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South Africa official calls for 'outright ban' on pornography

Justin White

Glass House, check...Throwing Stone, check

Once the ban is in place, someone needs to rush to Deputy Minister [sic] Malusi Gigaba's computer to confiscate all the hardcore child porn that he must be hiding (along with that video of two girls and a cup). It's a guarantee that this guy is so high and mighty about other people's "habits" and he must have one himself. Too many politicians, so little time.

Mines the one with "KEEP THE F*CK OUT" all over...

New trial means Unix ownership still up for debate

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In other news, recent polls determined that 98.7% of people were shocked to find that SCO didn't go out of business 10 years ago.

This is such a tired debate. Ugh.

Chinese authorities close fatal net treatment camp, arrest 13

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Paris Hilton

@ Fluffykins

High commendations, sir! Now we know how to describe a cranial-colonoscopy in Chinese! That should come in handy someday.

Paris, who's no stranger to head and insertions.

British boffin named first ever 'doctor of texting'

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Another sign of the impending apocalypse?

I've got my tinfoil hat ready just in case!

Mines the one lined with lead and labeled "Don't Panic" in large, friendly letters...

Met amends journo photo guidance to prevent interference

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IT Angle

@ Juillen 1

"However, now Labour are doing all the things the Tories would never in a million years be able to do (human rights violations, civil liberties trampling, torture, warmongering etc.)"

Do you need a refresher about how paranoid all groups were in September 2001? Conservative, liberal, moderate...they were ALL looking to take away our rights and go to war ASAP after 9/11.

I'm all for painting groups with the right brush, but yours isn't big enough. Go for the XXXL model next time.

Will cloud put traditional hosters out of business?

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Re: Other Shortcomings

The discussion about reliability is fine and dandy for hardware, but there lots of other levels not addressed beyond hardware (LAN, WAN, geography, etc.). I do think the built-in redundancy is a major consideration, but that's just another area to include in the comparison.

I strongly agree that too many folks are comparing dedicated hosting to cloud and bypassing the obvious comparison with shared hosting models (at least obvious to me). Anyone truly considering a cloud model should have to long look at virtual servers as well (especially those hosters offering addons like VMotion, clustering, etc).

It's nice to have an occasional article that has a strong IT angle and no need to wonder when the Playmobil version will be published. Now, back to more Swedish lesbian love children!

Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper

Justin White

Macs just work?

It wasn't that long enough in the distant past that I had to support several Macs for the graphics arts dept of my company and I truly despised dealing with extensions, fixing things with rezedit, or attempting to force TCP/IP configurations on our blissfully happy Appletalk bunch.

Glad to see things haven't improved since System 6, 7, or 8. Firefox is brilliant on my work Vista machine and my home Debian Lenny build.

Mines the one with the "NOT" symbol over the words Apple Snob.

Cisco California pricing revealed

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Re: Hmm By Anonymous Coward

FCoE and CEE is nothing more than a pipe dream, given the lack of multi-hop support. All it really does is replace two commodity parts with an expensive commodity part. No thanks, but that's not even close to making sense for anyone.

Why did you think you needed 6 switches for 4 servers? I've got some really sweet bags of dirt you could probably use too. If you can't see the forest for the trees, you should find a different line of work. Surely, you're joking.

Mines the one with $$$$$$$$ on the back...

Zaphod Beeblebrox home sun 'shrinking', may have blown up

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Betelgeuse replacement?

So, since it's obvious that a mistake is at the root of the impending Betelgeuse supernova, can anyone from Interspatial Engineering confirm the readiness of Betelgeuse, mark II?

Mines the one labeled "Mostly Harmless".

Getting real about Linux on the desktop

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How does this make sense?

Why would organizations add additional complexity by identifying pockets of potential Linux desktop usage, when they struggle to maintain their existing infrastructure today? This approach has worked quite well in the server space. But unlike the numbers of servers deployed, the sheer magnitude of desktops/notebooks deployed would never lead a sane person to thinking they should try to make a fraction of those users different.

