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Silicon Valley billionaires secretly buy up land for new California city

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For humans?

Or robotic factory workers charging from solar?

Tesla's self-driving code may ignore stop signs, act unsafe. Patch coming ... soon

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Familiar to UK owners

Even Tesla’s basic AutoPilot still fails to lower the vehicle speed to the new limit before reaching the sign.

Cops chase Tesla driver 'dozing' with Autopilot on

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Re: Shirley?

Thankfully they’ve since adopted an Occupancy Network approach to detecting generalised space around their vehicles, replacing their 4 year old AutoPilot and its habit of head-on crashes with unrecognised statics.

Microsoft teases Outlook Lite for Android

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Re: Sounds like ...

It’s already here, in the form of Microsoft’s (unloved) existing “Outlook for Android” v4.2224.2 app.

Around since 28th Jan 2015. Could this just be a PR renaming exercise? Deeper integration with OWA?

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images

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Re: I'm in two minds about this, because it ignores the elephant in the room

The distinction is between indexing for search, and capturing/saving process to derive a biometric class of identifier. Google can still do the latter of course, but if they do it's just not public knowledge yet.

Crack team of boffins hash out how e-scooters should sound – but they need your help*

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The legislation change coming Saturday means cyclists and e-scooter riders should give way to pedestrians, just as EV drivers tend to give way to blind people already.

Tesla driver charged with vehicular manslaughter after deadly Autopilot crash

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FSD has been around since Sept 2016. However, the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control FSD feature wasn't available until 6th December 2020 firmware release at the earliest. The crash happened late 2019, so only standard AutoPilot in use (completely unaware of red lights and yield signs).

Remember Anonymous? It/they might be back, and it/they are angry with Elon Musk

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You often drive 400 miles without stopping to discharge/recharge occupants?

Oops, says Manchester City Council after thousands of number plates exposed in parking ticket spreadsheet

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Re: the person who should be insured, not the vehicle!

Aside from Road Tax officially existing up to 1937, since replaced by Vehicle Excise Duty - occasionally part of that spent on the roads.

Tesla Autopilot is a lot dumber than CEO Musk claims, says Cali DMV after speaking to the software's boss

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Re: Marketing lies

Is it though? Not a frequently improving/evolving system heading towards actual interpretation as a safer-than-human driving auto-pilot? Perhaps you should take a look at some of the multi-hour zero-intervention FSD Beta drives on YouTube.

Detroit cops employed facial recognition algos that only misidentifies suspects 96 per cent of the time

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Hands up who misread that as 'farcial-recognition technology', as I just did :)

UK COVID-19 contact-tracing app data may be kept for 'research' after crisis ends, MPs told

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Only applies if you have personally identifying information held about yourself. The app looks likely to only request postcode out code and a couple of question responses to the nature of self-reported symptoms and only when reporting/donating contact history, device type and country code. That alone isn't uniquely identifying, but could be resolved back to a given handset via IP logging and cellular network providers and on to a rough triangulated location for each of the Bluetooth Low Energy active connection periods, plus name and address of service provider record.

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Re: FOI for the code

No need, "We intend to open source our codebase once the first release is finalised", presuming they ever reach the first release :)

Bulb smart meters in England wake up from comas miraculously speaking fluent Welsh

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Gen2 much like Gen1

Had Bulb-issued Gen2 smart meters plus IHD installed in mid-March, still not a single stat sent back via cellular to the account usage page. Nearing a month on since getting the emails (yes, two) about daily meter readings change, though did get the IHD in Welsh update. It really is quite stunning how a simple bit of JSON post-back isn't working through centralised DCC to the 'supplier'.

Tesla’s Autopilot losing track of devs crashing out of 'leccy car maker

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A fair way to go

A few key things noted as missing from their latest FSD demo: detecting speed limits, navigating roundabouts. A few things not right with use in the UK: Zebra crossing zig-zags causing steering wobble, high contrast shadows under bridges causing phantom brake, through/right lane road arrow markings causing dangerous unwanted manoeuvres off navigation route, coping with average 2.4 m parking bays (US ones no narrower than 2.7 m typically). Plus it doesn't help that the EU cripple all systems from auto-steering tight rural road bends.

