good, damn good at a lot of things. The F-35 over time I believe will equal or surpass that, sure its tough in early versions as things are still being worked out, but we have to our stupid politicans cant be given a chance to cancel something so revolutionary. Also to the F-35s credit it has yet to have a full on crash or kill a pilot, something so far unheard of in new aircraft development.

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Re: Reliability?

Its called an Air Spare, Air Forces have been doing it well forever.... but what do I know I only spent 20 years as a aircraft avionics tech in the USAF.

UK's first transatlantic F-35 delivery flight delayed by weather

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The register should stay away from things they just don't know about. This is completely normal and as someone else said they will refuel probably more like 5-6 times. I worked on F-16s for 4 years and cargo planes another 16. We did the exact same thing and with 3 fuel tanks, in theory, you can fly an F-16 2000 miles with those, and we often delayed ferry flights for weather and also refueled something like 5-6 times. It's just not worth the pain vs waiting for better weather. Next this plane still has some bugs sure, but pilots love it. F-16s even though a 40 year old design still has problems being fixed or upgrades being done. It was constant on all the planes I worked on. Seriously just stay away from these kinds of stories you are spreading FUD on topics you know nothing about.

DRAM makers sued (yet again) for 'fixing prices' (yet again) of chips

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Ram me

The 32 GB of RAM for my current PC costs more than the Ryzen CPU, and MB combined.


US broadband is scarce, slow and expensive. 'Great!' says the FCC

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Re: The current administration is screwing the US...

Look I think trumps a numbnuts too, but who the hell was in charge the last 8 years and why didn't he do more.....SO put away the partisan hat and realize all govt screws us.

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My Internet

I currently pay 60 a month for 40 down/5 or so up. I of course like all cable do not get that all the time, but in the last week our cable company has been saying on TV commercials that they are raising the minimum speed to 100Mb for everyone with proper equipment. I am hoping that gets to my area soon as I am paying extra to get the 40/5. I do not live in a big town, so maybe some companies really are trying. Mine used to be Time Warner (now spectrum) personally I will believe it when I see it. Though when Time Warner was in charge 50 was the absolute max you could get and it was almost 100 a month, so I personally see it as an improvement.

A Hughes failure: Flat Earther rocketeer can't get it up yet again

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Re: Although...

Either that or people are giving him money hoping for his spectacular demise... I vote its more the later than the forme.

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus

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Re: Still, one day...

The plane is not considered combat ready so yes full ability to fire missiles is not required yet. It can fire some of its planned missiles just not all. Integration of ALL the missiles is not required for training. Seriously its not as easy as all the people have never worked on such projects think. There are symbology changes, missile specifications (range speed, inflight updates from the radar etc), Its a lot of work to integrate a new weapon. It took YEARS for the F-22 to be able to use the AIM-9X these planes are an improvement over older designs which often required replacing fire control computers with NEW/UPGRADED computer. There is still some level of that in these planes, but they are much more upgradeable than past designs, but then that takes a lot of programming, testing, and then bug fixes.

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Re: Still, one day...

1.5 Trillion is the expected cost for the whole 50 years of operation. The plane has its issues, but people throwing FUD around make me laugh. I spent 20 years working on aircraft in the military and all the haters have no idea that every plane goes through this to some level. Even 40-year-old F-16s and F-15s have issues and are constantly being updated. It takes time to upgrade software etc. Mission comes first and the benefits of a sub-version of a software may not be worth the downtime vs continuing training etc. The plane should be more complete you won't get an argument from me, but we are talking about a vehicle that is the most technologically advanced airplane flying and yet even with that its still at least 7 years out of date of current tech. Most people have no idea what it takes to keep something like this going and while some of the critisism is warranted most is not. There are quite a few flat-out falsities in the article that I wont even go into, but all this planes problems are nothing new, its just they are so much more public than they used to be.

29 MEEELLION iPhone Xs flogged... only to be end-of-life'd by summer?

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Nah your good, If it weren't for a few games and a couple convenience apps I barely use my phone to its potential. I was on an S4 until I went to my S7 edge, my phone company is harassing me to upgrade and I am still here going eh this one works fine, but my lease is almost up so maybe Ill look at the LG V30, but honestly, I am not in a hurry.

Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen

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Re: A shorter term problem

or they raise the cost of products meaning we are all still equally poor.

