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First piss-drinking astronauts to go on live TV

Paris Hilton

Piss-drinking astronauts they said?!

..And here I was getting all excited at the prospect of the first in-orbit biffo on the back of Romanenko distilling some vodka from some old food packaging and boots! And then I read this?!

Paris, cuz she knows how to create a headline :p

T-Mobile leaves 300,000 disconnected



HLR yeah, but for the wrong reason. Your phone is identified on the network by an IMSI, subscriber number is irrelevent. I'd say your current carrier has local roaming set up with T, and its a break between the VLR and HLR, which would result in you phone not being able to get back to your home carrier via T's systems. I'd be interested to see if an OS user roaming on T had a problem or not..

End of the day, big infrastructure is a bastard to maintain, at least they got onto it as quick as you can expect.

Foldable sports plane gives Everyman a chance at crashing



oh god.. that was my first thought as well.. "small plane? surely it needs a small announcer to let all the plebs know you're about to land your ferarri"

we suck el reg, we suck.

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour


@Danny - save it all!

"A charcoal fired homemade furnace is almost perfectly green - you can even reuse the aluminium as tent pegs or something. I will remove the casing and only be melting aluminium platters - I just bought a bag of fire clay to try it out."

Save the lot! I operate a charcoal furnace and do a lot of casting with aluminium, and thus far I have had no issues with mixing old AL stock and HDD casings ("meket" or "meerkat" or sumn I believe someone said the metal was called, which is funny becuase I have always assumed they were made of a 90/10 mix of AL and some other metal, or a similarly high AL/something alloy). I guts the spindles and steel posts out with a vice and some monkey grips, smash the chassis into quarters with a sledgehammer and in the crucible they go. Drive cases with that black shenannigans over the metal are ok as well, the paint they use simply boils off and when you skim the top of the melt, it all comes out.

I make components for robots and various other mech projects I amuse myself with, and so far I have had not a single failure due to the weird alloy i'm apparently making. Also, thanks to the correctly dropped set of words to the CTO here at work, as well as the IT lads at a school a friend works at, I get $20(AUD) per drive destroyed because im melting them down to nothing. I'm sure they are taking a gamble using me, but I have the trust here at work, and my mate does where he works. Also I cast a small HDD keychain for the CTO here ^_^

And I have honestly never bothered trying to access any of the drives. I just couldnt be arsed really.

Seriously though, ask around, you seething mass of unwashed, mirthful, incredible geeks. If you do operate a furnace it may be worth checking to see if you can set yourself up like this. Recycling for cash, plus free metal stock? Nice!

In other news, I think the green reference comes from the fumes that would come off the PCB's, silicon and case paint. There is a reason money smoke smells bad. :)

No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes


Wheres the Lester angle?

Where's the Lester angle, eh? I didn't fight in two world wars to read this kind of crap on the register, any more of it and you're out of my shrine for good you lestard!

I'm sorry lester, I didn't mean it.. its just everyone else was doing it.. and you never reply to my calls, and theres robots in the US army, and WE NEED ANOTHER HERO </sing>

US 'robot surge' deal re-inked after droid piracy fracas



And the war machine continues to rumble. I have always had issue with the homeland, bunkered generals sending the grunts into foreign lands/conflicts who, apart from the odd gun-licking freak, simply want to defend their -own- country's future (true enough of my brother at least, works on JC-130's and PC-3's in the RAAF, will protect our (Australia's) borders vehemently but is rightly scared shitless of being shipped off to Iraq or Afghanistan).

The exception is, and has always been in recent history, the US, who go in to protect their countries economic interests, and maybe quell the odd dissenter while they are at it so it looks all "Shock and Awe".

Seriously though.. "Shock and Awe".. How many cocks can one guy gargle at once I ask you..

Now we are going to be sending in robots. FFS people, we may as well drop the heads of the conflicting sides up in a booth at [insert gaming convention here], set them up on a death match of Quake and decide it that way. At least a world full of sprites can't be polluted by industry gearing up to build this tech, and the possibility of soil contamination when these things get the gubbins blown out of them and leak potentially hazardous hydraulic or battery fluids into the ground. A world full of sprites does not contain war orphans, blue flags, red flags (ok, capture the flag games aside..), displaced civilians and destroyed infrastructure, making the climb back to normality even harder for the country that just got its teeth kicked in.

And you can't tell me iRobot or any of the other startups have a room full of highly trained commando's (ala Ed's Donut Stop in Wayne's World) there simply to fire rounds off at their prototypes to see whats gunna happen. Already I'm seeing casualties at the clamps of poorly coded, untested in the environment machines going haywire. You can soak test as much as you want, but if the right gate in the right chip fails (redundancy aside) its gunna be skynet all over again.

And I'm not one of these luddite "droids = satan" types either, I'm an amateur mechanist (who has his own homebuilt roomba ^_^) who believes firmly in the positive role droids will play in our future, and hopes to be able to contribute once im trained enough. Droids of war though is a totally different thing. May as well send the meat in I say, at least they have the option of employing some humanity as the situation calls for it (and I say option, not obligation to their fellow man as it should be, see 6 unarmed, injured Iraqi men shot dead by the US in a mosque earlier in the year)

Pointless Robot Annihilation; It's what's for breakfast.

