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Whoa, Gartner drops a truth bomb: Blockchain is overhyped and top IT bods don't want it

Nordrick Framelhammer

I didn't know Gartner were still relevant.

I stopped paying much attention to them after their Itanic prediction with tits up in a big way.

Remember this puff piece from 2001?

"Gartner believes the Itanium processor family (IPF) will have a significant impact on the Unix server market. By 2006, IPF will have replaced all but two of the current reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architectures. New Unix servers will either be built on IBM Power, Sun Microsystems' Sparc or IPF. What’s more, midrange and high-end Windows servers will increasingly be built on IPF, rather than IA-32, and IPF technology will cascade into more commoditized markets as prices reduce. Gartner predicts that, by 2006, IPF-based servers will have a 20 percent share of the overall server market by revenue (Intel’s total share, including IA-32, will be more than 66 percent)."

Apple sues Nokia's pet patent trolls

Nordrick Framelhammer

Oh the irony

It is ironic that crApple are screaming to the media when they are the ones being hit up for patent infringments yet they are morte than happy to sue anyone at the drop of a hat for any perceived infingment of one of their patents.

While it is certainly an example of the pot calling the kettle black, it should be remembered just how bloody huge that pot is.

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Nordrick Framelhammer

No matter the angle, disgusting, filthy, vile scumbagware is still disgusting, filthy, vile scumbagware

Oracle pulls CSO's BONKERS anti-bug bounty and infosec rant

Nordrick Framelhammer

It is obvious why Oracle don't want bug bounties

Their products are so full of bugs they would be out of business in a month if they had to pay up on bounties.

Adobe finds, patches ANOTHER exploited Flash 0day

Nordrick Framelhammer

Who is copying from who

Is it Adobe copying Oracle's crappy, buggy, insecure coding practices or is it vice versa.

Or do I have completely the wrong end of the stick and are they in competition to see who can release the most versions with exploits in a year?

Facebook: Yo 'people'! Zap fake news on our giant ad farm, would'ja?

Nordrick Framelhammer

It is the uneducated idiots that also fall for all the bullshit spewed out by the doomtards, wootards and fearporn merchants that hang around in Facebook like flies around a turd that have trouble distinguishing between satire and hoaxes.

People capable of walking without using their knuckles are less likely to be sucked in.

We're being royalty screwed! Pandora blames price rise on musos wanting money

Nordrick Framelhammer


As we all know, the majority of the "royalties" are never seen by the artist but instead are slurped into the coffers of potentially corrupt organisations like RIAA, thence possibly to appear in the salary and perk packages of the management types in said organisations.

Facebook adds 50+ gender options: Stalking your 'Friends' just got more LGBT-friendly

Nordrick Framelhammer

What kind of being are you? - Conscious / Drunk / Distributed / Cyborg / Machine / Ravenous beast / Vegetable

You forgot "Meat Popsicle". I am also faily positive you left "Bugblatter" and "Of Traal" out as well

Bye-Zynga: online games maker laying off 314 staff

Nordrick Framelhammer

How long will it be...

before we see The Register coming up with puns to descibe just how quickly Zynga are swirling around the bowl aas they get flushed into the dead game company sewer.

Apple and Samsung STILL in bitchfight over banning ancient mobes

Nordrick Framelhammer

Let's face the truth...

Apple are just spitting the dummy because they are getting their asses handed to them in the only court that really matters, that being the market place. Apple cannot accept that people want choice rather than being dictated to by an arrogant evil empire intent on forcing it's morals on others while extorting 30% from any of the developers who get payments for their work through the store, not to mention they have their Depends in a knot becuase the people that make their CPU are the ones that are handing their finely diced rear end to them on a platter.

EVE Online erects mashed-up memorial to biggest space fight in history

Nordrick Framelhammer

It almost has me tempted to start playing again.

Malware! tainted! ads! infect! thousands! of! Yahoo! users!

Nordrick Framelhammer

How I avoid this.

I use both an adblocking addin and a script management addin in my broweser plus I have a hosts file on my internet machines that block known malware sites plus most of the advert and tracking sites. Once I move to fibre and can ditch the current ADSL modem I will put in a low end box running somthing like Smoothwall which will regularly update it's hosts file from known truested sites, adding further protection.