Embarrassing! FreeNAS downgrades latest release to 'tech preview'

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Mileage may vary

My experience with Corral wasn't completely flawless, but I am still running it. It is a bit hardware heavy and my kit is out of date by most standards (HP NL40). I did have to start with a fresh load of my system due to the upgrade process hanging. Not really a big deal as I only had a couple SMB shares and one ISCSI mount.

SMB was broken in the first couple patches, but I have not had a problem since 10.0.4. The only other major issue I have is that I have a 2 port PCI-E Intel Gigabit card which is no longer recognized. It worked under 9.10. I have a 3rd built in NIC which works fine. I think the VM/Docker add on is the major feature I do not want to lose at this point. I am running PLEX in a container and it works fine provided it doesnt try to transcode the CPU in my freenas box is just too weak for that. Otherwise as of 10.0.4 its functional and working for me all the ways I need it maybe after 9.10.3 and the first few patches come out ill move back but for now its basically stable and working well so I will keep running it.

Finally a reason not to bother with IPv6: Uh, security concerns...?

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Re: If IP6v hadn't been made so goddamn complicated...

My ISP in the US has enabled IPV6 its one of the largest in the country. While there are still issues with the complexity I agree with, such as weird behavior on NAS devices and others, I think many industries have relegated that they will do it.

I just bought a new AC router a few months ago and it fully supports IPV6. While the one I bought isn't as robust as I would have liked in the IPV6 firewall area its a step in the right direction vs one I bought just 3 years ago that didn't support it. I use a chrome plugin called IPvFoo which shows me that quite a few sites support IPV6 outright or at least use a hybrid and to be honest I was supprised that so many sites are fully IPV6 granted it could just be the sites I use but Id say 20-25% or so seem to be least using IPV6 or at least have it available through their ad companies etc.

The register though is not one of those sites using IPV6 but of course google and their ad companies are ...lol

Reversible head transplants coming back to Windows Server 2016

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Re: Does anyone actually use Server Core?

Yes, anymore questions...lol, we used it in our DMZ, used it for some DCs, etc.

Boeing's 747 to fly off the production line for the foreseeable future

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Im surprised they tested one that big GE90s are huge, for example the C-5M runs on a detuned CF6 engine that's power is limited from 59K to 50K I believe, but its still 22% more than the original engine providing a 30% shorter takeoff, a 38% higher climb rate, better range, and carries more weight.

Dave Hilling

Re: even if its role has changed to a cargo-hauler.

I rode KLM to South Africa on a 747 in business class which was in the lower nose...they brought drinks to my chair i preffered that while watching movies on the like 19 inch screen. I wish I still worked for the company that flew us everywhere international on business class :(.

Stop replying! pleads NetApp customer stuck in reply-allpocalypse

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I hate people

I remember something similar at a company I worked at before....then people started replying like crazy to all saying "I dont think this was meant for me" ....if it wasnt meant for you don't f'ing reply...I swear it went on for 14 hours....I think some did it thinking they were funny but when your on call and your wife is ready to stab you and throw your BB out the windows at 3 am its not funny at all.

Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts

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Re: poor widdle snowflakes... wait, what?

I definitely see how it could be traumatizing. I have spent 20 years in the Military seen some crazy videos etc, and I even hunt deer and other animals. I personally hate the blood and guts of it sure I survive, but others don't do as well... even with hunting I love eating deer meat etc, but I never NEVER have gotten completely used to the gutting etc from shot to plate, I still often gag. I do the skinning/gutting because it's necessary to turn bambi into a yummy dinner, but putting me in a job such as this filtering through things like kiddy porn...nope no way I quit.

I do wonder though what else they might be searching for, I only use onedrive because my company uses office 365. We do a lot of work for the government and while nothing we do or save on onedrive should be classified, if many items in someone's one drive were aggregated together they could be unknowingly become classified, and that means someone at microsoft potentially has access to aggregate classified data. I am sure many other companies would have at least sensitive data on there they thought was encrypted and private, but may not be.

'I told him to cut it out' – Obama is convinced Putin's hackers swung the election for Trump

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Apparently, she and her staff forgot or didn't know how our elections actually work....popular vote doesn't mean jack. Its funny to me, the system worked exactly as it was designed and yet they cry foul...after all she had more votes, so obviously its Russians. It wasn't the Russians who called people deplorable, or implied they were all racists, xenophobic, etc, etc.

