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UK head of online child protection resigns


No such luck

These guys are like polystyrene turds, inevitably floating to the top again..

Miliband retains Labour line on DNA and CCTV

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...so we're meant to feel better that you admit that your party basically created the near police state we now live in?

Sorry, you're still the same bunch of pernicious authoritarian wankers you always were.

Bye-bye to bizarro bye-laws, says UK.gov


Ah, Sunny Red Glesga..

never mind the 'intellectual power and political calibre', giving more power to those corrupt goons in city chambers is truly frightening.

Australian Senate censors print link to cartoon


The greens?

Mate, if they get the balance of power, you're well and truly ****ed.

They're more authoritarian than the commies, just wrapped up in a nice fuzzy 'greeness'.

Good luck.

UK.gov's phone and net snooping hits record high


one wonders...

if there is going to be a link between these types of requests and the IBM crime predicting software i read about the other day (minority report meets blind faith)....

Cutbacks strip speed cameras from Blighty's roads


@What he said

Cost centre? - no they're not. The revenue went directly to the treasury, who creamed off the profit and gave grants back to the LA's for the running of said cameras.

The government created a mantra 'Speed Kills'. Instead of allocating resources on traffic police, who can cover a wide range of offences, they invested in Speed Cameras, which solved the 'Speed Kills' mantra, allowed them to reduce the number of TP on duty and make a nice profit.

So you're cordially invited to STFU. Tx.

ContactPoint to be erased from history



After the poll tax, they've decided it's better not to tell people....

Apple revenue tops bullish expectations by $1bn


@ Blue Bhudda

Seriously, who cares?

Big company making big profits out of selling you stuff they make you think you can't live without all the while they're just whoring your personal data/habits to the highest bidder.

The company name is almost irrelevant.

India to place $11bn order for AIP hi-tech submarines


Just what i was thinking.....

so, can we have the £100m foreign aid back now, please?

Laid-off public sector techies better get flexible to survive


re: sick leave

A quick look around some parts of the NHS and you would very quickly see sick days taken as extra holiday entitlement.

On this point, getting rid of the 6months full pay and 6 months half pay sick leave in the public sector, with better management of sick policies would see this rate drop dramatically. I get 4 weeks paid sick pay in my job in the private sector. When i've been with the company for about forever (>5 years), this will rise to 12 weeks.

As with all public sector areas, there are plenty of excellent workers, but the fact is Labour created jobs (nearly a million) on tick and now reality of what we can actually afford is kicking in.

Labour bang on about frontline services, but the reality is that most of the jobs they created were not in front line services. A large number of them are the non-jobs created to implement Labours social policy vanity. We can do without them.

Sorry for the folks scammed by these con artists.

NHS still rubbish at caring for data



I work in a highly regulated industry where not only the top man, but us minions can be sent to prison for non-compliance. Certainly brings focus to what one is doing!

Spain objects to Street View Wi-Fi snooping

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Info whoredom.

'By slating them for it all that is happening is, once again, the human race being held back by bureaucracy.'

One of the funniest yet saddest things i think i have read.

The birth of Googleanity, the newest world religion and mankinds new saviour.

Tories declare students a burden on us all



Well said. And as you pointed out, it needs to be in the framework of a 'bigger picture'.

Where are the growth areas? Well, healthcare is one. Ireland has been churning out lifescience grads and the company i work for has recently invested appx $100M in a facility there. The previous company* i worked for had invested appx $250M in a manufacturing facility there.

Why? Ireland's Euro troubles aside, they have graduates with the skills they are looking for and an advantageous tax system. Whose to say we can't do the same?

It's tragic that a large number of grads are comeing out saddled with huge debt and little real chance of anything better than a call centre career. Our young people have been sold a pup....

* My previous employer will shut down their manufacturing plant in this country sometime in the next few years - it's the most expensive plant in the company to produce the product (of 16 worldwide, inc 3 in the expensive western Europe) . While there, i saw massive efficiences implemented and money saved. Rising corporate tax, expensive employment legislation and increased power costs made sure those saving were negated.

Council staff helping selves to data

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Potential win-win situation here...