Naked Aussie gets wedged in washing machine

Nordrick Framelhammer

What else do you expect from a West Islander?

ATM hacker Barnaby Jack's death blamed on accidental drug overdose

Nordrick Framelhammer


The autopsy is a coverup for the real conspiracy!

They do not want it revealed that one of the NWO black copter drones piloted by a repiloid Illuminati crashed into him while taking a break from it's chemtrail and mind control transmissions, resulting ina nuclear explosion that took out several surrounding buildings. Sheeple are being brainwashed into believing the buildings are still there because Blue Beam projections are being transmitted from the multidimensional wormhole created by Comet ISON, which is rerally Nibiru/Planet X/dwarf star/brown star/mini blackhole.The effect is made possible by the flouride in our GMO foods.

WWIII is just around the corner, followed by the Rapture just before the Annunaki reduce the population down to a few hundred thousand and heard them into world wide FEMA camps.

It's a conspiracy I tells ya!

Wanna run someone over in your next Ford? No dice, it won't let you

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: How useful!

It is the people that need this sort oi thing that are the ones that "have the IQs of small dogs ".

As far as I am concerned, if you cannot park a car yourself you should not be driving a car.

Ford, dumbing down drivers.

Review: Beagleboard Beaglebone Black

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Cost.


I agree with you completely - It's often better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you an idiot, than to open it, and prove it.

And yet you continue to not only make yourself look like an idiot, you manage to broadcats it very loudly indeed.


If you think children will learn anything from tinkering with a Raspberry Pi you want to visit a mental health institute.

Clearly you have a severe case of rectocranial inversion or you would know that there are a large number of project being make by kids for the Pi. Try google. You might find something that way.


They would be better off learning using a Windows PC and the vast variety of software it brings. This route would be more beneficial and economical since schools already have donated PCs.

Ah, yes, the PC. You mean that platform that is slowly sinking into the mire of dead computer platrforms alongside such luminaires as Kaypro, Dragon and Amstrad, to name but a few. Please note that there are more operating systems out there besides Windows and this will help schoolkids learn that the computer world is not a single OS world.


As for learning basic electronics a Microchip PIC and a breadboard would be ideally suited. The microcontroler and breadboard can be bought for under 10 pounds from maplins. A variety of circuits can be constructed to understand the basics.

And then once they have gone past those very simple items? What then?


Do you really think children are capable of understanding SPI and USB protocols. If the Raspberry Pi is so great why don’t you try and convince the developer community instead of children.

Not at first, But they can learn, and the Pi is a great, affordable platform for them to learn on. and the advantage of the Pi and it's prioce is that it one does get broken, it does not cost half the schools IT bidget to get a replacement and it also0 means the school doesn't have tyo go cap in hand, begging for a replacement computer.

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Cost.

Check your facts before openign your gob! The Pi was designed in the UK and is made in the Sony factory in Wales and I doubt there is very much profit in it at all for Sony.

As for performance, you are possibly right, although I am not sure about the video.

I am using my old Model B version 1 Pi as an XBMC device and it has not problems with playing full screen HD 1080p. Not too sure if the video output on the BB can handle that.

But from what I can see the BB is missing as few things that i want, such as running RISC-OS.

As for your blather about the documentation, since it was desgined in the UKL I doubt very much that "the documentation for the Raspberry Pi most likely is a translation from Japanese." so will will not suffer "With all translations some things get lost and then understanding the device becomes a nightmare" unless you mean therer are things that are lost when trasnlating from English to English.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild

Nordrick Framelhammer

This is more Micro$oft FUD

However, in thius case FUD means Fucked Up Drek.

They just don't get it. They scrwed up the Office 2007/2010 wiuth that ribbopn bullshit. now they are screwqing up and alreadt shitty interface. It will be interesting what happens when the cross between Uncle Fester and a dememted chimp leaves the top spot.

Internet cafés declared 'illegal businesses' in Ohio

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Ban everything

Don't forget the "you are going to hell for ever!" sin of showing a nipple or a bit of female bum crack on television.

Ray Harryhausen, king of stop motion, takes final voyage

Nordrick Framelhammer

R . I . P R a y.

