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BOFH: The Christmas party

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Paintball Mythology?

Some paintballs will freeze. IT all depends on the mix. If there is a high propylene glycol content then they will obviously freeze at a lower temp or refuse to freeze.

From what I remember HPB used to make a paintball that froze effectively.

EDS carpeted for struggling prison project


EDS is a great way to make a lot of money.

For several years I followed EDS around cleaning up the cesspool that they made of various companies network, DNS, and mail gateways.

It's good work if you can get it. Maybe I should get some friends together and bid on this project.

HDS points customers at dashboard to dodge sales slowdown


HDS has interesting business ideas

Disclaimer: I worked for HDS in a professional services capacity for 2 yrs.

HDS has always been a much underestimated player in the storage market. In most regions they seem to have a softer touch than EMC. This seems like a good play for the market. Soft touch, show the customer some value... and if they decide that another vendor provides perks that HDS cannot, at least HDS hasn't sunk a ton of unpaid time into the up front evaluation.

This way the customer owns any data used to pitch the proposal as well, so they can have EMC or whoever do a pitch with the given data...

BBC clarifies location of England



Separate countries? Does Wales have a representative to the UN, or does the UK's rep actually come from Wales? Does Wales have their own ratification procedure for NATO?


When each of the principalities start signing trade agreeements and treaties as a separate faction (as Ireland does) then we will probably pay as much attention to them as we do Belgium.

The relationship that you just described is similar to the state system in the US. Lots of self-governance and what not but lacking the ability to independently of the over-arching gov't of the UK. That is exactly how Oregon relates to the greater US.

Regarding the relevance of size to the knowledge argument. That's a specious point at best and intentionally avoiding the point at worst. The point is, unless each of the separate member-states of the UK engage in political or economic wrangling in such a manner as to require notice by outsiders they will remain part of an amorphous political blob roughly the shape of the British Isles. Most people's knowledge of geography comes from necessity. Either a country makes itself known through political or economic means i.e Georgia, or some other national notoriety (Swaziland?). If it is given that it is unlikely that the UK will allow the Wales parliament to engage in such dealings then it is most likely that you will either have to drastically increase your tourism advertising budget (See Scotland) or be resigned to anonymity.

I have spent a good portion of time in the UK (several 6 month stints living in the Bayswater area of London, and few trips to Aberdeen and Edinburgh) and thus I know a bit about the geography but I wouldn't ask a US peer to have any such knowledge any more than I would require my peers in Aberdeen to know where Oklahoma is. To do so is pedantic and petty.

Not that there should be any other expectations from an Internet forum.


Wikipedia source of some of the confusion

Wikipedia lists the area of the state of New York, USA as being 54,555sq miles. England is listed as 50,346sq miles.

Elmer Phud was correct is his assertion that New York is larger than England. He was not referring the UK, Britain, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, or the Isle of Man. The UK is 94,526sq miles compared with the USA's 3,794,066sq miles. That does lend some credence to the thought that UK doesn't seem to attract further inspection. The state of Oregon is 98,466sq miles. Most residents of the UK would be hard pressed to recognize the much about the state of Oregon much less the actual counties contained therein.

I'm sorry that your feelings were hurt that someone didn't know about your homeland, but you're not the center of the world. It may shock you but a great many people consider the whole lot of you rather boorish and uninteresting. (Except the Scots, of course)

That said... It's a shame that more Americans don't dig the British Isles, they're a fun place to visit and I've always enjoyed the people and the land. <Personally, I like the Scots the most but they tend to be the same sort of ornery that I am.>

US Army unit deployed to home front




Considering that there was an NBC Emergency Response Unit in the US Marine Corps in 1996 that had basically the same task, you gents need to start taking your meds or stop smoking so much pot(shit makes you paranoid).

Regarding the use of the National Guard abroad. That has a well-defined precedent, Oklahoma Nat'l Guard troops were among the first American troops to see a concentration camp in Germany. Also a note from the Nat'l Guard web site: "The National Guard may be called into federal service in response to a call by the President or Congress. When National Guard troops are called to federal service, the President serves as Commander-in-Chief."

