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BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

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BBC Glastonbury coverage was excellent

When you compare the poor job that channel4 used to do the BBC's coverage of glastonbury this year was almost worth the licence fee alone. The BBC is great but they still overpay some people.

Sony pulls PlayStation 3 software update

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Worked OK for me

I downloaded the update yeterday and installed it via USB. I tend to do it this way now as there are so many updates that i can't be bothered to wait for it when i wanna have a quick blast on a game. Instead i just download them on my PC while i work on something else.

Since installing it last night i played GTA for about an hour with no problems. From these comments it looks like it may just be happening to people doing the update via download rather than from USB.

So it i guess im in the clear. Just hope there are no other problems with the update?!

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty


who cares on price when u get what you pay for...

Agreed the price of the PS3 is still too high but anyone with any common sense knows this is down to the blu-ray drive. I bet if Sony did a PS3 with a normal DVD drive in it they could easily compete with pricing of the X-Box360 if not beat the pricing. Then of course you would also have a console with a web browser and free online gaming. Quit with pricing digs they are not comparable. If your a pure gamer go for the 360 if you want HD films, internet, music and games go for the PS3.

Investors cheer Toshiba plan to drop HD DVD


Great news!

Proably largely down to the PS3 as i don't know anyone with a stand alone Blue-ray player but quite a few with PS3's. Hopefully this will mean the cost of Blu-ray films will start to drop as more and more films make it to this format!

Apple ships Air

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Shame it's running apples crap OS! What is all the fuss with Apple computers anyway? Just cos they make them slightly smaller to other computer makers they think they can charge you double the price for the hardware.

PS3 capacity boost claims are claptrap, says Sony UK


120GB for PS3 is easy to do anyway

Never mind. You can quite easily replace the standard HD and put a 120GB HD in a PS3 anyway if you need the extra storage. As for dual shock those vibrating pads bug the hell out of me anyway. Give us some real news like when sony are going to release PlayTV!!!

N95 struggles to find itself


Works great for me

I have an N95 8GB and have paid £5 for a 30day trial using the maps software and have found it to work perfectly. For the odd trip to places you don't know it's a cheap solution. For someone who is on the road all the time going places though i would buy a dedicated Sat Nav unit though for the better flexiabilty in programming routes.

The N95 8GB is by far the best phone on the market for all round features.

iPhone rubber fingers not a hoax, inventor insists

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Agreed Nick

Not only will iPhone owners look like kn0bs for being suckered by the money grabbing b@stards called Apple, they will also look twice as stupid trying to keep their out of date featureless phone unmarked!

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K850i camera phone


Still not an N95 beater

Nokia will be releasing the 8Gb version of the N95 next month. Improved battery life more than double the original N95's RAM also you can put an 8Gig memory card in it. Plus it's black and looks wicked! Oh and it has Wifi

Game over again sony ericsson!

Nokia slides latest Linux tablet onto market


Get in there Nokia!

Speaking at yesterday's launch in San Francisco, Nokia multimedia group executive vice president Anssi Vanjoki reportedly said: "We are competing with Apple on all fronts with all cylinders... Let the best man win."

Good luck Apple, you will need it! Perhaps if Apple could bring out a phone that is not 3 years out of date featurewise then they may stand a chance...