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Court rules airline secret security list is stupid




"Last time I went through an airport (actually, Edinburgh Turnhouse), I was very careful to not carry my razor with my (I had hand luggage only), as it is considered a Very Dangerous Weapon as well as a Banned Item. I went through security and into a WHSmith at the other side, and lo and behold, what could I buy from the counter? A Gilette Mach 3 and spare blades, almost identical to the one I left behind. What's the bloody point?"

Ah yes, but the razer would probably be shrink-wrapped in that plastic stuff they insist on using nowadays that is almost impossible to open without the aid of a tough pair of scissors...... (probably on-sale next door at Boots)

BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts



"then before 14 days is up call them up and say that you've changed your mind, and you no longer want the services, you're within your rights to cancel during the cooling off period applied to all contracts."

Thats assuming BT honour your consumer rights and allow you to cancel.

I signed up for a BT line 3 weeks ago, and after much arguing with the woman about accepting a 12 month contract, i resented to the fact that I had to take a 12 month line rental contract. She also decided to put me on free evening and weekend calls, despite me stating I would only be using the line for broadband (and going with Nildram because BT insist on a 12 month contract whereas they do not)

Imagine my surprise a few days later when a letter arrives welcoming me to free calls - on an 18 month contract that started 2 days previously so it is too late to cancel without penalty! There was no mention of 18 month contracts during the call.

Needless to say this issue has been reported to BT and will be taken further if not resolved immediately. I sure as hell will not be accepting another 12 month contract when it expires, so if the choices are 12 month contract or cancellation, I will be putting the kettle on and awaiting the engineers arrival to wrip out my phone line.

BT = Bloody Tossers.

What's next for Microsoft's Flight Sim partners?


Bye bye microsoft

I was just in the middle of contemplating whether to buy a new high powered PC so I can upgrade to Flight Sim X when this news broke.

Flight Sim is about the only game I play these days, and about the only reason I still stick with Windows as my primary OS. The death of FS means no reason to stay on windows now. If I do buy a new PC it will probably be a lot lower spec'd, and will be running Ubuntu.

Thanks Microsoft, you just made the decision to abandon your products so much easier for me!

British Airways to enable mid-Atlantic texting


Re: Hang on a minute...

re-read the article - the flights will be business class only, there is no economy section.

Homework late? Blame Russian hackers


i lost my laptop

I bet the student who used the excuse "I lost my laptop" ends up working for the government...

Autopilot blamed for Qantas plunge


@Learn the right jargon

The correct spelling of the phrase is "PAN PAN" and "MAYDAY" as defined by the ICAO (international Civil Aviation Organisation). Search their site and you will find the official documents defining the phrases and their uses.

'Windows Cloud' to descend this month, says Ballmer


Obsoleted ourselves

"The last thing we want is for somebody else to obsolete us, if we’re gonna get obseleted [sic] we better do it to ourselves."

Havent they been doing this since day one?

Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

Black Helicopters

Google becoming microsoft?

Is it just me or is the Chrome logo rather similar to microsofts windows logo?

Instead of 4 colours arranged in a square flag (red, green, blue, yellow) google has the exact same colours, only arranged in a ring.

Coincidence? Or a sign that Google is also morphing into a do lots of evil beast?

this post is made from Chrome, and google can happily distribute it if they wish.

Official: Eee PC range to expand


I want an eee.... but ....

Ive been after an eee PC ever since I first read about them, but then I heard there was an improved model coming out, so I decided to wait for that. Then it came out and there was talk of another new model coming.

Guess what, im still waiting and havent taken the plunge yet. The eee PC range is just far too big now, and is probably killing sales with all the talk of new models. If they had kept it simple with a single model, they would have made a fortune.

English Channel defeats one-armed Frenchman


How close did he get?

Just how close was he to making it across? Was he an arms length away from success?

*i'll get my coat*

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up


All the right keys...

So let me get this straight - the keyboard features all the right keys, but not necessarily in the right order?

Ill get my coat, im off early anyway as its a bank holiday weekend!

Airline pilot sacked for 777 Top Gun stunt


@Anonymous Poster

> he's now flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog-sh1t out of Hong Kong?

not anymore, thats what he did for a living until Cathay Pacific sacked him :P

Geeks gifts for Christmas

Thumb Down

Paris hilton?

Wheres all the paris hilton goodies?

Scottish? You're drinking too much



Any chance we can rename this organisation to Scottish Health Education on Ethanol Problems (Sheep) ?



Aberdeen (A scot!)