Given that the Army was able to be used against the people up to and including the American Civil War, it is perfectly Constitutional to do so. However, when Posse Comitatus was passed in 1878 it made it illegal (questionably so) but not unConstitutional. Posse Comitatus was really a ploy to buy off the Southern States anyway...

Also, Posse Comitatus was circumvented by the Insurrection Act. (Please reference 1992 LA riots) The AG may request the use of troops in case of the local Law Enforcement agency not being prepared for a particular sort of attack (i.e. NBC)

All this does is set aside a group that will probably hold a secondary mission goal of being prepared to fulfill this role. This could also be called preparedness training and logistical staging.

Please study history and law before commenting.


Kindle fails to set light to unsold e-book pile


E-books sell well

They just aren't big with the mainstream publishers as yet. My wife is an author and many of the little publishing outfits publish in e-book format as an option. Oftentimes the author refuses this publishing method as well as they are afraid it cheapens the work or diminishes their copyright.

Oh well. They can't all be married to handsome geniuses can they?

Cap, trade, subsidise - Obama's energy plan goes off piste

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Taxation never decreases

It only shifts about while someone in gov't figures out how to hide the tax from you. If you get a tax break from the Fed, the state steps in and raises taxes because you're used to the higher rate aren't you? If the state and the fed were to find the miracle acorn and lower taxes at the same time... Your city council and school board would step up with their dildonic money siphon and push it twice as far.

The speculators are doing a great job of creating artificial scarcity right now. That pressure will cause the consumer to move to a viable model of energy efficiency.

How do I know the scarcity is false? Consumption continues to rise. Supply continues to be discovered. Here in oil country we're pulling down serious change. Thank god for idiotic energy policy.

Shopper connects to Jesus via Denon link cable


But are they danceable?

If not I'm keeping my pear anjou cables....

Holy crap.

9/11 an inside job, says Irish pop folkster



Quoth from Scientific American. Hardly a shill for the USA.


<quote>One WTC lasted for 105 minutes, whereas Two WTC remained standing for 47 minutes. "It was designed for the type of fire you'd expect in an office building—paper, desks, drapes," McNamara said. The aviation fuel fires that broke out burned at a much hotter temperature than the typical contents of an office. "At about 800 degrees Fahrenheit structural steel starts to lose its strength; at 1,500 degrees F, all bets are off as steel members become significantly weakened," he explained.

Some have raised questions about the degree of fire protection available to guard the structural steel. According to press reports, the original asbestos cementitious fireproofing applied to the steel framework of the north tower and the lower 30 stories of the south were removed after the 1993 terrorist truck bombing. </quote>

Regarding the tracking of pieces of the superstructure? Most of it was sold as scrap or memorials. One example of which can be found here in Oklahoma.

Regarding the building of such structures in the future... Mostly it just isn't done that way anymore in the US. Companies are beyond the "build it tall" to impress people, they've migrated to a more artsy "campus" style of impressing their clients, their competition, and the plebes.

Please refer to the article referenced above wherein people with degrees in the necessary fields to interpret the data correctly, do so and refute your wacktardedness.

I am sad for your friends.


No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes

Black Helicopters

Everything is invented in USA first, fucktards.

Since hearing the word fucktard in common usage I have often wondered where it originated. I may have heard it before the winter of 1998, but if I did I suppressed that memory.

I was in the cold high desert of 29Palms, California setting up a encrypted tunnel over a satellite shot to a Marine Air Wing command post. They kept keying their equipment with wrong keys prompting me to slam down the green phone and attempt to yell "Fucking Retards" I was so angry that it came out "Fuck*sputter*Tards" to which my CO and SNCOIC ran into the tent wondering why I would yell FuckTards.

That same exercise spawned the word fuckulate in the form unfuckulate. Usage is:

"Sure the tunnel will come up and we'll get logistics data as soon as I unfuckulate their router configs."

BSD style license applies to both. Use them often I could fucking care less.

Transgender man prepares to give birth



A agree. I am mostly looking at this from a technical standpoint. It seems odd that some structures and behaviors are considered abnormal and medicated while others that are outside of a fully and properly expressed complement of genes are not.

