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Paris Hilton cavorts naked in middle of desert


Paris Hilton Angle?

Sorry but all I see is curves.

Rubbish UK management crushing creativity



I used to supervise 40 people. I wasn’t a manager as the company was too cheap to pay me as a manager.

My job was to make sure people could to their jobs (It was manual labouring). The job was five fold. Training, team composition, delegation, discipline and problem solving. That was it. I knew I was doing my job well when I got board so started helping out the general labours. I didn't think I did a brilliant job but have since been told by people below and above me that I did.

I learnt everything from word of mouth from good managers. I had some semi retired people working for me so they were great sources of info. I did some management at university but it all appeared to be counter intuitive. I see a lot of mistakes from people that are taught by academics who have never managed anything in their life.

Management is fairly common sense. You treat people how you would like to be treated. Also when it comes to discipline you must be fair and consistent. Warn people then follow through. People don't mind discipline if they know why they are being disciplined and the person next to them who did the same get the same punishment.

I said team composition. I had the luxury of choosing teams on a daily basis. Most days I let people go where they wanted as they knew who they worked well with. I knew who were the better trainers and they got new staff. Who were the better leaders and so they got the bigger teams. Who were the most experienced and they got the complicated stuff.




I have a saying "Don't be irreplaceable as you can't get promoted."

Facebook takes the Captcha rap


This is no supprise

As facebook is all about stalking.

I'm putting joke as my icon as I hope I'm jokeing :(

Megan's Law snafu fingered in rapist's murder

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@Justice may be blind in the court of law

You are kinda proving the problem with this list. If someone who is put on the list for something minor (not that rape is but I am thinking of the urinating in public) then gets misclassified as a child rapist. People will hate them and their life will be ruined.

A list such as the sex offenders list can only work if it has the Worst of the Worst(TM) and is accurate. Not fairly accurate but accurate.

I ask you Annon Coward. Have you ever urinated in public? Well if the answer is yes then it is possible that you could be classified as a child rapist as this case shows. I know the rapist in this case was not urinating in public but it makes it possible.

Don't even get me started on if an official has a personal grudge with someone.

World's Dumbest File-sharer megafine gets DoJ thumbs-up


The lesson learnt is

Its better to mug an old man and buy a copy than to share it on the net. At least according to the punishment.

Net Asbo slap for boasting Bebo teen



We had the "Double jepardy" or whatever their really called laws overturned in South Australia a few months ago. No one but me cared. No one could see why I cared.

We have one less right that someone living in the Dark Ages.

It didn't help that there were specific references to DNA and of course how can you defend "pedo's and rapists" :(

Auction watchdog says eBay is illegal in France


Not one for government regulations

But I am a bit sick of these, mainly American, companys only following USA laws (if they do). Why if I am stupid enought to by from iTunes do I get the USA classifications and "explicit" ratings? The store *knows* I am in Australia yet won't follow my local rules. Ebay, Facebook, myspace et al are all the same.

iPhone's visual voicemail ain't so new


Well I would love to stay and chat but..

I'm off to start up my company to make really crappy things that don't work properly but will in the future. Holographic comunication anyone?

Appraisals are dishonest, waste of time


Performance apprasel at my exit interview

I just quit my job to go travelling WOOT! Anyway in my exit interview it had a question "Did you find the performance appraisal process helpful." I answered No. This was naturally queried from the HR bot. My response was "I’m sure it helped some people but it looked like stating the obvious to me."

Or course my boss was new to the whole appraisal thing as was I so we were honest and treated it seriously. Which I’ve since found it is a rare thing and the HR department don’t really know how to take is as it means more work for them.

Mum defends suspected Kiwi botmaster


@ heystoopid

Your right. This will go away and he will dissapear in a black hellicopter and spend the rest of his life hacking the chineese

Public says no to ID cards, No2ID says 'starve the beast!'


More on Aussie election

It's also interesting to note that Rudd moved away from references to Terrorism and Illegal immigrants and all the normal scape goats. He spoke of such optimism of the future it was amazing. People were cheering on the streets the night of the election. A new sense of optimism has gone through the people. Even many people who voted for the encumberant and saying that he's not a bad choice.

In the one and only live debate we had the "worm" essentially its a marketing tool to show what people are thinking about what is currently being said. At the time it was accused of bias but I noticed that every time one of the leaders spoke positively of the future the people responded massively in favour.

In the end it turned out that in the politics of fear the certainty of global warming beats the potential of terrorism.

Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of in-game ads analysts


I rember when..

Charlies angels: Full throttle had a game that was sponsored by a mobile phone company. I remember playing the demo (as the game was too shit to buy) and thinking as the character took a photo of a fast moving truck with a mobile phone, from a distance, at night then zooming in to the licence plate "No fucking way. What a load of crap." 3 odd years later and my new phone couldn't even do that.

2ndly in Tabula Rasa there are Dell computers in there. I've heard more about dells problems than anything due to them. The problem with in game advertisement, especially with tech, is that you have such a large and diverse user base that some people with hate the product enough to very publicly rubbish it.

But in the end I have the same opinion about product placement in movies. If it doesn't detract from the experience its fine. If it does the company who paid for the add just pisses me off. I have a blacklist of companies that have annoyed my through advertising. Some have been on the list since I was 8 now 14 years later the list is longer and I have never broken the blacklist.

Celebrity spam gang whips up a storm



Isn't that, you know, illegal? And what makes you so smug when you are essentally lowering yourself to the level of a malware pusher?

Destroying some poor familys home computer because some 12 year old dosn't understand email is a bit harsh.

And to all those "people who arn't security experts are morons" grow up. I know a few really smart people who only know what they have to on computers and do important jobs like saving lives.

I agree with the ISP monortering. If they can send me an email saying I have used 95% of my d/loads for the month why can't they tell me I have send 1000 emails in the last hour.

UK gov bans 'terror' suspect from science class



I just had a look of those pics and they reminded me of the Dixie Chicks CDs being crushed after they said war and the prez arn't that great.

El Reg we should have a icon of the bill of rights (or some international equilivlent perhaps the geneva convention) burning.

Senate bill proposes to outlaw pretexting


10 instalations?

Come on its not like you can argue personal spyware use for 1 and dealer use for 10.

If someone hid a GPS tracker in my car the charges start with unlawful access and can end up at stalking. Why are computers diffrent?

Facebook faces UK data probe



Its only a slur if its not true.....

US man dies in Taser incident


@ Anno Coward

I've been at parties where we have spared for an hour or two. Not quite fight club style but chops to chin boxing and the like. Were just smart enough to do it in the back yard.

I've noticed that this death and the canadian death both have victims that were tasered while being two slow to comply to police requestes. I know we live in a paranoid world but if someone is deaf in both ears are they can't sign I'm deaf and they can't hear instructions that are voice only.

In fact that could be the bigger link. One person was partially deaf and one was unable to speak english. Perhaps the police should not rely on voice commands.

Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand

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@ Tawakalna

Hear hear. My thoughts exactly.

Canadian Taser death caught on camera


@Scott Michaels

I notice your source is Police Chief magazine in 2005. Biased and outdated perhaps? Perhaps not as I'm no expert but that was my first thought.

Considering since that time tasers are now defined as "less lethal" weapons in Australia someone thinks that they have a high enough percentage chance to kill. Consider that you can kill more than .00018% of the pop with peanuts I think they must have been using different statistics.

The real problem is the frequency of use. Every jurisdiction that I am familiar with (not many) that introduced tasers used the line "last resort" or similar. It is not becoming fairly routine. Lets assume (because its convenient for my next point) that .00018% fatality rate is accurate and the number of fatalities in America is 70 per year in 2004. So the number of people tasered in 2004 in the USA is about 388 888. Considering that they are now being used more casually in 2007 and in more jurisdictions world wide that’s a lot of people being tasered.

My biggest problem in this is that he didn't appear to do anything in front of the mounties apart from comply. When he lunged to the side I though that that was why they did it. But on rewatching I realised that he lunged because they tasered him. Having only ever seen tasers done on junkies on COPS I was not prepared to see the effect on someone not on amphetamines.

Electric shock isn't the only danger associated with tasers. As someone who has had someone die in my family from an epileptic fit (head hit the gutter) I watched in shock as he nearly hit the doors and ground with his head on the way down.

I do believe tasers serve there purpose but routinely shocking of agitated people who are not direct threats isn't one of them.

Bike bonk bloke cops three years' probation


Even if he did "flash" the ladies

Is that a sex offence? I rember reading 1984 and the bit about new speak. The part that is relevent to this and terrorism is the removal of words from the laguage. In that case there was only one word for sexual deviancy and included a lot of things from rape to enjoying sex to homosexuality to bike sex to masterbation ect.