Driving down costs by using free software is an idealistic point of view and one that I admire and adhere to wherever and whenever possible. But the real facts are that labor costs generally far exceed any expenses related to the purchase and maintenance of the software involved. IT's the people, stupid.

Boston dorm computer raid ruled illegal

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Black Helicopters

@Chrisopher Martin

"Either he has a lot of usb drives, or they just nabbed everything with a pcb in it."

All the more reason, mates, to avoid the need for an Internet-enabled fridge, tele, toaster, etc. :o

Fujitsu takes trip to Venus

Justin White

Bootnotes? Come on, Reg! You're slipping.

Apparently, all they found was Uranus.

Adblock developer offers 'please unblock me' tag to sites

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Ding ding ding

Clearly, this idea wins the "Dumbest Thing I've Heard This Week" award. I cannot ever imagine having that much trust of websites, even those I adamantly support. Why not just place the label on the top of the site in large friendly letters with a message, "Don't Worry"?

Mine's the one with my wonderful towel in the side.

Jaunty Jackalope release candidate unleashed

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Re: Jaunty Jackalope...

I'm more looking forward to X. Xanthic Xenarthra? Xenomorphic Xeme? Xenocrystic Xenicidae?

How about Quixotic Quinquespinosus?

Mines the one with the Quilted Quagga on the back...

NASA: Clean-air regs, not CO2, are melting the ice cap

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From the peanut gallery...

As a card carrying member of the "Global Warming is a Hoax Department", let me gladly add my "I told you so" to the growing list.

What I hope no one will miss out of this article, and others that discuss GW findings, is that it PAINFULLY obvious that no one has a blithering-idiot's idea of what is actually going on. Despite the thoughtful replies from Reg readers that surely sound informed and astute on the matter, I would love for someone in the scientific community to finally admit that they don't have much more than a hypoothesis and certainly don't have enough data to back the bloody thing up! Setting aside my tongue-in-cheek admission from the start, I really tire of the debate, given the complete lack of certainty that these sorts of announcements portray.

I'd prefer to think of scientists as smart, analytical, carbon compute units instead of the warm-blooded, average, fallible people they actually are, but sadly, reality isn't quite so. Can't we all get along?

Mine's the one with the built-in, anti-GW, aerosol dispensers.

Google force feeds Web 2.0 to US gov

Justin White

Big Fuss over Nothing?

I can certainly see why people wonder why any government should embrace Web 2.0 technologies. Personally, I think Web 2.0 is highly overrated for it's impact and utility. However, I think we can plainly state that all governments do a horrendous job of making information accessible and retaining records electronically. Certainly, McLaughlin's experience validates that from a US Gov't perspective and I can't believe other governments are much better.

And as pointed out, this sort of insight into bureaucracy just makes me excited thinking about all the things the Obama Administration thinks the gov't should be involved with. Where does the change come into play again?

Mine's the one with the "NO GOV'T ALLOWED" label.

Phorm CEO clashes with Berners-Lee at Parliament

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Sure-fire methods to counteract Phorm

METHOD #1 - Widely deploy IPv6 as the defacto Internet standard, so we can encrypt all the data between client and server. I can't wait for this day, to piss off the "security conscious" among us.

METHOD #2 - Force companies who take these snooping steps to pass along all profits to the end-users who produce the "creative works" that they are unrightfully exploiting. I guess this step would allow BT and Phorm to avoid being sued by the new organization sure to arise out of this, the Websurfing Industry Ass. of America (or similar).

All I really can say beyond this is that these guys are just a bunch of wankers. Get a life. Exploit someone else.

Paris, since she an subject-matter expert on wankers, exploitation and "creative works".

Obama balks at recovery of lost Dubya emails

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@Herby: Said Before

Not sure I agree with your take as it's listed, but Obama is certainly not stupid where politics are concerned.