Oh well. Either way, it is a non-story except for some reason the mother-to-be probably thought that this would be a good way to garner publicity for the transgender community. Good for them. Best wishes to the mother to be... Talking about weird post-partem as well. Ok, dropped the bun, now back to being a man.

Does make one wonder though... If it becomes more socially acceptable will the transgender process become more prevalent? Would there be regret and regression? Does it make sense to alter the body to fit the mind? Does that change make one's grasp of reality more tenuous as the body is so much more malleable? <I used to work the door at strip clubs, and the less grip a woman had on the world, the more likely she was to have extensive augmentation. (Purely subjective anecdote on my part.)>

US auto-emissions cleansed in urine-tech shower



Yeah, but who goes to San Jose, except on a dare or geek-work?

What LA really needs is a train to LV. Until AlaskaAir stopped running the daily commuter from LV to Burbank it was $70 round-trip. It was great to have a 1hr 15 min commute and live in Henderson.

A decent railway that allows weekend party-goers and commuters convenient transport would be awesome and prevent the "Holy-Crap I may die sitting here in the desert cuz some drunk-ass bastard wrecked himself" situations I hated so much.

Naomi Campbell chews fat with Hugo Chavez

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Sure, it's about the money...

@Chris G

Please do some reading and actual business before you go spouting your excreta. Venezuela's agricultural industry is collapsing, and the availability of food and resources are spotty at best. You're lucky if you have any sort of money and haven't had your offices 'donated' to the gov't. (Which my company just went through. Yes, gentlemen with rifles greeted our local workforce and told them that they work for the gov't now.)

It's circling the drain... Like a lot of places it might hang out there for a while, esp while bolstered by high oil prices, but either the gov't will change or it will be flushed.

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban


@Michael and the locksmith guy.

A registry for people that could use network security tools? That'd be great. Every application is a security tool provided you have tcpdump. If you don't have tcpdump, good luck troubleshooting that slow DB problem due to a poorly implemented Nagle algorithm.

Or what if the DHCP service on your home router stops? dhclient -d can tell you a lot about the network around you. Only someone completely ignorant in IT would propose such a preposterous solution... or someone bent on abusing the power such a ban would give, like mis-guided guild members.

For Micheal's part, the DMCA made it illegal to watch DVD's on my laptop. That's quite enough isn't it? Or perhaps you think it's ok that you should be required to buy software from a particular cartel because it should be illegal to use a toaster oven to make shrinky-dinks?

Although the law doesn't necessarily elevate tcpdump to De-CSS status, it does make one wonder... Where will they go next?

Drink-drive chain gang obliged to bury dead alcoholics


Left, Right, or Center...

The question is... Does deterrence work? Oftentimes it does. Hell, that's the basis for most people paying taxes or licensing fees... because paying them is better than the alternative. What about the people who are making an altered value judgement? If they don't see freedom as having a higher value than the short term return received as a result of their crimes you must change their perspective. This seems like one way to do so. Robbing a store might seem a little less easy when you are likely to be caught and suffer through a summer in a tent.

Some criminal's lack the ability to even see beyond the very shortest term returns... Someone more patient than I should fix that.

What does rehabilitation alone accomplish? Not much, esp in certain crimes. Sex offenders being the most obvious.

There is no perfect solution to crime. We balance back and forth and hope to come out better than before. I like Sheriff Joe's solution just because I think that prison should be punishment. Period. Rehab should be included, but any former military guy can tell that to properly 'retrain' (read:indoctrinate) someone you have to punish them terribly.

Lastly, as a former military guy, I've experienced far worse conditions training in the high desert of California, or watching for drug smugglers in the hinterlands of Arizona and New Mexico (while being shot at by Mexican snipers). My heart does not bleed for them.

US woman launches 'Taserware' parties


America More Dangerous, Perhaps...

According to the British Home Office and the British Crime Survey for 2005/2006 it seems you gents may be laboring under a rather sad misconception.

According to Chapter 5, the UK had 2,420,000 violent crimes which equates to about 3992.8 violent crimes per 100,000. Compared to the US at 469.2 per 100,000. Ahh, but the murder rate must be worse in the US because of the guns!