Summary dismissal for anyone found to have done this, with criminal charges where appropriate. Should do a bit for cutting back the bloated public sector.

Sneaky bin chipping still in the bag for UK.gov


Meanwhile, in the real world...

If you want to tackle the rubbish problem, you need to tackle the supermarkets.

I don't know the exact figure, but i'd be surprised if less that 70% of what we send to landfill comes from supermarkets. No wonder they are so keen to stop us using plastic bags (not in itself a bad idea) - keeps the heat off the real issue - the vast amount of packaging used for everything else.

Blunkett threatens to sue for £30 ID card refund

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annoyed over £30? More like he's pissed off his pork barrel's been taken off him.

Government yet to set ContactPoint closure date


Eloquent reply, but....

still no explanation of why every single child requires to be on it.

UK.gov issues death warrant for ID cards


Good, but...

I think our EU overlords will be bringing this back in some form or another. Sadly, i think we've just had a very welsome but temporary respite.

Laws puts brakes on gov IT spending

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don't be fooled...

'This is a situation created by the greed of the banks... but on a lighter note it's nice to see the banks making a killing again and paying bonuses'

It wasn't created by the banks. The Labour government payed for it's 'progressive' policies on tick for years - on the back of a bubble they helped the banks create and which we are all going to now pay for.

And we let them because the nice warm (but false) feeling of wealth (e.g. high house prices)created through easy to obtain and cheap credit told us it would be alright.

'A lot of good people are gonna loose their jobs and with very little chance of getting another one at their current rate.'

Yes you're right, and that's the sad reality. You should be directing your anger against the profligate administration (Labour) that brought this about. Instead of creating wealth and employment through the creation of wealth, they spent the wealth and then a good bit more creating jobs in the non wealth producing public sector.

Sadly the people who are most likely to vote Labour are also most likely to end up being betrayed by them (by losing the jobs that Labour created, but that were only ever going to be temporary).

Sure, everyone wants better public services, but the thing is, you have to create the wealth before you can re-distribute it.

I think of it like this - if you make £1000 a month, do you think it's acceptable to spend £2500 on a standard of living that you think you deserve, by borrowing £1500 from Uncle Jo down the road (who works hard and saves all his money)? And when he gets a bit shirty, you offer to only borrow £1300 a month (not even pay anything back)?

Doesn't sound fair, but that's exactly what we're doing. Chinese savers who, if they are lucky have a fraction of our public services, are funding a large part of our 'essential public services'.

And you would cry if you saw the number of schools and hospitals that could be built, kitted and staffed with just the INTEREST we'll be paying on this little lot...

The reality of the shite Labour have left us in is going to be very apparent very soon.

Clegg promises liberties restoration



So Cleggy's getting all the credit for rolling back the state, which if I remember correctly, was also a key part of the Tory manifesto..

Some ferkin short memories around here....

EU privacy watchdogs say Facebook changes 'unacceptable'


A meeting of opposites..

Facebook meet privacy...

Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke shown the door

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good riddance to bad shite

pity there weren't more joining them.

Apple rejects crazy canuck's seal bludgeon game



Broadly agree with your assertion that <what is portrayed through the various> (the) media we are exposed to influences us in some way, but...

The *intent* in GTA is to let you indulge in some pretty disgusting activities - same as the controversial scene in MW2 (shooting innocents in the airport terminal).

The fact that you *may* be penalised in terms of progression in the game does not actually nullify the intent.....

Nazi soldiers pose for Red Army calendar



monumental c*ck up

Johnson: ID cards will pay for themselves


Chris, you're welcome to them...

..if that's what you want.

But the thing that gets most people on here is that they will be neither voluntary or secure.

They will not be voluntary as the government will compel people to have them. Initially by restricting access to services and say, the purchase of age sensitive goods, then by law.

In the time between voluntary and compulsion, those who do want one and can live with the restrictions will be painted as social deviants, obvious criminals who must have something to hide (it's going to go the same way with the new 'Are you a paedo' vetting / barring 'service' - employers from all sectors will want one as a matter of course and those who don't want to go on yet another database will obviously be paedos)

Then there is the security aspect. Reams of information on the register about why this is a badly implemented system, but you should at least be concerned that the government has repeatedly 'lost' key personal data and it will only be a matter of time before it happens in some form to the NIR.

