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Palm fishes for devs with $1m lure

Shane O Sullivan

Not sure of the correlation

The two are not necesarily related. You can develop webOS apps without a phone, for the most part. Their development kit contains a full emulator that behaves just like the phone.

Also, in the States the Pre and Pixi are now available on both Sprint and Verizon (later this month), though they may stay on one carrier per country in Europe.

It would be cool if they released an unlocked developer phone though.

Shane O Sullivan

They're offering money for the top FREE and paid apps

Palm are offering money for both free and paid apps. Read the blog post. The top free app gets $100,000, the next top 20 free apps get $10,000 each, and the next 200 free apps get $1,000 each. I don't know about you, but I'm writing apps right now. With how few apps there are, getting into the top 200 is crazy simple. Getting into the top 20 a bit harder, but very, very possible if you know what you're doing.

The same conditions apply to paid apps, but it's harder to compete there.

Easy, free money. Why complain?

Ubuntu chief bids for prima-donna status

Shane O Sullivan

Podcast not available to Ubuntu users

I find it quite ironic that the link to the podcast points to iTunes, which cannot run on Ubuntu. Is there a reason that the direct link to the rss, http://www.theregister.com/software/open_season/podcast.rss , wasn't in the story, so that us Ubuntu users can actually listen to these files?