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We're not Meta support: State AGs tell Zuck to fix rampant account takeover problem

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Re: This is a real problem....

Think of it as a gift .....

Boffins demo self-eating rocket engine in Scotland

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Re: Pedant? moi?

The work of a maestro ….

Welcome to 2024: Volkswagen really is putting ChatGPT into cars as a gabby copilot

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Re: That's VW on my 'do not by' list

Yes but how long before it starts singing "Share and enjoy" ?

How do you teach a robot dog new tricks? Throw it a string of hex, a crayon, and a canvas

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Re: Is this evolution continuing?

Thank you !

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Re: Is this evolution continuing?

Asimov’s robot books touched on something similar, where the visiting robots were assumed to be the earth lifefoms.

I forget the title (as I’m not a robot) but am sure someone will remind me.

New York Times sues OpenAI, Microsoft over 'millions of articles' used to train ChatGPT

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They just missed a trick

.. to invent the AI bot subscription at a cost of a few million $ per year.

Would bring them more money than paying the lawyers for what will no doubt be perceived as detrimental in the long run.

I mean, does the NYT actively not want to have any influence over the future ? Or prefer to leave it to the likes of antisocial media ?

Doom is 30, and so is Windows NT. How far we haven't come

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Re: Vasa Syndrome

And the museum is fabulous and an unmissable visit when in Stockholm .... https://www.vasamuseet.se/en

Microsoft floats bringing a text editor back to the CLI

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Indeed. The TECO parlour game was to type your name at the command prompt and then try and work out what it did to your file ....

Doom turns 30, so its creators celebrate seminal first-person shooter’s contribution to IT careers

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DoomOps was done a long time ago ...

But was generally not good for the server : Doom as a tool for system administration

Polish train maker denies claims its software bricked rolling stock maintained by competitor

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Re: Disappointed

Not even Ruby on Rails …

HP TV ads claim its printers are 'made to be less hated'

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Re: My Mum caught me on Tuesday night

There comes a point in time when you have to announce to people that their technology has gone to the other side and they have no choice but to renew. Even if it's not quite true, but just to keep your sanity ...

If only it were equally simple with central heating ....

Chromebooks are problematic for profits and planet, says Lenovo exec

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Re: Chromebooks sell to education...

Outlook is available on the Mac.

And it's an even bigger piece of crap than the Windows version, despite having been around for over 15 years ... so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Thankfully Microsoft does (or did) a version of Office without Outlook that they charge less for ...

Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC

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Re: Mac system requirements

You need to go here https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher/

And you'll probably be able to run something more recent.

Am currently running Monterey on a 2015 Air. - with only 8GB.

Bad eIDAS: Europe ready to intercept, spy on your encrypted HTTPS connections

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Re: Worrying - esp. in the UK

Give us a "C"

Give us an "R"

Give us an "A"

You can guess the rest .....

Pope tempted by Python! Signs off on coding scheme for kids

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Let's hope so

The last time someone was tempted by a snake it also involved apples and didn't turn out too well ..... (allegedly, I mean it could have been fake news)

Martin Goetz, recipient of the first software patent, logs off at 93

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Re: $2 million. The struggle was worth it.

Sure, they want to run a business like lots of other people.

But being shat on by bigger unrestrained monopolistic companies with can make that difficult.

Was software patenting the right way to go ? Probably not, but what other effective avenues were available ?

The patent world of the 60s is not the patent world of today.

French IT behemoth Atos facing calls for nationalization as it tries to restructure

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You say Atos, I say Capita ...

Everybody has their demons .... (and some have daemons)

It is 20 years since the last commercial flight of Concorde

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Re: 3 experiences with Concorde

As a kid I remember the Concorde maiden flight from Tolouse. Followed not much later by the humungous - at the time - launch of the 747. It was a great time for planes :-)

There is also a Concorde at the Seattle Museum of Flight at Boeing Field, that you can walk through. And as you say it's tiny. In addition there is also a walk through of a previous version of Air Force One - maybe 707 based - I don't remember - someone will tell me.

All in all a great place to go - a whole day will not be enough.

And if you're there, the visit to Boeing at Everett is just awesome, a cathedral of engineering prowess.

Though I guess there are no more 747s

CERN swaps out databases to feed its petabyte-a-day habit

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It’s all just dust …

From browser brat to backend boss: Will WASM win the web wars?

