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Brit cuffed for German towel-torching raid


Agreed, Dutchman.

In reaction to: In the Netherlands it's not towels the Germans are famous for...

I agree. The Dutch are the worst people to have in your resort or on your camping. They bring their own food, are sticklers for low pricing and consider the Netherlands the best country in the world (shouting this often while commenting on other peoples culture and their lack of tollerance - WHAT?!). Oh, and don't forget the campers clogging up the roads from Moscow to Manchester! They're as loud as the most yobbish Brit, as stubborn as a German, as flirtatious as a Spannish beach comber with crabs (no.. not the animals) and as respectful as Al Qaeda interogators at Abu-Graib prison.

Conclusion: when on holiday avoid the Dutch at all costs! Trust me, I know. I am one. And I feel the shame.

Illinois baby issued with firearms permit


Whatever the case may be...

Whatever the case may be, if you have strong gun laws in place (like in most of Western Europe) the criminals will have to go abroad to get guns. Living in Holland has brought that point across very well: the police search any and all eastern european and cars from further abroad within 10 km of the border if there's even the smallest suspicion. Consequence: 'only' 2 school shooting in our entire post war history, 1 fatality. And that for a country that endorses drugs and prostitution. It's so much safer when you know that if you get into a spat with the guy sitting next to you in the train you can fight it out like men and not have your kneecap blasted off because he 'had a bad day and didn't get his cocaine'.

For all of you who doubt it:


We don't have guns. The criminals don't have guns. Everybody happy.

Arrest Richard Gere, orders Indian court



> These are the same people that ride on the roofs of trains.

Don't forget they're supporting a repressive caste system, have massive religious stampedes, protect rapists from prosecution and have a knack of ignoring child molesting and murder. I know it's a big country and this rant is far too generalising, but by Jove lads! Really.

CBS signs online partners



AOL _and_ Microsoft? Can anyone say crash _and_ burn?

Qantas jet almost rammed by sky-hog glider pilot


Wake turbulence < Smarmy pilots

"If the errant aircraft was that close to the flight path, the chances are that it would have been severely affected by wake turbulence."

- I think from that distance the smell of cheap watered down whiskey and the voice of the smarmy pilot mentioning 'If you look to your left you will see a handglider decending rapidly towards sydney harbor bridge' would be harder to overcome than puny backdraft turbulence.

Indonesia's Playboy 'not pornography', judge rules



It's amazing that Indonesians consider this pornography in a country where men try openly to sell their families to tourists for a 'good night out' on the beaches.

Elton John free to menace Tobago


gay, ghey, gaey

I think the word 'gay' in the English language has become entirely too confusing and ambiguous. The word 'gay' is used to define happiness, homosexuality and as unfashionable. I suggest an alternative: alternating spelling.

The word gay should mean homosexual. We've had it pushed down our throat (no pun intended) as the quick and dirty way of describing homosexuality. An alternate spelling for the word 'happy' would be gaey, as it resembles the old spelling and would still be recognisable as such. Finally, I think that the word which denotes unfashinable objects, behavior or activities should be 'ghey', spelt the "leetest" to satisfy the young people who obviously use it not to denote homosexuality but the fact they're cooler than us old folks. Give them spelling to reflect this, I say.

With this a good article headline in this spelling would read "Gay Elton beats ghey bishop in courtcase for gaey concert in Tobago". Comments, anyone?

- An old fart.

Reg hacks scorched in nuclear flame blitz



What.. no beer? You blaspheme!