Certainly, I haven't noticed any change, other than there's not really any talk of Iraq now. Just how bad the economy is. The funny thing is that it's not MY fault for not spending as a consumer.

Mines the one with the piggy bank in the lining...

US lawmaker injects ISP throttle into Obama rescue package

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This is what the people wanted

Just wondering out loud how long it will be until people flip around to waxing longingly for the days of former Pres. Bush. Moments like this are meant to teach us that policitians belong in the same category as lawyers, auto mechanics, and consultants.

Mines the one with "Vote None of the Above" on the back.

Harry Potter Lexicon published after judgment-guided edit

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Re: Grow up Rowling

The "creations" have been replaced by big business...

Paris, who freely shares her creations with everyone.

Windows Vista stuck on single digit enterprise adoption

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Hard to see why to standardize on Vista?

While I can't say that I'm fond of Vista, I personally can't see businesses rushing en masse to roll out an OS after only a few months compared to three years. More often than not, businesses are more likely to deploy a new desktop OS once the first Service Pack has become available, so 2010 is the more likely target for many enterprises.

The consumers will be the guinea pigs for Christmas 2009. :/

Paris, since she's always ready.

Mom stole daughter's ID to shake pom-poms

Justin White

Re: @Re: @Re: @Sarah Bee (at Sarah Bee, I think)

/quote "madly paranoid feminazi-bonfire" - now that's a good idea for a pr0n film....lol

Sounds strangely reminiscent of the infamous "Lesbian Spank Inferno", but I digress.

Mines the one with the severely-used video tape in the pocket.

Mozilla Google relations strained by Chrome

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Re: Re: Firefox: 20.78% or 44.2% ? & Carlos

Will the El Reg PFY that's approving these comments PLEASE refrain from approving any more comments like "the W3schools site is for techies". I think we all get the point by now and surely don't need further convincing.

Paris, since her repeats are worth it.

Indian court urged to 'ban Google Earth'

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@sreekHi and stupid people

sreekHi, you should really read what you wrote before you assume you're not standing in the middle of the glass house and throwing stones (or something like that).

Truly, the events in Mumbai are tragic, not because of the values of the lives lost but because of the moronic motivations of those who carried out those heinous acts. I couldn't agree more about the evils of religion, although we aren't worried as much about the religion itself as much as the sadistic people leading the violent sects of these religions that twist the thoughts of their followers for their own purposes. I certainly wouldn't characterize Islam as a violent religion, nor Christianity, etc.

The real problem in all of this is people. Until people will stop being stupid, this sort of thing will go on forever. Until we can kill all people on earth, there won't be an solution that can be legislated or enacted. People are the problem.

Intel trumpets world's fastest silicon photonic detector*

Justin White

New Unit of Measurement

Since the Vulture Central Weights and Measures Soviet has already provided the sheepsec (1Ssx) for measuring velocity, I think it begs the question about the velocity of a ladybug riding a photon. Let's hope the Soviet gets on this scientific inquiry of import with rapidity.

Mines the one surrounded by friggin laser beams from what I call my "Death Star".

RIM Vodafone BlackBerry Storm

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"Oh I dunno ... I got 400kb/sec downloading a Blackberry desktop software upgrade today via my T-Mobile HSDPA USB donglet this afternoon.

7.2Mbit isn't exactly sluggish."

Actually, 400KB/sec is only 3.2Mbit, but who's counting...

Mines the one with the slide rule in the pocket.

What the heck is an IT Architect anyway?

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IT Architecture generally misunderstood

As a network architect for a major IT corporation, I can certainly agree that there's a lack of understanding around what architecture is and what architects should do. My personal definition includes an aspect where the architect needs to be a great engineer before becoming a good architect. If there's not a practical aspect, then it might as well be finger-painting to impress executives. Architecture should provide the standards used to engineer solutions, much like building architects draw up blueprints for how to build a house, but engineers execute the actual buiding to the blueprint. If the architect has no concept of what's practical, the blueprints are worthless and have to be readjusted. It's exactly the same with IT, only it happens that way on a much more frequent basis in IT.

