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BBC iPlayer to hit Freesat boxes by month's end


@ It'sa Mea... Mario

"I am still waiting for an iPlayer App for my iPod Touch"

- Fire up Safari on your iTouch and browse to http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/iplayer/

- Once it loads, click the '+' icon on the bottom toolbar in Safari.

- Select the 'Add to Home Screen' option.

- Wait a second for the custom iPlayer icon to load and then click 'Add'.

- Enjoy :)

EU confirms SMS and data roaming price caps

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Be cheaper for me to roam!

I currently pay 12p per text, £5 per MB and up to 40p per minute for calls (if it's a non-same network call to a UK mobile) when on my home network in the UK. If these rates are enforced it'll actually be cheaper to use my phone when I'm roaming that when I'm back in Blighty! Winner!

US customs: Yes, we can seize your laptop, iPod

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@ShaggyDoggy - Report TSA to the RIAA

"they are not allowed to copy [my mp3's] off otherwise I'm reporting them to the RIAA as music pirates."

LOL - absolutely classic mate :-)

Nokia N78


FM transmitter!

The addition of an FM transmitter is fantastic. Please can all your future media capable phones include this Nokia :-)

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face



it's now launch +45 mins and when I finally get to the mozilla.com/firefox download page I'm only offered version with a link to a 'Firefox 3 Sneak Peek' article listed in the 'What's New' section on the right :) Good work lads!


Firefox site down!

Hmm they could have a hard time setting any records if their site collapses due to the volume of traffic! It's now 10:15 PST and I am unable to get to either http://www.firefox.com/ or http://www.getfirefox.com/ to get my fix :-(

Amazon.com's US site KO'd!


What's with the dog?

Yep, I also saw the "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" message earlier, although now (13:10 PST) all I can get is a page saying that I've been denied access for violating the T&C's with a picture of a dog on it???

Screenshot at: http://www.jamuk.com/amazon-sorry.gif

If it makes any difference, I'm accessing amazon.com from San Francisco, CA...

Paris Hilton

So long Sadie

Finally as of 1:10pm PST I no longer see Sadie and now get the Amazon home page again.

Anyone know any more about that dog? Didn't Amazon used to have one on their 404 pages?

Paris, because she likes dogs.

ICO queries Heathrow T5's huge fingerprint scam scan

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So what are my options?

I'm supposed to be flying out of T5 on Friday - what are my options if I don't want to give up my prints (on principle) other than not flying?

Can I request a security escort to the gate, thereby bypassing their precious shops?

Orange's Apple deal to bear unlocked iPhones


Lock the interface to French

If Apple would just limit the unlocked French iPhones to a 'French language only' interface then no one in the UK would want to buy an unlocked import... :)


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