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James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son


Jesus is important?

It's sad that most of the humans on earth will believe anything without any need for proof. Why is it all "miracles" happened 2000 years ago when there wasn't science like we have today to challenge such claims? I'm so sick of hearing stuff about Jesus that I hope someone does ruin the bible. It doesn't matter how much science proves that the bible is wrong because people with faith will not admit they are wrong. Religous people need to have their faith or their entire world would crumble down on them. People are told their entire life that the bible is the normal/right thing so they just follow along. Religous people are like lemmings. Most people just say they have faith because it seems that it is an easy way to not have to really think about it. They don't want to deal with an explaination so they just go along with what they've been taught. Some religous people do have true faith and that means they are willing to believe in something without need for physical evidence. If Bigfoot doesn't really exist then that means you can't run tests/experiments on something that isn't real in the first place! The only thing you get is an individuals opinion on something. Faith in something is simply that persons opinion. An opinion is just a theory. Until something is proven to be true by human science through the use of experiments then it is known to be a theory and not a fact. You have to have some way to base our reality or you just have nonsense.


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