(No Lester reference today, I'm too disappointed. Comfort me Lester, comfort me all the way home)

Man opens Eee PC, adds internal USB ports

Thumb Down


if you didn't have busty Eeeeeeeeeeeee chickieEeeeeeeeeeeee set as your desktop wallpaper before the original article featuring those loverly jubs had even finished loading as i did, you are all suckers. SUCKERS.

neat hack btw! ^_^

Celebrity spam gang whips up a storm




its not a br1tany 5pears. It's the self executing JPG!. its not fake, my mum got attacked by one recently at her hometown shopping center! to for disinfectant of this image send this comment to 149 people, and [click here] lol.

Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em


@ Mike Moyle

"It's unclear from the article whether the portable jammers are momentary-on or always-on switches. If it's a momentary-on type then, assuming that the user doesn't sit holding the button down for the whole trip, texting or checking e-mail shouldn't be a problem"

i.. erm.. don't own one of these.. non-existent.. devices.. and they are indeed momentary only (well, the one i don't own is.. um..isn't.. anyway). and thank christ someone finally contemplated the possibility that these things are point-and-shoot as opposed to nuke from orbit. feh.

i find.. i mean, i would imagine, simply dropping the call a few times would is enough of a deterrent, and i have seen.. i mean, its safe to say, people would send a text message anyway, assuming the coverage was shite. if i'm in close enough range to hear the convo (which for some people is 14.4 brontosaurii) im close enough to get a jist of the call. if it sounds work related, or family related, it gets left alone, and generally these calls don't go for more than 60 seconds anyway. there have also been the odd occasions where an innocent second user, chatting away quietly, would be at risk of having their convo dropped at which times i have refrained as well.. i mean, would have refrained.. if i had one.. which i don't.. again, the momentary action of the device i don't own means inbound and outbound calls are fine to set up, but woe betide you if you start telling someone with some sort of pride about getting drunk and throwing up all over some poor bastard on the night ride home last night.

here in AU, a lot of operators have moved to 3G (adding 2100MHz and busting up some of the 1900MHz band for 3G time channel and data use), and being the tech deprived fools we are, users are lapping it up like kittens on milk. assuming the time divide channels are set up on 1900MHz as it is with Optus here in AU, these beasties should nuke 3G as well. hopefully someones working on one for the 2100MHz band (how 1337 would that be, unmarked black box with 4 antennas on it. i hear ASIO calling already *jammed*)

i do have a problem with continuous jamming though, as mentioned above, due to the possibility an emergency call etc will be blocked. it is a powerful weapon we.. don't.. wield, and it must be used fairly and with the (sometimes undeserved) safety of the general public in mind.

in other news, i have always thought being able to break into a mobile call would be a lot more fun.. "yeah hi, andy was it? look, we here on the 7:45 all to central wish you all the best with your herpes problem, as it turns out we have passed a hat around and hooked you up some cash to get yourself sorted.." that would totally float my boat.

ohh ohh, and a fun game i play with these hellspawn who play music on their iSheeps at stratospheric levels is to stand as close as possible and sing/hum along and/or dance to what they are listening to. when they stop and ask wtf you're doing, tell them you figured that as they were broadcasting to the carriage, you may as well enjoy it. not only do they often turn it down, they will usually walk about 3 carriages away as well. maybe they only do that cuz i wear chains, enough rings in my face to keep sonic going for years and a dead chicken stapled to my forehead.. *shrugs*

this story would have been better if lester wrote it. in his absence i have chosen the sexy goggle dude to man up the article a bit. im going to make an ASCII art "i want lester" image. then you'll all pay..



..yes, i just realised the spy.. thingy one covers 2100MHz, mine doesnt.


Iowa house swallowed in grain bin collapse


I for one..

..welcome our grainy, tasty when popped with a bit-o-butter-in-a-pan corn overlords.

Lester, I still want your babies. I knitted a teddy bear, and now i'm going to fill it with corn that we can kick it around to help me get rid of the stretch marks. its going to be so. damn. cool.

Home snoop CCTV more popular than Big Brother



'What I do outside my home should be my business and only my business. It might be the police's business, too, if I'm doing something wrong, but it is most absolutely and utterly not my neighbor's business'

Absolutely, however, what happens on the main road 300 meters that way (ie, away from your premises) should be everyones business if its some chav toss trying to filch my granny's handbag. i doubt you'd have a camera pointing directly into your front yard. if you -do- however, high power slingshot + keen aim + camera blind spot FTW!

Lester did not write this article. No heart for you Mark. Nothing personal brother.

YouTube gatecrashers trash 16th birthday bash


Issue the smackdown FTW

We had a similar incident at my 21st, we got our hands on an old tram shed warehouse.. thingy.. via a mates old man. Details of my party got out via SMS, graffiti on trains, burnt out cars, messages tapped out on the faces of their lovely ladies by fist, all the the usual methods the Australian version of the chav, a bogan, uses to communicate, and all sorts of filth started showing up. What these all sorts of filth didn't expect was a party full of Goths (wow.. Firefox auto spell insisted there is a capitol G on goth, are they finally mainstream?), metal heads and medievalists, all of whom are angry at the best of times.

After the blokes that were loitering around the front bounced the first dozen or so, they actually pulled a flank maneuver, trying to get in the front and back at the same time. We had about 60 people there at the peak who quickly delivered some shock and awe, but yeah, it got kind of nasty for a moment or 3 there. Most of these stretch nuts are all mouth and useless unless in a pack, and if your pack is bigger than theirs they tend to back off anyway. needless to say a lot of the blood on the footpath outside was theirs, not ours. I'm still hearing details of that party that I didn't see or wasn't sober enough to absorb 5 years on. Grooooool times baby. Seriously kids, warehouse parties are the shit.

Lester is a hot name. Lets have babies.