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Ex-Linspire chief defects to Ubuntu

Pete Cliffe

Mmmm, endorphins! (or beer or doughnuts)

start quote >>> PS: I just noticed Horizon's is having Dinesh D'Souza speak there. I met Mr. D'Souza when I sat on a jury here in San Diego where he was found guilty of not paying a large bill to his lawyer.<<< end quote

Nice, seems like if you p*ss this guy off he will dig up the dirt - in this case on someone totally unrelated to the incident. Is this guy a Scientologist? If this guy ran around my property I would tell him to shove off too - how many times have i almost been hurled from the pavement or had to break suddenly in my car, when a tunnel-visioned endorphin-junkey cannot stop or go round an "obstruction". The sight of this crazed athlete must terrify the poor kids in the school next door.

I can actually sympathise to some extent with Mr. D'Souza (whom I don't know), fat wad lawyers charge outrageous fees.


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