And finally, there is the consideration as to the real reason they want this - it is ultimately about statist control (we have a bunch of communists running the country at the moment, so this shouldn't be a surprise).

You will not be able to travel abroad without one (the passport ruse to get people on the database), you will need one to buy a car, house, or get a bank account, access services and buy fags / booze.

All your transactions and 'life' data are going to be kept on the part of the database that is going to be flogged to business while the so called private part of it (biometric + 'personal' information) will just be....err left on a train at some point.

At the moment, you have some control over this. Every transaction you make on your credit / debit card is recorded and profiled by the issuers. You have the option to use cash.

With the ID card, you will be compelled to have & use it, pay for it, then have the analysis of your lifestyle sold to the highest bidder.

Think i'm bullshitting? Gov already has form on how this will play out....

DVLA currently sell your details for £2.50 a pop.

APNR used to be simply about catching road tax dodgers. It's is now installed (with no parliamentary oversight or recourse) across the entire network of road cameras up and down the motorways and in petrol stations. If you're on some kind of police list, then you can't fill up.

They sell, sorry grant access to the DNA database for 'research' purposes. The police can say 'no' (they are all on it routinely), but the innocents caught on it cannot.

And if you give me the 'nothing to fear, nothing to hide' bull, i would say you actually don't deserve the quickly diminishing freedoms that you have.

Lib Dems demand niceness, ignore technology


'strong and free from interference'

'The Lib Dems will ensure that the BBC remains "strong and free from interference".'

I thought banning the Labour party would be against Lib Dem principles?

Labour unfriends Twitter rant candidate



FFS, get over yourselves. He's a snivelling little f**king Labour arsewipe who rightly got punted from getting the opportunity to stand for public office.

Just because the current bunch are useless arseholes doesn't mean we should replace them with another bunch of useless arseholes simply because they don't tow the party line and post their verbal diahorreah on twitter.

I guess he's just learned a valuable lesson though - you can only get away with these things once you actually are an M.P.

CEOP renews attack on Facebook


hehe, thanks

'stupid c**kfag non-entity'. Thankyou sir, duly added to my list of memorables.

Time to SHUT this quango down, along with about 99% of the other 1200 or so sponging stupid c**kfag non-entities.

Cartoon Law goes live


A worthy observation..

but I was also left wondering if Donald Rumsfeld had started up some kind of 'Knowing the Known Unknowns' training seminar for politicians..

UK competition authority probes Amazon


Actually a key reason I use Amazon....

//off topic

...is because they don't use VbV or equivalent.

I've lost count the number of times i've simply walked away from a transaction because they have VbV. It's an extra password i invariably forget and i can't be bothered with all the pish of resetting the password (never mind the joke that passes for 'security' in the reset).

//on topic

I don't know enough to comment on the legalities of what the OFT might be investigating, but i can't see how, in principle, there is a problem. The cost of doing business on Amazon is effectively made higher, but then you don't have to do business on Amazon.....

Tories may scrap IR35 tax rules for contractors


I've come round to thinking that

actually, tax avoidance should be mandatory, but subject to equality legislation.

Either everybody has an opportunity to avoid tax or nobody has the opportunity (corps included).

Frankly, after seeing the profligate waste of money that government is responsible for and in particular the band of lying theives currently in power, i think everybody should have the opportunity to not pay into it.

I can piss my own money up a wall. I don't need bloated government to do it for me.

London council loses thousands of kids' details


Not good enough

In these types of cases, the person responsible and their immediate manager need to be fired.

Simply, the only thing that is going to change this is accountability.

Cops' quango to come under freedom of information laws




"The post is required, and must contain letters."

Google booted from China's number two carrier


sorry mate....

China is holding all the cards here...that's the reason all the companies who spout off about human rights invariably end up appyting the lube and bending over to get a slice of the lucrative Chinese pie....