Nope, it was millions of people who were sick of the nation going toward very vocal fringe groups while forgetting jobs, and middle-class Americans in the middle part of the country who feel like they have been forgotten for years. I find it laughable when it was nearly a 50/50 statistical vote that many feel their 50% should overrule the other 50% who won based on our system as it is. Maybe if Clinton had actually tried to win these 5 or so middle America battleground states instead of catering to the coasts she would have won.

I didn't like either of the major party clowns, I can't believe in a nation of 300 million that's who we came down to were these idiots. Watching the left meltdown in the aftermath though makes me wish I had voted for Trump, they just look pathetic with their arguments and cry baby attitudes. I know a few people in my circle who didn't vote for either of them and most would have went for Trump over Hillary anyday that women was just that hated.

Zuckerberg says just one per cent of news on Facebook is fake

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Re: SNL calls it!

Day?? At the rate most of them are going it will be years.....Trump wasn't my choice either (3rd party) but my god what a bunch of babies. They all of a sudden think they can change the laws of america just because they didn't like the outcome....Hence all the petitions and crap like that'll work...lol

Other than that the skit was comedy gold.

British defence minister refuses to rule out F-35A purchase

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Ugh not that debunked thing again

The F-16 vs F-35 thing has been debunked so many times I cant believe it still gets mentioned. How about articles from people who are actually flying it to fight with it? Its a stupid thing to use flight envelope stability tests as the purpose of any comparison.


Or how in training F-35s had no problem waxing F-15E's


Hello, Star Trek? 25th Century here: It's time to move on

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Re: Voyager

Without Seven, I would not watch any sort of "close reboot" unless its zoomed in reallly close on Seven's ummm assets.

US tech college ITT is not pining for the fjords. It is no more. It has gone and met its maker

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Re: Half the schools in the USA

Well my argument to that would be public schools promise the same thing. I worked for a DIV 1 NCAA school as the IT administrator for the Journalism school. I worked there several years, I saw hundreds of students come through there every single one was sure they would be an anchor on CNN, or some other news network.

I have to ask why they thought that, well because the school often led them to believe that and I heard in many times from teachers during lectures "When your working at CNN, etc" its the same hope BS that students are promised at every school. I was only in my 20's at the time and I became friends with quite a few of the students and I can't tell you how many came back and went for a different degree after a few years when they realized their degree was nearly worthless... most seemed to go into Nursing where at least they knew they could find a decent paying job.

No degree is a guarantee of success you have to work, for IT most all of us started in a help desk/phone support role or as a junior programmer. We worked hard, we kept learning, kept clawing, and eventually our hard work is rewarded and we were paid. I have worked with people from all over the world who went to possibly hundreds of different schools and I can tell you for a fact where you graduated from had zero to do with how good you were at your job as in what seems obvious even people graduating from the same school often had very different work ethics and on the job performance.

Dave Hilling

Half the schools in the USA

Many public schools in the US are guilty of the exact same thing...how many comm majors are there? How many journalism majors? Whats the difference between worthless journalism degrees or worthless criminal justice degrees? The fact is education does not ensure success in anything, hard work does...I have a degree from "a for profit" school there was nothing wrong with the education could it have been a little better sure, but guess what I also went to a state school and the quality of education in some ways was worse. I have received both my associates and Bachelor's from a *gasp* for profit school, I then went to a state school for my Master's that accepted my credits and guess what, there really was no difference. Now are all these schools this way probably not, but I heard classmates say oh the education sucked....funny I make 6 figures with the same education. Stop blaming the school for your failures, school gets you in a door, hard work proves your worth. Oh and I know people who graduated from ITT tech and one is the GLOBAL security director for a fortune 500 company. So again its probably not completely the education so much as personal failings, I am sure if you did a similar survey even for well known schools the percentages of people doing extremely well vs not so well probably would be pretty huge too. I guess all I am saying while the education may have issues too, its probably more a factor of the types of students they pursue and that may be where the issue truly lies.

US House to vote on whether poor people need mobile phones

Dave Hilling

Re: Same

Where did I say I was a Trump or Cruz supporter? I hated them both. I would much prefer someone like Allen West or a libertarian such as Gary Johnson. I cant believe that these idiots are the best we can find to run our country but then again...WE don't find them really they are chosen for us for the most part.

Dave Hilling

Re: Same

Ah yes insults, tools of the weak minded would you like to dispute half of what I said or just throw stupid attacks.

