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El Reg to launch space paper plane

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What about foolscape?

Foolscap + escape

Not that I think it’s a fools errand

NASA's Phoenix braces for Sunday touch-down

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Ever heard of irony?


Didn't think so.

Billy Bragg: Why should songwriters starve so others get rich?

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@"Stop sayings it like stealing stuff!! "

Would the analogy not be more like staying in a hotel but leaving without paying,

You haven't stole the room, you have taken nothing tangable but the hotel still had to be built and paid for.

Music is more like a servise than a commodity

Microsoft meths up data center with 220 containers

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Upside down?

The entire first floor of Chicago is going to be containers

The second level of Microsoft's data center will stick with the raised floors of yesteryear.

Would it not be easier to have the containers on the roof rather than build on top of them?

What happens if one needs replaced?

Sky Broadband puts the fault into default Wi-Fi security

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@Ivan Headache

It just seems to be the Sky supplies ones.

My old man had connection problems with Sky, when I replaced his Sky supplied DG834s with one purchased from Amazon the problems went away and the conenction seems to be faster.

I guess Sky has poked about inside the router and stuffed it up.

Customers peel away from Orange broadband

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Apathetic customer

I confess I'm an orange broadband customer (I feel slightly grubby now).

Where I live I can only get 2mb broadband and because I have an orange phone (Which I’m happy with) I get their 2mb broadband free.

To be honest if I was paying for it I would be looking to change. The broadband customer service is terrible, it's an Indian call centre and I always have language issues (I have a Northern Irish accent), granted their English isn't bad but I usually phone up with technical question. I find this a bit odd, I have never had any issues with mobile customer service, they are always very helpful and have always resolved my problems satisfactorily which is why I have stayed with them for a number of years.

Maybe the reason they are having trouble linking mobile and broadband services is because when dealing with them it feels like two different companies.

Cruise.co.uk stumps £560k to add 's' to domain

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Why have one cr@p site when you can have two

Is it just me or does anyone else think they would have been better spending some of the money redesigning their current site?

Amazon turns up volume, buys Audible

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@roy lovelock

I had the same issue but i discovered a program which would convert it ->http://www.goldwave.com/

In the end I gave up as well, I had a subscription which gave me 2 downloads a month (or something) but after 3-4 months of downloading nothing I discovered they didn't roll over.

I really like the idea but it needs to be simpler for us non Ipoders

Polish IT worker calculates exact speed of snail mail

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Compact Disks


But how long would it have taken if he had posted a couple of Cds full of personal data?

I posted a couple of disks before christmas and i'm still waiting :-)

Carphone slated over iPhone porkies claim

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19 months

Is anyone asking what happens once your 18 month contract is up?

I assume (hope) once you complete the 18 months the IPhone is yours to do with as you please (since you paid for it and all).

Do they then unlock it for you so you can move networks?

Is the world ready for a 1TB iPod?

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Data <> Music or Video

With greater capacity of portable devices people are more inclined to store stuff other than music or videos on these devices. I have a 30GB player which is about half full. I regulary use it to transfer data about but usually don't leave any on it for any period of time.

If there were 1TB devices, how many people would use it as a quick backup device.

That can't be good.

Iomega eGo 160GB external hard drive

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The price is stated as £132 (I assume quoted from iomega press release or something)

But if you click the online price link you can get it direct from Iomega for £82.42

Why would iomega say it cost £132 then offer it online for £82.


North American cities go green under LED street lights

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Yeah Ok

But it looks like smoke and mirrors to me

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4 x $100,000 = $630,000?

"The move will bring in savings of $100,000 per year, Ann Arbour city officials said, meaning the investment will pay itself off inside four years."

"The project will take two years to complete and is being funded to the tune of $630,000 by the city's Downtown Development Authority."