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HMRC Tax Calc

Nick Hill

The comments in the Apstore..

Very annoying - the App does what it says on the tin.

People were marking the App as one star because "of the dole scum". Shoot the messenger much!

I think it's a great idea going forward and will develop more as time goes by.

Virgin Media snags London Underground Wi-Fi monopoly

Nick Hill

Seems good

Provided I can actually get connected at each station... It's so frustrating working freelance and having to "go dark" as I have the audacity to travel to a clients site

I actually use buses a lot these days just so I can stay connected

Internet gambling mogul surrenders $300m in guilty plea

Nick Hill


When I lived in Gibraltar (correct spelling) I met him, he's a nice chap and he doesn't need to worry about people laughing.

He (well did) has a lot of money and has his own plane......

Always thought these laws were there to protect the US gambling companies not the US citizens...

Furse should not resign, she should be sacked

Nick Hill

Same for a lot of companies

Lots of senior execs don't understand that they rely totaly on IT now.

I work for an Insurance company - and we are seriously creaking at the seams. Low morale and lack of balls by the IT Director (and understanding) means the business just doesnt understand what will happen when the systems fail. Who gets blamed, the poor person running that system day in day out that's been screaming for investment!

This Icon looks like a pick-pocket....

Google's Street View spycar clocked in London

Nick Hill


Like the other poster - why a UK (London - Wimbledon 2008) registered Opel? Perhaps from Eire?

Why does this sort of stuff even bother me!

Need a lie down.

Mine appears to be the anorack....

BAA grounds Heathrow T5 fingerprinting system

Nick Hill

T5 Trials

I was on the T5 trial specifically degined to look at this.

I overheard several people moaning at security (first point of scanning) that they did not like it, how long is it kept for etc...

As an aside my mate and i swapped cards, it didn't pick it up.....

( I thought it may be the only time I get away with it without being hurled to the floor!)

Otherwise T5 is the dogs nads :)

7000 Leap Year Babies attack Steve Ballmer

Nick Hill


Up to thier usual tricks, all the systems have the correct date 29/02/08 however the i2004 sets have a "feature!" where they refuse to see the date so it's currently 1st March

My nortel support says it will "sort itself out" tomorrow.

Meantime everytone thinks im a moron.


coat cos im not paid for today so im off down thepub.

Orange's Apple deal to bear unlocked iPhones

Nick Hill
Jobs Horns

It's not *that* different in the UK

Since the handset is sold with no network subsidy, you should be able to demand it be unlocked for a fair fee (aprox £30)

Will be interesting to see how they deal with this.

Given the average life expectancy of an iPod, the next iPhone will be out waaay before the 18mths is up.

I think apple lost an opportunity to really shake things up here, but never underestimate greed! (selling unlocked phones)


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