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'Alien' lifeform wakened from 120,000 year Arctic slumber

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Black Helicopters


best comment on here by far!

New Kindle: Wider, but still no broadsheet

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Jobs Halo

not DS but...

@Michael Martin

rather than a DS the iPod Touch with Stanza installed is a great (and cheap) ebook reader

Apple drives iPhone app developers to the brink

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Jobs Horns


Apple is pocketing a nice chunk of interest on all that owed money

Queues start a day ahead of UK iPhone arrival

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Jobs Halo


don't get me wrong, i'm a BIG apple fan. but why queue. just rock up to a carphonewarehouse at 6.02 and i doubt you will have to wait long.

Orange's Apple deal to bear unlocked iPhones

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Cost comparison

Which do we think will be cheaper:

an iphone with O2 on an 18 month contract


an unlocked iphone from Orange, a return trip on the eurostar and a SIM only contract from any network in the UK?