Ill just leave this here as proof that welfare pays too well. I honestly believe these figures are low as I looked into it and I did not see any mention of free daycare for children etc.


Dave Hilling

I dont believe I said let me keep all I earn, but I would happily take back 30-40 cents of every dollar they take for waste...its always an all or nothing approach with people...most people would be completely happy with a middle ground.

Dave Hilling

Or how about something completely crazy and strange.....Let me keep what I earned!!!!!

Dave Hilling

Re: Same

Im not differentiating here welfare and disability are both hugely abused and sadly the abuse hurts the legitimately disabled etc.. I am from one of those poor purple states (WV) and I used to see it all the time. People using an EBT card for food with a brand new iphone in their hand, and a fifth of Jack Daniels and cigs paid for with cash.. freaking disgusting.

Dave Hilling


You know how I paid for college gave the US Govt a blank check on my life. Then then repaid me with money for school sooo you know I worked for it.

I have no empathy for people to lazy to work hard for their own well being and life. If you look at some studies people on government assistance in the US actually get more than many middle class people in benefits when you take in everything. Why the F should someone on welfare get over 60K in benefits to survive. Our idea of poor in the US is so jacked, I have lived/travelled all over the world and in many countries they would beg to be as poor as a person on welfare in the US with new shoes, a cell phone, 60 inch tv, free daycare, and an XBOX...yes I have seen all of those in family members houses on "Assistance" at the same time have 3 young children literally buying a gallon of milk a day, spending every single penny trying to pay medical bills for their births etc while they tooo had similar medical bills all paid for by the govt. I bet if I took the amount of money I spend on things they got for free and too got it for free, I would have been living great too and not contemplating bankruptcy. Now that was a few years ago my hard work has paid off and I do quite well, while many of those family members still get assistance and still have nicer things than me....one of my relatives just bought a new tv and PS4 all while on assistance and I am all over here like hey I just bought my first new pair of running shoes in over a year cause my feet hurt when I ran for my PT test the National Guard. But Hey at least I got a BS, and MS degree for a greatly reduced price.... so year I dont feel all that sorry for the poor many of which live better than my middle class family, and they have no intention of changing their situation.

I am not heartless unemployment is a great thing because you get money after you have been working and run into hard times, but generational welfare where the "Poor" get to live on my back has to STOP!

Pure swats away EMC patent punch, mulls $14m verdict appeal

Dave Hilling

Yeah but

Since there is almost a zero percent chance the source code is the same one could argue that just because it operates in vaguely the same way that the design is obvious and common sense for the field and get EMC's patent invalidated or argue that since it is not implemented in exactly the way that is described a more friendly court may also dismiss the claim.

Feds tell court: Apple 'deliberately raised technological barriers' to thwart iPhone warrant

Dave Hilling

Re: We've seen that already

Except most native Americans were killed by small pox and other disease not guns.

Dave Hilling

Thats how it used to be

Except when I was a kid thats pretty much how it was. We all had bb guns, real guns, nerf guns and we knew which ones we could point at each other and which ones got your ass beat. If you removed the gang violence in like 4 cities, and suicides the USA would have one of the lowest gun violence rates in the world...pretty amazing for a land with over 300 million guns.

Amazon cloud increasingly powered by hot air

Dave Hilling

I dont know the exact loss rate of lines running from Indiana to Virginia, but I would bet if thats where the power was really going you would be losing over 50%...the real answer is its fed into the grid, and they are offset for what the farm they own generates.

Comcast 'rolls out' 'world's first' DOCSIS 3.1 modem, pumping 1Gbps over existing cable

Dave Hilling

Considering I know tons of people that would just be happy to get 100Mb I am wondering why they are pushing 1Gb so hard.... work on getting all your networks up to at least a minimum speed of say 50Mb before shooting for the sky. I am not sure how far comcast is in that goal since I was a TW customer by force but considering the amount of time I couldnt hit 10Mb while paying for 30, I wouldn't imagine the Comcast is much better.

Server storage slips on robes, grabs scythe, stalks legacy SANs

Dave Hilling

I hate predictions

Tell me how tape is dead, and SANs will disappear. There will always be use cases for SAN just like TAPE and any other technology thats been declared dead multiple times. Like someone mentioned above if I need TBs/PBs of storage why would I want to add more cpu/ram etc just to get it. Sure in some scenarios server san will pick up but in many places it will probably be barely used at all.



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