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Hands on with the T-Mobile G1

Chris Nicolson


It has a data port for connecting to a computer or to an adaptor for headphones. From what I understand, it's the same port that HTC has been using on all it's other phones.

Apple 2G iPod Touch

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WPA/WPA2 support

I'll be buying one when it supports the WPA/WPA2 that my wireless and work wireless are secured with.

Xbox 360 could back Blu-ray

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Aiwa has only been owned by Sony since the end of 2003, so Jason's Aiwa MD player would have been produced while they were still their own company. Well... Sony had invested in it, but they didn't own the company.

Early Visual Studio 2008 to bolster Vista?

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'WWF', in this case, stands for 'Windows Workflow Foundation'