Apple swings DMCA at Hackintosh maker

Justin White

Re: Own the code, set the license

I'm thinking that the only real complaint about Apple's position is the way they exploit their Mac sheeple to purchase commodity hardware at exhorbant prices. But sheeple will be sheeple.

Mine's the Tux with apple cores in the pockets...

Sun's solar wind hits 50-year low

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Re: It's Bush's fault

Guess we should line up the CEOs of GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, BMW, etc. to punish them too. Clearly, we're now so important in the universe that we can destroy the Sun with nothing but our autos!

Mines the one with extra cosmic ray protection in the lining...

Fears mount over missing Webroot founder

Justin White

Mental Health isn't always the problem

I had a close childhood friend that was diagnosed as bipolar, manically depressed, and schizophrenic. But after 10 years on every experimental drug his family could find, some doctor finally bothered to run this blood for additional tests and, as it turns out, the guy was only diabetic. He's now a normal part of society, no thanks to the quacks that never even noticed his widely-varying blood sugar levels.

Sometimes, they're not out to get you, but they are out to sell you something. Sure hope someone checks the poor guy's blood sugar if they find him hiding.

@ Vincent Hempe: You're right on the money. All security-related folks will eventually wind up running around Hawaii naked with the black helocopters just over the next hill...certainly the most paranoid, obsessive lot on the planet.

San Franciscans prep monument to US prez

Justin White

Did everyone forget

that Bush is, first and foremost, a policitian? It's not like he's Mother Teresa here, and neither are any of the other ridiculous individuals that make up the other branches of gov't. I don't really care what people want to say about Bush personally (which seems silly, since he's not going to read these comments), but precisely what would be different if some other PEZ dispenser had been elected? Not one damn thing, including Iraq.

Nothing gives me tired-head faster than political bickering over who would have done what. There's a reason no one trusts politicians and the rhetoric will only get worse since this is an election year.

Mine's the one with the bullshit filters in the hood.

Microsoft: 'We will save America from foreign domination'

Justin White

@ Chris C and Pierre

Actually, while the rest of the world mocked our attempt at democracy, we called ourselves the "United States of America". No one else was using the term at the time, so stick it if you don't like it. Americans don't really care about what other people call us (and never have).

Secondly, I find it incredibly insulting that anyone outside the US would dare think that we aren't aware of the rest of the world. D-Day should have proved that. Otherwise, the UK might still be a heap of rubble and the French would be eating Wienerschnitzel and making cuckoo-cuckoo clocks. Again, we don't really care what people say about us, but everyone sure wants our help.

Mines the one with the big FUCK YOU printed on the back.

DARPA wants Matrix style virtual world for cybergeddon

Justin White

Re: I don't get it

"Usually when the USAnians want to field-test new death-tech, they start a war."

Actually, I thought the standard operating procedure was to place the stuff in Nevada so people will mistake it for aliens (convenient, since aliens are actually supplying the stuff, but I digress).

Linux guru Hans Reiser convicted of first-degree murder

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No more complaints about US Legals

I guess this signals the end of Euros thumbing their high and mighty noses at Americans for having such a f*cked Legal system. Glad to see EU courts are just as stupid as US courts.

Mines long, black, and flowing...with the wig.

Telco firm, Coke sponsor Filipino crucifixion festival

Justin White

Last comment from the Crucified?

"It is refreshing."

"It is Smart."

"Actually, I'm a Pepper too."

BT pimped customer web data to advertisers last summer

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BIND + Root Servers > ISP Redirect

Personally, I find it easier to maintain my own DNS cache using BIND9 on a small Linux box I maintain. No need to use the ISP DNS crap in the first place!

I knew this was a conspiracy! Tinfoil hats around to all!

Quantum scientist wins Euro computing prize

Justin White

Another project under development

Since Europe has its IANUS project underway, I'm looking for dollars to create an American version of the IANUS project, something I like to call IPENUS.