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Even though the Empire standardised on the Universal Interface and Protocol as embodied by R2D2 it's just a bigger island, so you still have to lug around a bunch of C3POs to get anything to talk to anything ....

Zoom's new London hub – where 'remote work' meets 'we need you back in the office'

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Re: I think it is the perfect time to start a new company : Gloom

Tastefully decked out with demotivational posters from despair.com …..

On the record: Apple bags patent for iDevice to play LPs

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And there was I thinking ...

it was something novel like getting the iDevice to scan the vinyl directly into the music library with it's super-duper integrated laser and beam it round the house.

But would the iTurn be more expensive than Jonny Ives Linn version ?

Always on the Horizon, UK must wait for megabucks EU science deal

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Re: Good old Brexit

No - it’s the gift that keeps on taking …

Unidentified object on Australian beach may be part of Indian rocket launcher

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Re: Is it anything like this?

Looks like Rover, Number 6 ….

Quirky QWERTY killed a password in Paris

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Oh yes talking to VAXen with a German keyboard where C and Y are swapped ....

Ctrl-Y and Ctrl-C not doing the same things .... the number of times I killed myself ....

Want to feel old? Ethernet just celebrated its 50th birthday

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Though after 50 years Mahalo seems more fitting ...

AI is going to eat itself: Experiment shows people training bots are using bots

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Dark Star already told us what happens ....


Robot can rip the data out of RAM chips with chilling technology

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Mille sabords ….

… is that you Capitaine Haddock ?

Singapore tells its people: Go forth and block those ads

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Re: ScamShield privacy concerns

So no different to the "land of the free" and upholder of world wide dumbmocracy

Chinese company claims it's built batteries so dense they can power electric airplanes

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Crazy, the distance is ~650km.

A current high speed train could do that in 3 hours - competitive with the plane given all the faffing around at airports as you point out.

And with a much higher density of around 800 to 1000 passengers per train.

And a much higher frequency - you can do at least 4 trains per hour if not more.

Not forgetting the added bonus of not being in a plane.

However, an overnight sleeper does have its charms, though usually at a price.

LLaMA drama as Meta's mega language model leaks

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Re: Question?

I think Delphi has been involved in information, misinformation, prediction and wishful thinking for quite some time .... as well as being home to Python.

What goes around comes around ...

Apple releases Lisa source code on landmark machine's 40th birthday

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Re: ICL / Three Rivers PERQ

Ha ! I remember those - I was an undergrad there at the time.

They turned up from the Science Research Council (before Engineering crept in) and were followed by a couple Sun-1 workstations and a Sirius PC.

I think they were originally billed as Smalltalk machines though I am not sure how they ended up after ICL got to them. Though it could be that the Computer Science department wanted them for other stuff than other users …

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Re: Architecture and Morality.....anyone?

The 68000 is just a more-or-less revamped PDP-11, though this is not to belittle it, as the PDP-11 is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) CPU designs ever IMHO.

The 68000 hit the streets in 1981/2 which was already behind Intel’s 8086/8 which had started coming on stream at the end of the 70’s and were therefore more widespread.

It’s a shame, as the Intel legacy has been, and continues to be, such a millstone that nobody can get rid of. Intel tried twice, once with iAXP32 and the again with Itanium. Both failed miserably having cost huge amounts.

Worse still the i86 family didn’t get any better until the 386. The 186 was the all in one system on a chip that should have been the obvious choice for building PCs, but it was as flawed as the 286 which IBM did use in its PC-AT. It’s virtual memory model was broken and only fixed to become usable in the 386 - the days of memory extenders were finally over.

But by that time the software investment was too great to switch - only the non MS world could take advantage of better processors or build their own - Apple, Apollo, Sun, Stratus, Tandem, Perq to name but a few, now all fallen by the wayside.

Although the 68000 did have a proper virtual memory co-chip its arrival was too late to stem the wave of the IBM PC and its clones.

The path to hell is paved with good intentions …

You can hook your MIDI keyboard up to a website with Firefox 108

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It's like Keith Emerson just turned up .... the things you forget ....

More and more CS students are interested in AI – and there aren't enough lecturers

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Re: more CS students are interested in AI

Proper computer science is just a specialised branch of maths :-)

The Donald showed us that.

Do students still study things like Taylor series and numerical and operational analysis, or have we consigned them to ‘just include this library’ ?

However, maths is not enough if you actually want to build a computer as engineering ≠ maths.

