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Has your shifty foreign neighbour got 16 mobes?


They win again!!

Yep by spreading this "propaganda" the terorists win again. Just like gangs and yobs win by people staying in there houses and being scared. Terorists win by hindering on our lives by making us more paranoid!

Come terrorists come and get me you wusses!!!

Oh and i have two phones 1 computer and 2 laptops. Done chemistry A-level doing a degree in comunication engineering! I must be on some sort of watch list by now?

Pakistan blocks YouTube

Dead Vulture

Tis Quite sad!

How much abuse does the english culture take out of religion/politics/royalty i mean come off it. If we went around banning every site that insulted 'the nation' then you might as well get rid of freedom of speech and the internet!! I know thats what some contries want to do but its a very sad state!

I mean how much do we take the piss out of the govement and the queen and especialy Bush!

Being able to accept thats how some poeople feel is much better than trying to make the problem go away!

UK teen is world's youngest certified ethical hacker (maybe)


Its like the majority of course's

I don't do Computer Science at Uni but i know more than a fair amount of IT students!

But that could be said for anything, If you do buissiness degree, your rubbish at buissness essentially, Like anything if your naturally good at it you would never learn anything practical on the course.

But of course in this world people wont believe you on experience so you have to get a degree.

The main problem with IT is that its ever evolving and the biggest aspect is that you cant just teach people to 'do this and that' they have to think for them selfs and keep up to date.

Comcast: Our BitTorrent busting is 'best in class'


JUst Move

Once those 12 month contracts are up hit the highway and another ISP, at least over here in Europe we have an increasing glut of ISP's to choose from, unfortunately people over here don't realise that and never move, If BT ever did anything like that I would suggest to every one on there network to move.

Really the only horrible ISP's are the foreign ones, Tiscaili is rubbish, AOL is the worst ISP, People think MS is bad never go near AOL, Sky is rubbish to! So it seems that UK buissness for the must part can meet what there customers what just not outsiders so to speak... funny that...

(I'm not being prejudice just a statement on the market)

Microsoft backpedals on Blu-ray for Xbox 360 comments


Which is best....

I can sit here and breach gosible about which is best but that seems very sad. I will give you some FACT's about each format:


Is MORE exspensive to produce (if you know anything about optical data you will know why).

At maximum cap is store's 1GB less than HDDVD.

The read speeds are pretty much identical.

Blu-Ray is out selling HD DVD.


Cheaper to produce, and cheaper drive mech's

Can store 51GB max pot.

Speed pretty much identical.

Has less titles than blu-ray

remember sony were giving away free movies with the ps3 and vouchers as far as i remember.

We've been here before. Either way both formats offer pretty much "Identical" performance, is who ever purswades the most people, MS probably lost due to not including HD DVD when they started selling the xbox 360...

I prefer the 360 over the PS3 in pretty much every way, thats not to say that the PS3 isnt good.

British porn domain mastermind fights US Government


Funny Really

I'm gunna bash against the Christian Groups and govement here.

Maybe if the american education system wasnt effected by politics then kids might not have a poor education over there!

Any way, This is quite funny, the christian groups and anyone looking at this as a bad thing are really quite stupid. Yes of course its another way to make money, yes it alows more domain names etc.

But if it were regulated properly, they would make ALL porn sites HAVE to use this domain.

This about it, at the moment any one can use any domain. You make all the porn sites use .xxx then what can we do?

If you dont know i'll tell you! We can shield our little darlings from the real world even more than nessary by being able to block all .xxx domains on family pc's schools etc. maybe if people actualy thought of sensible reason to bash a proposal then people might listen to them more.