Your artistry was an inspiratrion to millions. You will be sorely missed in a world of movies that depend on big bangs.

I remember seeing seeing his Sinbad and Clash of the Titans movie and was gobsmacked.

Icon chosen as an acknoledgement of the style of his moves.

‘That’s not art’ says Apple as it pulls nudes from AppStore

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Choice for the adult user please

That will allow the user real choice, which is something that Apple simply cannot allow. It would run contrary to their goal of controlling everything.

Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet creator Gerry Anderson dies at 83

Nordrick Framelhammer

And another genius is lost to us.

RIP Gerry Anderson

Thank you for the decades of entertainment you gave all children, from a kid who never quite grew up,

Internet Explorer tracks cursor even when minimised

Nordrick Framelhammer

So Micro$oft have fucked things up again

Are any of us really surprised?

Walmart workers filmed playing iPad frisbee

Nordrick Framelhammer


Nothing more needs to be said.

Swiss photographer sues Apple for pilfering her eyeball

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Just claim its an orphan work

Can't be done since they already stated to the photographers agent they would not use it for advertising. Not even a company as arrogant as Apple would be that stupid.

Simon Cowell plans X Factor for Tech

Nordrick Framelhammer

So cowell is not...

Just content to fucking up the music business and dumping loads of half baked "talents" onto the music scene? Now he wants to fuck around with somwething he has no fucking clue about whatsoever? And who is the tard he is bering in on it? someone IT related? nope. It is a c-rapper with dubious musical skills who can design a different dress.

Will someone please tell that useless dork to leave IT alone. We don't want to likes of him anywhere near us!

Tim Cook: 'So sorry for Apple's crap maps app - try Bing or Nokia'

Nordrick Framelhammer

Apple are starting to make Macro$loth look competent.

Just sayin'

Fuming fanbois flood 'flimsy iPhone 5 Wi-Fi' forum

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Quality control...

Apple don't need to do any quality control. It Just Works!

325 Dicks sell for AUD$20m

Nordrick Framelhammer

They got ripped off

Dick Smiths is worth way less than that. Their staff have no clue about technology other than what they parrot from the manufactuers printed toilet paper, they have moved from their electronic component roots and they charge like a wounded bull. I was pricing a 32Ggb microsd card and their price was four times what was being asked in computer retail stores. And that was fora DSE branded microsd, so we don't know what shitty, cheapass knockoff brand it was, versus name brand microsds from the computer retailers.

They will soon disappear as private equity firms have a tendency to asset strip then leave the bare bones to decompose.

Ballmer: Win8 'certainly surpasses' Win95 in importance

Nordrick Framelhammer

When I first read this articles headline...

I thought it said "Ballmer: Win8 'certainly surpasses' Win95 in impotence ." and I agreed with that 100%.Then I realised it said something different.

'Nutjob' serves half-baked Raspberry PI scam

Nordrick Framelhammer

I would have sent him one...

Of course, it might not be assembled, the board may not have any circuits etched on it nor artwork related to the location of components, no firmware loaded and a brief note saying "Some assembly required."

Blizzard pwned: Gamers' email, encrypted passwords slurped

Nordrick Framelhammer

Wow Players.


Australia prepares for Martian first contact

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Hmmmmm, I wonder...

Ahhh, but it isn't sufficient. The Sydney Morning Herald today listed the country at 9 in medal count as AUS Zealand.


Still, we will be happy to help our lesser talented cousins in The West Island with their erecent slump in sports.

Nordrick Framelhammer

Hmmmmm, I wonder...

Does anyone think that the Aussies will find a martian capable of helping them win more than one gold medal at The O Games?

Kiwi pooches turn into ROACH MUNCHING DOPE FIENDS

Nordrick Framelhammer

No great surprise.

Even the animals take drugs in order to escape the dreary, mind numbing nothingness that is life in Hamilton.

Fanbois froth as Apple claims 'iPhone5.com' rights

Nordrick Framelhammer


Or it could be a fanboi who is still paying off that overpriced piece of junk and can't afford to get it serviced by an authorized (read overpriced) service agent.

