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Yahoo! is! not! killing! Messenger! today!, just! the! desktop! client!

Gary Gleeson

Still working on the 8th

Yahoo Messenger has been the default IM client for the energy business for years. Everyone is now switching over to Thomson Eikon Messenger but I can see that Y! is still federated today even though it was meant to finish on Friday. I believe that Yahoo were offered a deal by a third party to buy messenger which they turned down, presumably they would smash their long track record of making terrible deals and no money.

Ten... Living Room Gadget Treats

Gary Gleeson

"Don't keep my informed of your gadget purchases"

My wonderful other half would have zero interest in any of these gadgets. Unless she could take a photo of the cat on it.

Sony signs Voda as Vita connecta

Gary Gleeson
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Made for each other

As the recipient of Sony (albeit with Ericsson) and Vodabone's rubbish level of service I'd avoid this like the plague.

Sony Ericsson signals Xperia X10 Gingerbread update

Gary Gleeson

Ass backward telco customers notify them of upgrade

Seems that Vodafone have been informed of the impending 2.3 update by their own customers via the forum:


Don't hold much hope of seeing this released by VF before the Olympics closing ceremony.

Pity though, 2.1 was a incredible improvement in every way.

'NATO RESTRICTED': The lowest possible classification

Gary Gleeson

1066 and all that

The Dutch invaded (successfully) in the 1680's.

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

Gary Gleeson

Player of Games

Best Banks book, screaming out for a screenplay.

Sony Ericsson updates Xperia X10

Gary Gleeson

Not if you have a Vodafone 'andset

All the vodafone users are still waiting for this to release. Imagine my joy at seeing this after hundreds of posts on the VF e-forum.

Bluetooth: wireless wonder or digital dead end?

Gary Gleeson
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Good for the most part

I use a BT set of headphones with my SE and have a sender unit for anything that doesn't have BT built in. Annoyances are that the signal cuts out when I leave the tube station - always in the same place and when using the sender with a mixer (Pacemaker) the audio signal runs fractionally behind what's coming out the speakers (so I don't bother). Pairing can be hit and miss but I suspect this is more to do with the phone than BT,

Also gives me the chance to listen to some tunes whilst doing the washing up without bothering my wife with 128 bpm tech house...

BCS civil war heats up ahead of crunch general meeting

Gary Gleeson

Bygone age

Agree with the posts regarding lack of relevance, as the sole member of the society in a organisation which is technically savvy I question why I bother to pay every year. I disagree with the rebranding as CITP, employees aren't interested - indeed most roles in my world (and they are v. technical) don't require degrees just experience. The BCS should be highlighting the perils of the creation of large databases storing personal information and how to make the tech improve life in the UK for all citizens etc.

Voted against the trustees, renewal depends on result.

Sony Ericsson pledges Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update

Gary Gleeson

And fixing the Cisco wi-fi access problem

Hope that the planned release in a couple of weeks also addresses the problem with any browser being able to display the Cisco login page when hitting one of their access points!

Not looking fwd to the next vodafone bill.

Exchange Server 2007 - it's here, and it's waiting

Gary Gleeson

other collaboration and e-mail platforms are available

Having been involved with Domino since 1996 and still involved despite continued rumours of its untimely demise every year since then (the current MS line to potential domino customers is that 8.x is the last release - it's not!) it's still going strong, still impressing with it's rapid app development and it's ability to continue delivering a robust e-mail platform. I'm sure there's a strong correlation between moving from domino to exchange and the fortune of the company involved (a la enron).


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