The wild world of non-C operating systems

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Re: Jupiter ACE

A fully fledged FORTH implementation does everything including its own disk I/O.

I wrote a FORTH interpreter/compiler whatever you call it for the 8086 in assembler and it came in at under 8KB - which at the time was a big plus when memory was more expensive than programmers.

FORTH - quirky definitely, elegant yes in lots of places, but maintainable, usable .... not so sure :)

An open-source COBOL contender emerges

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Re: "COBOL-2002, which introduced object oriented programming"

You don't need object oriented FORTRAN, or ever will .... as we knew in 1982


You should read Section 8 of the Unix User's Manual

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Re: I'm always pleased when BSD get a mention

Your loss.

As they say learning another language - whatever it happens to be - gives you another viewpoint from which to appreciate the world (though I admit I may not be deal with CICS !)

Faster Python: Mark Shannon, author of newly endorsed plan, speaks to The Register

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Re: Or...

"The market for this was big enough that several companies were making dedicated versions of this chip with the Basic interpreter masked into ROM on the chip itself...."

Hey that was me - for one of them at least !

Cramming a Tiny BASIC interpreter coded into 4K of ROM on an 8051 in 1982. Took me a week to reorganise my assembly code to get down from 4099 bytes to 4095 in the end.... those were the days

The Epic vs Apple trial is wrapping up, but the battle has just begun

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Re: The lawyers have more paydays coming

Except, if I understand correctly, the purchase price is zero. So Apple hosts and distributes effectively for nothing.

Thus it is not unreasonable to take a cut of in-app purchases.

'Biggest data grab' in NHS history stuffs GP records in a central store for 'research' – and the time to opt out is now

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Re: gp records centrally

Ha ! ID

This is the UK. We've heard about that, it's a thing foreigners do.

We have gas bills.

Texan's alleged Amazon bombing effort fizzles: Militia man wanted to take out 'about 70 per cent of the internet'

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Re: Coat... needed... when the temperature drops----->>>>

A trip to Newcastle should set you right.

And also discover the right to bare legs ...

The JavaScript ecosystem is 'hopelessly fragmented'... so here is another runtime: Deno is now a company

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Re: Curses

Hey Forth again stay to back is

Though not on anybody’s list.

Just think how much more effective those node / deno / done / edon could be if they had documentation.

Old school I know ... a bit like design documents....

React team observes that running everything on the client can be costly, aims to fix it with Server Components

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Re: Client / server architectures

And if you stay long enough you'll meet them several times round.

Each time with a "brand new, totally innovative, never before seen" sticker on them ....

EU's top court says tracking cookies require actual consent before scarfing down user data

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Re: What have the Germans ever done for us?

Sauerkraut and Rhineland wines are wonderful .. sounds like you just haven’t experienced good ones.

As for aristocracy the choices are limited - Hapsburgs, Bourbons, Glukcksbergs who are all related anyway, so hardly specifically German or a choice.

And then there are Messrs Hilbert, Reinmann, Gödel, Gauss, Krebs and Koch, to name but a few...

Time to Ryzen shine, Intel: AMD has started shipping 7nm desktop CPUs like it's no big deal

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Re: Intel spokesperson quote

Indeed, they were there with the 2901 when I was just about out of short trousers :-)

OK I exaggerate a bit but in the 80's it was a thing ... Apollo anyone ?

Could an AI android live forever? What, like your other IT devices?

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Re: Bill Nelson's mind-bending rarity Map of Dreams

Life in the air-age, it’s grim enough to make a robot cry ....

Vulture gets claws on Lego's latest Apollo nostalgia-fest

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Re: Next!

And the lunar lander !!

WikiLeaks boss Assange acted as a foreign spy, Uncle Sam exclaims in fresh rap sheet

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Re: I was fine with the first indictment

FFS read some history and at least get the basic facts correct

The Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath, took the UK into the EEC in January 1973.

The referendum of 1975, under Wislon's government, who backed leave, was whether or not to continue to stay in Europe.

The electorate expressed significant support for EC membership, with 67% in favour on a national turnout of 64%.

The referendum result was not legally binding - because referenda / ums are not, they are public opinion polls to assist parliament - however, it was widely accepted that the vote would be politically binding on future Westminster Parliaments.

Turn on, tune in, cash out: Hipster chat plat Slack whacks beardie millennials with features

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I liked it better when it was IRC ...