Security biz scoffs at Apple's anti-Trojan Gatekeeper

Nordrick Framelhammer

I must admit I am a bit surprised.

I am surprised that no-one mentioned a link between Apple's software and the name of the "software" used in that truly awful movie "The Net"

Nordrick Framelhammer

Re: Re: I wonder how long.....

Actually, Mr Smartypants, at home I use both Windows and Linux.

I use Windows for the thing it is best at, namely gaming, and I use Linux for pretty much everything else. I just wish I had the choice to use Linux at work, but unfortunately my employer is firmly entrenched in Microsoft's inefficient bloatware.

Nordrick Framelhammer
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I wonder how long.....

it will be before Apple slams the roof on their walls, turning the garden into a mushroom factory, forcing their vict^H^H^H^Hcustomers to buy all the software through the Apple store, thus ensuring a guaranteed income stream from the 30% they force the sellers to fork over.

Thak smeg that I have managed to avoid being sucked in by the shiny, thus being able to chose what I install on my computer, rather than having my choice limited by a monopolostic, avaricious company hell bent on forcing everyone to do it the way the company want.

Freedom of choice

is what I got

Freedom of choice

is what I want

(Apologies to Devo)

iOS 5 'crashes more apps' than Android

Nordrick Framelhammer

Could it be that there are too few WinTards to make a statistically significant bump in the data?

Woolworths cuts off Dick

Nordrick Framelhammer


I agree with you 100%.

They moved from their base of selling electronic components to being nothing more than another consumer electronics seller with clueless sales droids. It would not be so bad if they were reasonably priced but sometimes their prices are 50% higher than their competitors. They are certainly regarded as a joke in the computer industry. As for calling themselves "techxperts", what a joke. Most of their sales droids don't have a clue beyond the promotional crap they are told..

Southern Cross Cable offers discount bandwidth

Nordrick Framelhammer

Further to this...

The new rate only applies to new contracts. Us consumers with existing ISP's will continue to be rorted until such time as the existing contracts expire, and as ISP's buy capacity on a 10 yearly cycle, it could be up to a decade before prices drop for some! Yet more proof that real competition is urgently required.

Nordrick Framelhammer
Big Brother

No surprise

Now that the Southern Cross monopoly is threatened, they suddenly find the ability to increase the capacity and dramatically reduce the price. There is no real surprise in this. New Zeland saw the same thing when the Telecom New Zealand, infamous in New Zeland for some of their business practices and their CEO admitting that Telecom used used "confusion" to keep prices up, monopoly on broadband and PSTN services was removed. Speeds got better, data caps were raised. Now the same thing is happening with Southern Cross. And not surprisingly, Telecom New Zealand is a 50% shareholder in the Southern Cross consortium. Co-incidence? I will leave the reader to think on that one.


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No thanks.

I would rather take Team Dædalus to a bunch of drillheads.

Nordrick Framelhammer


I though airlines has stopped flying those things long ago.

Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen dies at 63

Nordrick Framelhammer

I was very sad to hear that she had lost her battle with cancer.

She was one of my first crushes once I became aware of the delights of the opposite sex..

She will be sadly missed by a lot of us Dr Who fans.

R.I.P. Elisabeth.

Apple sues Amazon over 'App Store' name

Nordrick Framelhammer


"Apple simply got there first, just as they created the smartphone market"

Say what? Dude, you have got to give me the name of our dealer as he is selling you some righteous stuff!

The Register and Australia-New Zealand

Nordrick Framelhammer

Sweet as, bro!

Bottoms up to you pommy gits for finally recognising the best part of the world is in the southern hemisphere although the bit just off to the west is not quite as good, although they are almost as good at rugby and rugby league.

And I agree about the bogan icon

Gov gone wild: Mad new pub glasses, bread freedom introduced

Nordrick Framelhammer

Fosters in no more beer than Budweisers

For the authentic stuff, you need to go to the boutique breweries.

And yes, England may have the Ashes but then again it is also where Rugby and Rugby League go for their retirement holidays after no longer cutting it souith of the equator. Oh, and about the Football World Cup...........

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

Nordrick Framelhammer

I have big hands and big feet

I don't have an iPhone? Co-incidence?

Of course not.

And now back to typing with something above my waist.