Police reject Tory plans for elected chiefs

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Decriminalisation of various drugs in Amsterdam still hasn't stopped the criminal organisations their from making a profit from drugs.

All that happens is that you create a new market economy, with the Crims looking to undercut the 'legitimate' suppliers.

There is a massive black market in (mostly fake) licensed medicines, bootleg alcohol is on the up (fake and knocked off) - what evidence do you have that bringing recreational drugs into the legal sphere will make the situation better?

UK.gov blames Israel for cloning passports in Dubai hit

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Nice bit of revisionist history there....

Better than letting the facts get in the way.

Facebook stands up to UK.gov's cyberbullying


I am firmly of the opinion that

The police are now part of the problem, not the solution. Too busy chasing government PC targets to actually do any real policing.

Won't tackle anti social behaviour. Want to challenge ASBO-Joe as he traches your car? Fine, but you'll be the one getting arrested. Defending yourself in your own home? Fine, but you'll get arrested.

Policing by consent? What a joke.

Government needs to give the powers back to the police in terms of tackling crime at the local level, stop with the bullshit targets (let the locals hold them accountable). Police need to step up to the plate and actually Police.

Police National Database will have audit trail


exactly my thoughts

explains how some officers have been making plenty of 'enquiries' for their drug dealing friends before getting caught

Net downloads cause 'millions of lost jobs'


One wonders if..

these are the same guys who write the IPCC reports?

Manchester's on fire for ID cards, claims ID minister

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So what we're saying is that Hackney has a large percentage of lobotomised voters....

Her pedigree is impeccable by Labour standards though...

Oxford educated in PPE -> Librarian -> Journalist -> councillor -> mayor -> all women shortlist (htf does that work with all the 'equality' legislation these communists have brought in?) -> MP -> junior government minister (just about as soon as she's in the door)....

Some shites just seem to float to the top....


there's a distinct whiff of shite around these figures..

or am i the only one who can smell it?

Jobcentre ejects Jedi Knight


in terms of religion...

George Lucas is a new-ager and the 'Jedi religion' has just ripped swathes of stuff out of the new age movement, so it's not so new.....

Google '99.9%' certain to pull China search plug


Re: Google Bashers

'They are taking a stand'...

No they're not. 'Taking a stand' implies some kind of moral principle behind the action. They are hypocrites - they talked about 'doing no evil' and being against censorship, but when it came down to it, they cosied up to the Chinese government for the sake of the dollar.

Any they are not alone. Every other company that takes the dollar over it's stated principles is exactly the same.

Google are by no means the only hypocrites, but lets not kid ourselves with the 'taking a stand' bullshit.

Female porn director turned pol grabs Kent by the ballots


meanwhile, in reality...

politics remains completely bereft of anyone capable of dealing with the utter sh!t we find ourselves in at the moment.

We are truly looking f+++ed.

Blighty surrenders to Street View

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Re: amazing

Amazing, technologically yes. But i'm also slightly disturbed given the company that now owns all this data.

Doctors tell government to stop the health records roll-out

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@David Ward 1

You must be a troll, because if you are actually a GP, then your attitude towards your patients is truly disgusting.

You overpaid, pompous arsehole.


someone touched on it in an earlier post

but the one of the attractions of such a system is the ability to harvest and ultimately sell personal information.

And lets not kid ourselves on about confidential medical information being sacrosanct in any way - the government already allows access to the DNA database for 'research' (which, if you are a policeman, you can say 'no' to, but joe pleb has no such right) and the DVLA regularly sells our details to clamping criminals and other extortive individuals.

Economically, we don't have any genuine wealth generation any more, so the government has clicked onto the idea of pimping our data. It's a double win for them - we pay for them to compelling us to give the information and they then sell that information on....

BT boss urges fines for filesharing customers

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Sorry guys,

Mandy's already been paid for this. No going back now.....

Street View threatens to throw Eurostrop

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now piss off.

Ofcom wades into UK 'Net Neutrality' row

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more like

The beeb are angling for the extension / expansion of licence fee to ensure that anyone with a broadband connection pays the tax.

The Biased Brodcasting Corporation should be dismantled. End of.