Got an 'old' Tesla? Musk promises 'self-driving' upgrade chip ship by end of 2019

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Looking forward to it

If it actually means their AutoPilot system will adhere to speed limits with the freed up space for calculation potential for neural net identification of objects, unlike their latest FSD demonstration drive that broke the speed limit several times due to out-of-date limits database. Given Elon time, expect this for H2 2020.

It's coooming: Windows 10 October 2018 Update adoption slows ahead of the next release

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Nothing to see here

I suggest no-one wastes a day like I did with the update offered for a workstation only to find that Intel's latest on-board display drivers were blacklisted and the latest compatible graphics card matching the motherboard from AMD similarly. I ended up rolling back then re-patching. Thanks MS for that.

Silent Merc, holy e-car... Mflllwhmmmp! What is that terrible sound?

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This is such a non-problem. For those with functioning vision there's little difference except 'signature lights' . For those without, the tyre and wind sounds are still notable at any speed of consequence (20 mph upwards). Nearly all modern EV/PHEVs typically come with pedestrian/cyclist sensors to mitigate frontal impacts too.

Yet another mega-leak: 100 million Quora accounts compromised by system invaders

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Deleted account

Surprised to find I had used Google to authenticate with them at some point. Wouldn't let me delete the account until setting a password though. So I did, "deleteme", then deleted the account. All a bit late, but these breaches are far too many and frequent now that we may as well give up all hope of having anything not widely known about us any more. Like most incidents like this, I just black-list the service and never use it again.

Boeing 737 pilots battled confused safety system that plunged aircraft to their deaths – black box

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Why didn't they just disable MCAS?

2-bit punks' weak 40-bit crypto didn't help Tesla keyless fobs one bit

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I've been feeling a lot less anxious since enabling their PIN to Drive feature for 2FA overnight and in the office, as then even if keys/phone are swiped there's no silently driving off never to be seen again.

Don't mean to alarm you – but NASA is about to pummel the planet with huge frikkin' space laser

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Height measurement precision

From https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/icesat-2-infographic.jpg, it's equivalent to 3 cm resolution in the vertical.

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone

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To the max!

Nothing like a graph that goes to from 0 to 11 :)

That terrifying 'unfixable' Microsoft Skype security flaw: THE TRUTH

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Skype Desktop v8 on Win 10

A delightful 58 MB download that, if up-to-date, will tell you to go use the Microsoft Store instead to get version 12, have no system tray icon, and additional clicks for everything.

Or, run the installer having set compatibility mode for Windows 8. Job done, realise your mistake, then go back to 7.4

Electric cars to create new peak hour when they all need a charge

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Green winner for me

I recently switched from OvoEnergy who want £60/year more for 100% renewable electricity to Bulb, a 100% renewable electricity offering with 10% biomass. Rather good bonus of £50 each for referrals and they're even paying the exit fees. Obligatory referral link.

I'll be scheduling my EV to charge from 01:30 to 08:00 and though there's nothing too evident in the UK grid graphs yet, there is a noticeable mini-peak between 00:00 and 01:30 for the Economy-7 users.

Put down the eggnog, it's Patch Tuesday: Fix Windows boxes ASAP

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Trusted security?

Late 2017 and Microsoft still don't code sign SmartScreen.exe

80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

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Re: re: unwarranted triumphalism

Except courtesy of UK gov there's a £310 luxury vehicle tax from years 2 to 6 inclusive.

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The only video that Tesla vehicles display from the front seats is the reverse camera when requested.

Patch your Android, peeps, it has up to 14 nasty flaws to flog

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Pleasingly since I have Lineage OS on my ageing Samsung Galaxy S3 the patches are going to be available to my phone shortly.

Stolen passwords integrated into the ultimate dictionary attack

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Re: Sites also a problem

I usually go for Shift-Insert first, failing that using a built-in web debugger.

And! it! begins! Yahoo! sued! over! ultra-hack! of! 500m! accounts!