Granted the BCS is probably inflated, but the crime statistics also do not report on rape and violent crime on persons under 16. <Some limey estimates put people under 16 as the victim in >25% of rapes.>

Outlawing guns, knives, and pointy sticks have done nothing for you. I woud look at other causes, e.g. the gentrification of NY which has driven crime down. Birth rates among the poor could also be looked at as an indicator. The US enjoys a rather healthy influx of criminals due to unrestrictive immigration enforcement.

In short, the US and the UK don't really compare well. California's GDP is very close to the UK's, and as far as population centers... it really doesn't scale at all. That's where the devil would be regarding crime statistics. Crime is most easily linked to urbanization... I wonder which country has more people packed into less area? Compare NY to London and you'll find that London has several times the land area of NY.

Can't y'all just get down from your high horse for a minute and talk about the real issue here?

What's the purpose of giving housewives tasers? To make them feel safer. Does it? Apparently so. Is it an inordinate risk? Considering that, per capita, swimming pools kill more people than accidental firearm discharges, and that tasers are far less lethal than firearms, I would say that it seems so.

YMMV of course.

(Incidentally, the only time someone attempted to rob me was in Camden. I've worked in the worst areas of DC, LA, and Las Vegas and never been bothered... but I still don't hold it against you guys.)

Student taser victim spared electric chair



To re-iterate:

First, @AC Staff Sergeant: Your CV is cool and all that, but from a Marine Sniper who has a brother who's a BUDS instructor and another that's a SEAL, my wang is bigger and purplier than yours.

Second, as a person who trains security personnel and who has an uncle who owns a small security firm. (He provides personal and property protection to professionals.) The campus cops were right to do what they did.

Is this an ideal situation? No. However, there are more than a few risks that others have touched upon.

1. It was an unsafe situation.

I have worked a lot of different events and a lot of different venues. Never, ever assume that someone who is 'acting out' is non-violent and unarmed. I haveseen several people seriously injured or killed by bypassing this assumption. Including one stabbing by pencil that resulted in brain damage and loss of sight.

No one has the right to force their will on a venue. Period. If you are asked to leave, do so and protest on public property. No, the Uni meeting room is not public property. If you do not leave, you are at least an annoyance, and upon further resistance, a threat. As you are all aware, as the need for someone to conform to a behavior becomes more urgent the conflict will escalate.

Regarding the physical stature of the security guards, had this confrontation been in the parking lot it would not have been prudent to tase the gentleman as tacticly it would have been safer to distract, restrain, and disarm him. In an environment where the person can come in contact with several people quickly and you cannot effectively surround him w/o coming within stabbing range, I would recommend the taser to someone who wasn't comfortable with risking severe injury to themselves and the perp. If you engage without the taser and the perp attempts to stab you with the pencil and you break his arm in self-defense, then you may be liable, depending on the venue and the perception of the jury. In this case, there could be little confusion as to what actually happened as the security professionals kept their distance.

If you want to protest something, there are far more effective and safer means to do so.

Personally, I would rather walk up to the guy, tell him to stop making as scene and leave quietly or I'll break his arm and drag him out, but I'd be sued out of my pants for that.

Fire service may charge for shifting fat people


Big guy with no pity...

Personally, all of the arguments above are excellent examples of why I am morally, philosophically, and politically opposed to socialized medicine.

I am a sports fanatic. I play rugby, American football, track&field (shot,Hammer), Scottish Games, and soccer(football). I am 6'1" and 20stone, and I have never been fat a day in my life.

I have injured myself while playing above sports... and I was very happy to go and get stitched together or splinted or whatnot and then pay the bill for said treatment.

Back on topic. When you accept the dole, and you accept the taxes that create the dole, you must accept the cost. Period. Personally, I would love for airlines to put some 'fatty' seats on the plane, as my arse fits quite well in a normal seat, but my shoulders are considerably wider... I would love to pay extra so that I didn't hang into the aisle. When I was in the US Marines I was glad that I was usually in a unit that had other larger than average men, so that if one of us took a round or suffered some other mishap we could be confident that someone could carrry our asses out of there.

You take taxes indiscriminately... therefore you are obligated to give indiscriminately, or are you just trying to cheat your fellow citizens?