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Microsoft's Office Web Apps - Google killing not included

Paris Hilton

Where to, you ask?

Where's the file being saved to? Uh, how about your corporate server? Did you read the article? Sure, you can use the free SkyDocs version of this if that's your cup of tea, but enterprises will run their own Office Web Apps server internally. You might want to go read up on the Web Apps and then modify your post.

Paris, because even her brain hurt from that question.

SANS sounds alarm on Debian OpenSSL flaw


"Where's the news," you ask?

Perhaps it's that you and everyone else that uses this system have been wide open to attack for a year and a half now from this issue?

I mean, that SOUNDS like news.

Google sneaks under standards radar

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Yes, Google and Apple invented everything.

We know, we know. Google and Apple have invented everything that was ever useful...

"...[KML] was originally developed as part of Google Earth."

No, it wasn't. It was developed as part of Keyhole Earth Viewer. Many of us used Keyhole long before Google was any kind of influence on the industry at all. Note that the extension isn't .gml, that's a hint. Google, nor Google Earth had anything at all to do with it.

And I also know speaking anything negative about Google or Apple will get me flamed, so go ahead...

Boeing announces 'Laser Gunship' completion



So, this forum is is populated by folks that don't understand:

1. War

2. What a military is for

3. The Geneva Conventions

4. The US space program

5. The difference between various laser uses

6. Why you develop weapons for the military you don't understand what it's for (see #2)

7. The difference between living in a free society, and not

8. How lucky you are that someone else does all the hard work, so you're free to complain about everything but yourself.

Nice readership...

We'll beat Microsoft and Sun, says Adobe's chief software architect

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Never used a page with ActiveX, have ya?

"The difference between AIR and ActiveX, is that ActiveX silently installs and runs from a web page."

With all of them out there, it seems like it would be hard, but apparently you've never visit a page with ActiveX! Certainly makes you an expert.

(Or you stupidly crank down your browser to run everything, that would be even funnier!)

Microsoft drops South Korea anti-trust appeal



Doesn't the competition (like Apple) also ship the "bloat" of which you speak, in this case, an instant messenging application?