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BT Email affected too

Received emails from old BT Yahoo! accounts suggesting a password reset recently, a little surprised to find they were still active. Rather bothersome to have relative's actual security answers out in the wild now, just re-enforcing my view that they should always be made-up.

At last: Ordnance Survey's map wizardry goes live

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Re: Finally, a map that distinguishes A roads from Motorways

In addition to http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/52.0745/0.1964&layers=N

Romania suffers Eurovision premature ejection

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Is sad…

Since the Romanian entry is in my top 5 from this year’s contenders. Oh well, could just be seen as not making it through the semi-finals like 21 other countries.

It's 2016 and idiots still use '123456' as their password

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What's disgraceful are the sites that don't allow passwords to be set up from any Unicode characters of any length. Worse still the ones that allow you to set a password but then only log in with the DB clipped 15 characters of it. Particularly bothersome has been BBC ID and UK GOV, where passwords have to be downgraded to work through mobile authentication. I keep notes on the rejected characters and weird rules for the various sites. I'm also developing a new system with proper client and server-side salted hashing and SSL/TLS.

Microsoft pushes us closer to the Edge: Test new web browser now in free Windows 10 VMs

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Waiting for version 1

Edge still feels like an under development browser. It currently breaks our major work web portals unlike any other browser out there, even with feature detection and sane browser sniffing where utterly necessary. An irritating one for me is client-side XSLT outputting Document instead of XmlDocument from a transform to XML.

Would you trust crowd-sourced maps? Skobbler releases satnav app

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Speed limits?

It's worth pointing out that OpenStreetMap's coverage of speed limits is very much a work in progress. That significantly affects the routing decisions of satellite navigation using its data. Most of the time it works well enough, but there are roads that without tagging are presumed to be 60 mph but are likely a lower limit in reality.

Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it

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Re: OpenStreetMap

For some reason Apple took the weird decision to only use years out of date OpenStreetMap data and then only use it partially.

Santander's banking website craps out

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My favourite problem with Santander is the ever increasing page height in Firefox as they add div upon div to the page every second. Even though I pointed it out to them, twice, over a year I suspect that's still there.

Ex-Nokia Siemens engineer admits eBaying nicked routers

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So, had he just locked his desktop like any sane employee then he’d have got away with it?

Google to FCC: Protecting Street View coder didn't derail probe

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Why bother with SSIDs when the MAC address is available and far more unique?

Florida man 'fesses to naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

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Security reset?

Erm, shouldn’t resetting security on an account cause a new password to be in place and thus wouldn’t the celebritards notice fairly swiftly that something’s up?

UK.gov holds summit to stop satnav-driven smash-ups

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Root cause

1. Map updates aren't free

2. Updates aren't available to older kit

3. Map reports take years to get fixed

Solution? Something that's free to use, quick to fix and non-proprietary. OpenStreetMap comes to mind, but there's still a few years to go before it has complete UK road network coverage.

Adobe adds Flash sandboxing to Firefox

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A bit late?

Is it me or have the number of Flash security updates dropped off over the last few months?

GCHQ code-breaking challenge cracked by Google search

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There was no backdoor, Google just spidered the links mentioned at http://lolhax.org/2011/12/03/can-you-crack-it/#more-114 (warning: contains answer and solution technique)

Mozilla updates to Firefox 8, disables add-ons

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Disappointingly this is not the version in which an official 64-bit release becomes available, as https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=471090 illustrates. Flash 64-bit? Check. Java 64-bit? Check. Performance gain? erm… Roll on 20th December (for Fx9).

Google Maps API now costs $4 per 1,000 requests

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If only OpenStreetMap.org was up to the job.

5 SECONDS to bypass an iPad 2 password

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Proof positive that Apple care about your security.

Trusteer rebuffs bank security bypass claims

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Bigger Problems?

If an exploit can run as administrator surely there are bigger problems to be concerned about?

Hero Ordnance Surveyors dodge bullets, tweet as they map

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Actually the modern OS GPS sticks have sub-millimeter precision using OS' own radio broadcast network of around 85 high frequency stations from known positions.

BOFH: I'll get my bonus even if it kills, well, someone

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Can someone enlighten me?