If you haven't read 1984 read the section on new speak. It should be required reading in schools. Although any goverment who actually did that probably would be half decent.

We should all be consered about the nature of words used to describe (techinally innocent till proven guity) crims. In Australia the words rape and sexual assult are interchangable. But sexual assult also has other meanings. String them up if their guilty either way in my book but there is a huge difference between some being charged with sexual assult insted of sexual assult you none of you know what that difference is because I won't explain further.

If it gets to the point where an accusation or arrest (but yet no convition) can add you to the list then very bad things will happen. A number of us know of someone who has been accused of a sexual crime at some point. In my case it was a tech geek who spend time with other tech geeks. There was a 10 year age difference though so it was 13-14 year olds and a 23-24 year old. He had cops threating to kill his farm dog. And that was 10 years ago.

Deadly planet-smash asteroid was actually Euro probe


@ Ross

I read your head line and all I could think of was.

"Were all going to diiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Details at 6."

The broken terror systems that killed de Menezes


hmm add on the side

Other white papers

"Hitting the moving target of opperational excelence"

Oh the AddBot has a sence of irony.


Thanks el Reg

This case doesn't even get a mention in Australia. Apart from the shooting at the time. Its good to know that the register undersands that techies care about freedom and opression.

Facebook mounts Tupperware-style ads push


hmm perhaps big corperates will realsie

that they need to pay people for us to care about them. For small buisness and local shops this will be a boon. Depends on how they do the pricing.

Anyway facebook is on my spam list so I don't care.

Babbling net software sparks international incident


I hope they gave..

.. many appologies for the incowenience.

But how can journos spark an international incident? Someone was looking to get pissed off I think.

Freedom of speech 'safe' as Europe tackles the terror web

Black Helicopters

So if recruitment into violent organisations is a problem

Then why can we get to "Defence" force sites or play Americas Army. Thats a recruitment tool and a training tool. Of course its for tools so its ok.

Thousands snared by malware warning from big-name websites


The even older rule applies....

If someone tells you about a problem you have never heard of then in the next breath will fix it for a price then its a scam.

Writers' strike hits US talk shows hard


Heros et al

I would have thought TV series were written *before* they started to show the series on air.

Hopefully better pay = better writers.

Also lucky computer games arn't considered "real" entertainment and so the strike won't stop fallout 3.

German law smites Warhammer fan flick


GW are bastards

Well thats kinda enough said. I thought that it was particuarly ironic that they ended up releasing a LOTR game when Warhammer Fantasy appears to ripped off from LOTR.

They have a bad habit of enforcing copywright to things like Ork and so on. A lot of this stuff is ripped off then copywrited.

Back to the doom maps and ID. ID did release map packs made from user mods. In the doom fine print they took the rights to user created content. ID have done this since. Same with Valve (couter strike) and some othe companys. It does make sence to me that someone with fiction IP should be able to take control of Fan stuff based on it. But there should have to be a very driect link.

Reaper aerial killbot harvests its first fleshies


With a name like reaper

how else can you talk. If the machine was the "netralize" or "defender" or "governator" then that would be diffrent. I though it was more a poke at the name and the concept of a unmaned airborne drone that would would indeed hunt fleeing people. I can't picture the controlers going "Well Osama is running away. Lets stop shooting at them."

Dogs blast hunter with shotgun


Guns don't kill people....

... dogs kill people.

Hat check

Coat check


Bank and mortgage scam nets ID crooks thousands


Post office and parcels

I'm home first from work in my house so I often pick up packages from the post office for family members. You go to offer ID and you get "oh I suppose I should."

That and they don't even bother knocking when you are home. Or leave registered post on your front door step. Or give you the package when you just happen to be standing in the front yard with no ID check and no way of proving that you even live there.The post office is definatly a week link in the security chain.

For an idea on post office security just look at how much cash they have in the draws next time you pay a bill in a peak time. This with no security guards/ barriers. Wonder why idiots bother with holding up servos and video stores.

PS this is in Australia so hopefully things are better else where.

Woman admits fleecing shopping network of more than $412,000



The problem is intent. If you did it once or twice you could go "whoops" but by continuing to do it she showed an intent to get free merchendice. If all were an accident then then she would be fine. Unfortunatly for her she did it to exploit.

TV-Links man: 'I'm no master criminal'


Another uniformed comment

So sounds like this chap is guilty of manuly doing a process that google et al do automatically.

