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Brighton professor bans Google

Bart Wempe


Wait a moment.. We're talking media studies here, right?

Could be me, but should the *first* idea of any "relevant" course in media studies be teaching student proper search engine search strings, along with quality estimation of New Media resources?

In which case the dear professor wouldn't have to rave and rant about google and wikipedia to begin with, since her students would have had a proper grounding in the pitfalls of Web 2.0, and she could have easily given work that did not reflect the prior training the asessment it deserves.

Then again, that would be expecting actual academic quality from university, the field, the staff, the students, or any combination thereof to begin with.

And we're talking about *Media Studies*, right?

Macs seized by porn Trojan

Bart Wempe


"This may mean that the OS is beginning to gain enough users to be attractive to attackers."

So endeth the Myth about the Invulnerability of the Macintosh...

It's simply that there's so few of you that you're not interesting as a target, boys and girls, even your own security software specialists say it...

besides the hilarious fact that seemingly even for Mac users "the Internet is for Porn"... ;)

BOFH: The bastard wants to know

Bart Wempe

Missing something..

I don't know, but I miss something in the answer lists..

It's unrealistic to expect the various Management Monkeys mentioned in the poll to have expired by Darwinian Selective Force ( there's no shredder in the world big enough..), but I do miss the educational and satsfying "Bzzzéééért!!" option.

Asus launches tiny PC

Bart Wempe

ye gods.. it's a laptop, not a PC

if it's not a desktop model, it's not a PC.

That one was settled in the 80's ffs.