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ServiceNow slammed for 'tone deaf' letter telling customers contracts can't be tweaked as COVID-19 batters businesses


If you willingly sign, it's on you. At a previous company, Oracle made them sign a "high watermark" agreement, where even if you stop using some of their products, you have to pay, at minimum, what you paid last year. You are free to replace what you don't use with increase usage of the products you are using, or to use new products. You just can't reduce payments. No idea how it got passed legal.

'Beyond stupid': Linus Torvalds trashes 5.8 Linux kernel patch over opt-in Intel CPU bug mitigation


Re: funny security

Someone has never heard of VLAN hopping and other VLAN shenanigans? You know, an easy google search would have educated yourself.

iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close


Re: andybaird@earthlink.net

My god! Who allowed you in? Common sense on the Internet? What would they think of next?

Come on, the guys need to get their whining in!

But yeah, somehow, stick a cpu in it, and people's brains turn to mush.


does no one like python?




Blizzard pwned: Gamers' email, encrypted passwords slurped


Re: Authenticators

The "lock your account if your IP address changes" is one of the most fscking goddamn stupid ideas. I play irregularly, and I don't play online games, only in single player mode. That I have to login to somewhere to play locally is already stupid enough, but to lock it everytime I start the game up is beyond stupid.

And yes, Verizon FIOS changes your IP address regularly, and their range is huge.

And you cannot just unlock your account - you have to perform a damned password reset as well. Apparently screwing the customer over every few days is a good business practice nowadays.

And if you call them up, they want your damned first name and last name. I used a first and last name that is visibly not real (say, Captain America). The bastard on the phone kept asking for my "real name".

And of course, now we see that checking for a first and last name on a phone call is such a security win *MWAHAHAHA*




Re: not many at all.

You are shitting me, right? You seriously think just because you hire a local person, they would do it right? And a foreigner cannot do it right?

Beware of Macs in enterprise, security consultants say


And you can't boot into Safe Mode on Windows?

Mucking Forons are not what I consider secure in any environment.

Slimline Xbox 360 due in December?

Gates Horns

does no one remember?

Microsoft has categorically stated that there is no new XBox 360 this year. TheRegister even reported on it!

So, please put these rumors to bed.

<insert tags for the impaired>

Malaysian blogger 'detained' for two years

Thumb Down

Oh, it gets even better.

Read his comment at his website: http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/12913/84/


"You've insulted Islam, a jailable offence. Even though we

cannot prove that in the articles that we've printed out. But

your style of writing is too sophisticated, and dumb people who

are not at the same intellectual level as you could misinterpret

what you say, and mistakenly think what you wrote as an insult

to Islam. Hence, we are going to send you to jail for insulting


Maritz apologises to VMware customers again


of course they should remove time out code and replace with VMGA

The better solution would be a Windows Genuine Advantage type code. Well, maybe VMWare Genuine Advantage. VMGA.

How Chrome puts the skids under Nokia


can't believe noone mentioned activeX

What the hell is wrong with Google that they included ActiveX?

about:plugins and the first thing you see is ActiveX.

And I can't believe nobody in the press caught on to that either.

Or is ActiveX so passe that noone wants to talk about it anymore?

Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

Dead Vulture

Another reason not to use chrome


ActiveX Plug-in

File name: activex-shim

ActiveX Plug-in provides a shim to support ActiveX controls

Gates threatens to buy millions and millions of servers for Microsoft

Paris Hilton

@tim bates/MS Bob

Hey Tim,

MS Bob worked out really well OK? She got to marry Bill Gates! And I'm sure you heard the story about the house right? She asked to see the plans. And then started making modifications to the plans. Bill said - honey, it's already a $50mil house, do we really need to make any more changes? She said - bu..but..but I thought you wanted kids?

That's why they have a $100mil house.

Paris, because I want her in my house

AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell


re:strong stuff

It's not the rivers of cash per se typically. Remember the Microsoft and IBM case during the monopoly trial? All the *OTHER* tier 1 companies were paying $9 per license of win95. IBM had the audacity to sell OS/2, and so, was punished by:

1) not getting drivers/code early, unlike compaq/dell/hp

2) $50/win95 license.

Now, if IBM were to have knifed OS/2 in 1994, immediately, Microsoft will offer co-marketing and other inducements that would have ultimately dropped IBM's cost to $9.

Now do you understand where the rivers of cash come from?

It wouldn't have mattered if you can sell linux boxes for free, you _have_ to sell windows boxes. Just like most tier-1 PC makers _have_ to sell Intel boxes. Intel can make them pay retail, or give them 75% to 90% discounts. It doesn't matter how cheaply AMD sells their cpus, or even if they give it away free, the tier-1 PC makers still have to buy Intel cpus and sell those boxes.

Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' goes commercial



<i>This is typical Sun, bad-mouthing their competition rather than relying on a technical argument. Red Hat has developed a measure of respect in the Linux community from hard and co-operative work, and from the business community by supplying a good product and services, but there are still Linux people that accuse Red Hat of being "the Microsoft of the Linux world"!</i>

??? What kind of respect do you offer a company that designs a broken packaging system, and refuses to fix it? And if your rpm database gets corrupted, well, reinstall - HUH? And I've had open tickets that stayed opened for more than a year (2.5 years now, if they still haven't closed it) *WITH* support acknowledging the issue, but refusing to work on it.

Bah. Redcrap sucks.

Build a 14.5 watt data center in a shoebox


what I really want

is a little box with 10-12 slots, and this motherboard:


Or something similar, to run solaris x86 + zfs.

Cane toads pay dearly for stretching their legs


Easy Solution

Eat them