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Play.com blames supplier for graphics card mishap

Drew Wilson
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Nothing But Praise

I cannot fault play.com. I've been a regular customer for several years and have ordered close on 1000 DVDs and I can honestly say that only once have they sent me the wrong title which was rectified within three days of reporting the error. They even sent the new title before receiving the one I had.

More recently, I have bought electronic items and infact, ordered a new HD-DVD player on December 27th and it arrived on my door at 9am the very next day.

Yes, everyone cocks up but I have nothing but praise for them.

Nokia N76 mobile phone

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Red paint and Chrome Peeling Off

Have owned my Red N76 for about three months and the paint work down the left and right hand side of the keypad has strated to peel off. The chrome around the flash has come off and the keypad is showing signs of wear.

This is not a good sign for the future.

Pretty peeved to be honest as I bought this off contract. It wasn't cheap!!


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