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Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?

andrew checkley

And for those who missed the pics!


For those who did not see before the were pulled..


Grand Theft Auto 4 queue man stabbed in head

andrew checkley
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What bull!

People are mugged and stabbed for trainers, mobile phones, ipods etc. etc.

But all gta 4 incidents are the cause of the game!

Come on idiots! crime and violence has been with us for years long before these games. and it will be for as long as we live with or without them!

drives me mad!!

Rant over! im off to finish burnout paradise! then im going for a real drive to find some billboard's to crash through!

London store brews £50-a-poop cat-crap coffee

andrew checkley
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It all sounds a bit.....

Shit! to me

Archos TV+ launched in UK

andrew checkley
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Out of date on launch day!

No divx/xdiv?

no HD Support?

pointless and very high price considering the above! cheaper better alternatives available

Sarko and Bruni take Ryanair for €60k

andrew checkley
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Those marketing people at ryanair must toasting the succes of this! they knew what they were doing and storm it would generate!

Love it!

Designs for SpaceShipTwo displayed in New York

andrew checkley
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By Jimbo

"Well things will surely move on quicker once space has a commercial purpose, lets face it once any thing is commercialised it goes bonkers and more insane investment will happen...

25 years later we will be on Mars! Just who gets the first Virgin or Nasa"

Hmmm prehaps i should start looking for Wife 2.0 to fund my trip to mars!

Ebay could make this process so much easier for me if they stopped removing my listings!

andrew checkley
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night troll

No more cakes for me!

andrew checkley
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For Sale

34 Year old female. (Perfect Wife)


Excellent cook, Great in bed and really knows how to make her man feel special.

Makes an brilliant pack lunch for when you leave for work on those cold early mornings and often bakes a cake to add that little somthing else to your daily lunch.

Genuine reason for sale. Urgently require to raise funds for research into how great is must be for average joe to experiance space!

Line up for full-windscreen satnav

andrew checkley
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How much?

100 quid? i very much dobt it!

Hundreds for chop as Tiscali launches Pipex jobs purge

andrew checkley

To Jess, with dreytech issue


They were in fact correct on this.

See here, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/10/22/zen_ar7_infineon_bt_fault/

Huge issue with dretech routers and certain others at the moment especially on LLU Circuits..

Dino-boffins unearth another new gigantic species

andrew checkley
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Hahaha brilliant!


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