Is that the problem? Not the link but the intent. I am against this procecution but perpaps the charge could have been aiding and abeting.... Helping someone comit a crime is a crime. However google could do the "Whoops look what people have SOMEHOW managed to add to our database. We try to find these....."

Now if google was paid by a warez hoster for top billing THAT would be a crime as they are making a profit.

PS I don't live in the UK or USA but AUS so I really don't know what I'm talking about :)

Oz 'Family First' candidate sacked for todger-flash email

IT Angle

and the IT link is.....

Family First is a political party run by evangelical christans. The have stated they want to censor the internet and other stupid things like that. According to them its filled with pervers who send pictures of their rude bits to unsuspecting kids. ooohh how ironic. Perhaps not ironic as they knew it to be true because they did it.

I'm tring to design a legal challange based on seperation of church and state. Unfortunatly my knowledge of the costitution is based on "its the gist, the vibe."

This party tells its parishners to vote for itself. Way to screw up democrocy guys! Oh and way to screw up IT!

Pentagon: Electromagnetic pulse bombs from 2012

Paris Hilton

Do we need another standard?

Plausablity measured in tin foil hats. 1 Tin foil is rated at the plausability of 9/11 being a goverment job.

1) The likely hood of the USA currently having effective EMP weapons is 2 tin foil hats.

2) Brett's comments that he had slept with Paris Hilton was rated at 40,000 tin foil hats.

Reg Standards Soviet defines temperature and force


new standards

2 ideas.

Plausibility. Measured in Tin Foil Hats.

Needless outrage. Measured in Children (to be thought off)

Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers


@people who don't use a lot of bandwidth

If I buy a game and d/load 4gigs in a hour or two its normally P2P. I will be pissed if I have to walk to EB games because their shit.

Also as we buy *licences* for games if I loose a cd I will d/load it. Use my legit key and away we go. I used to get pissed off that in the terms and conditions you only technically own a licence but now I'm reallising that its a good thing.

Oh I also d/load about 20 gigs of porn a month thats rated X so I can't buy in Australia. Leave my P2P along so I can get decent porn!

Cops and Home Office plot uber-CCTV network


The biggest problem is not catching the crooks...

It is jailing them. If everone who committed a crime got locked up with a "tough on crime zero tollerance" sentance there jails could not cope. The government could not fund enough jails, or judicary time for that matter.

So in the end minor crims will be a slap on the wrist. Mid level crimes will be a few months. And Serious crimes will be life with people calling for the death penalty as life "is a waste of our tax dollars".

What that means is we will be like china. Lots of petty crime but little major crime. End the end you will still get the shit kicked out of you by gansta wanabes. Terrorist will still blow stuff up as its impossible to stop someone who is willing to trade their life for yours.

And of course false positives will not be properly looked at because in the whole law enfocement system no one will have the balls to say we have screwed over 1000's of people.

Waste of time, money, effort and peoples lives.

Schoolkid chipping trial 'a success'


So when will the first pedo get a tracker?

Don't tell me there isn't at least one Headmaster or teacher who isn't a pedo out there.

Watson suspended by research lab after race row

Paris Hilton

@Tom Welsh

As an Aussie can I just clear up a couple of points.

1. The aborininal people lived in a perfect balance with nature and eachother. That takes brains. They didn't need technology because they had adapted nature to suit their needs. Burn offs. Planting crops or fruit trees and the like(though this is denied due to the terra nullius argument).

1.a. See the comment someone else made about the dolphins.

2. They would score lower on a iq test now. A huge % of aborininals are born with phetal alchole syndrome and a lot destroy their brain with petrol. It has been suggested that is their current problems arn't fixed before the current elders die their culture is lost and complete assimilation is the only option after that.

3. I would suggest that europens are better at adaptation. I don't presume to state if this is linked to intelegens or if creativity is more important.

4. As Australia's population is nearly all made up from immigrants and immigrants have, on average, a high IQ Australia probably has the highest IQ.

5. As Australia is one of the more diverse countries we will soon be the mongrel race. I for one like this idea as mongrels are normally smarter but also it will reduce the prevalance of genetic disorders.

So for the sake of science I will breed with Paris and see if where our offspring, being of europen decent, is on the iq bell curve. Its a labours task I will take on for the betterment of humanity!

Teen accused of hacking emergency 911 system

Dead Vulture


assault with an assault weapon by proxy? Did the artical miss something where the swat team smashed the guy around a bit?