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Restored Vulcan takes to the skies

Adam Capps
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Sadly ...

The Vulcan at Southend Airport (Essex) still has one under apparent restoration - I don't think that'll ever fly again.

A few years back they performed an 'aborted takeoff' - bit pointless really - they should have just throttled it right up and left for good !

Teen accused of hacking emergency 911 system

Adam Capps

Lucky he didn't cross state lines

Or he'd be looking at a felony and the FBI would no doubt be kicking his door in...

LEDs replace hands in bonkers Japanese watches

Adam Capps

The only watch I need is

The fully endorssed Knight Rider Watch - going cheap on ebay - currently £72 but it's the watch that Michael Knight used AND has the Knight Rider theme tune - what's cooler than that?!


Unimpressed Sheilas mock boy racers' todgers

Adam Capps

When asked what Noel Coward thought about Australians

.... He replied "Rabbits and convicts."

Ok so while that might be true - it is also highly fascinating how they are so easily controlled by an advert that insinuates a man's member is small because he speeds, that said it is indeed a masterful piece of marketing by the Ozzies.

Isn't it sad that it is nearly all men who are targeted (despite the seeing many girl racers) and how it is once again using sex in a negative way to control people (men). Well they are Ozzies so one might be forgiven for daring to point out that the PC engine needs oiling. Female binge drinking is ever on the increase and the urgency for absolute female equality seems key here - however - where are the ads for the girls? Why not have a male and female advert - bet I could think of a few ;-)

How would it work with the girls? Fried eggs? Nat bits? I think the effect would be lost somewhat.

Just my opinion.

Plan for 20mph urban speed-cam zones touted

Adam Capps

Nothing is easy...

Well after reading all of these comments I decided to sign up and not be a coward.

With anything like speeding there is no easy way of working things out, speed, tax, public transport, cyclists Vs. motorists. As always there is need for compromise and that compromise unfortunately has to come from the Government though they often fail to address the needs that we personally like.

With the ever increasing restrictions on speed, tax on fuel and continual nannying by the government 'for the people', I can only think to the extreme where by the little freedom we currently enjoy is slowly being sapped under the guise of safety and what is best for us.

The smoking ban was a prime example when the government decided that people cannot think for themselves and under the health guise it was deemed that there be a total smoking ban - never mind giving the punters and establishment owners a choice or at the very least a time limit with to, say, section of an area of the bar so that service still be allowed without forcing people into the rain and cold. How long before we see an Orwellian type scenario where we're tagged and scanned upon entry to a cake shop, only to be told that "I'm sorry Mr Smith but according to your current scan, your weight dictates that you have exceeded your confectionary quota for this month therefore we are unable to serve you."

It will be a sad day when the government impose such restrictions - but that said, according to the latest study, people seem unable to help themselves but become obese thus shortening their lives by the quoted 13 years - you can see how, through the people's lack of responsibility, the govenerment is forced to act on behalf of the people because of the people.

Just my opinion.


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