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Google fits web with meta comments engine

André Marques

You aren't seeeing the big picture

I was thinking that this was mostly useless, seeing as any webpage with stuff to discuss about usually had a comments or forums page to do so... Except of course stuff like OFFICIAL product pages. Imagine the fanboy wars moving to Apple.com or bad experiences reported just beside a new Ford options list. Cheaper alternative next to an Amazon price... It sounds disastrous for any business who stop having control of their own site. Sounds great for consumers until you remember the trolls and spammers...

/dumb meme LEAVE [INTERNET] alone! Why don't you leave it alone!!!

Intel says data centers much too cold

André Marques


Don't change this! If you start running datacenters at 25ºC how will we be able to put winter coats as expenses?

Mine's the one on the company tab.

x86 Server virtualization still work in progress

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Consolidation Ratios

Good to know that virtualization seems to be delivering on this particular point on the majority. I'm guessing this is because most VMs will still be running Windows Server 2003 or non windows stuff. The required RAM for even a lightly used Server 2008 is a bit high...

Twitter botches patch for nasty account-hijacking bug

André Marques

Think of the damage!

Oh no! This terrible threat will surely mean an huge increase in productivity in business everywhere as Twits go back to working instead of reporting on the status of the half-eaten sandwish on te table. And think of the international implications as thousands of new-politicos are suddendly forced to work on polotical issues instead of connecting to John Doe! We're doomed!

Acer Aspire One 751

André Marques
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Non smooth zoom...

"We feel that it's more likely that the Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics core in the Intel US15W chipset lies at the root of the, well 'problem' is too strong a word, so let’s call it an issue."

Actually it's a software issue. IE, Firefox, etc... move between percentages when issued a zoom command, ence the jerking motion. You can try zooming on any browser on your Skulltrail machine and I bet you would have teh same issue.

Samsung unveils first Android handset

André Marques
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Er... Average screen?

■3.2-inch HVGA capacitive OLED touchscreen display

Read that spec carefuly... And no, the big O right next to LED is not a typo. Average resolution notwithstanding, it should have a gorgeous screen with very bright colours.

Philips GoGear Spark MP3 player

André Marques

No Bass and Treble?

Silly me, and I thought those letters on the EQ meant Bass, Lows, Mids, Highs and Treble...

Looks like a good cheap PMP, I might get one for the missus. Thanks for the review.

PlayStation Network members top 20m

André Marques

Easy to explain

2 factors at play here:

1st- He asks you for all info to make an ID on the 1st startup.

2nd- Inbuilt Wifi. With the 360 you need a physical effort to connect, either by a network cable or by a wifi dongle you have to buy. On the PS3 your Wifi just pops up there to pick.

So I'm guessing that most people with a PS3 will register, while only those that actively WANT to will on the X360.

New Windows virus attacks PHP, HTML, and ASP scripts

André Marques

@Angry Clown

IT'S IN THE TITLE!!! Right there! New WINDOWS virus!

Damn OS fanboys sink humanity lower every day...

Conficker seizes city's hospital network

André Marques

@This isn't an anti-Microsoft rant, but

Well, thing is, you CAN alter that! In fact, you can change that behaviour in all pcs at teh same time by using a Group Policy, you know, the same way they decided instead to TURN OFF THE UPDATES IN THE FIRST PLACE!

+1 at firing all the IT Board.

Samsung to demo next-gen, 240Hz LCD TV tech

André Marques


I know you're joking, but actually insane refresh rates might be useful for broadcasting something twice... Say for a 3D image... 3D Glasses ON!

Should I buy a USB HSDPA modem?

André Marques

A Phone also works with a couple of advantages

If you get a smartphone/PDA with similar dl/up speeds you also get to access the web with no laptop, no lock-in (or a free/cheap phone depending on contract), along with other possible goodies... A new Nokia N or E series comes with a brilliant Voip client for cheap/free calls, you can sync with an Exchange server with you have one at work, etc...

Of course it does add a layer of complication.

Vodafone sews up iPhone distribution

André Marques

RE: not all 2G

More than that, Portugal al least doesn't even have EDGE, so I would guess giving the timing of the agreement that at least some of those countries are only getting them now because of the 3G iPhone. Given Vodafone's investments in 3G tech, I think you might be reading this move wrong. Check whether those countries' providers have EDGE.

El Reg reconstructs Heathrow T5 chaos

André Marques
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You are truly blessed...

When you can do a Playmobil reconstitution with pirates and get paid for it.

AMD 780G integrated DirectX10.1 chipset

André Marques

Another use for Hybrid would be...

A cheap multimonitor machine, right? With both inboard and dedicated graphics you can run up to 4 monitors with no multiplexers. We could use this for some workstations on our company.

PCMCIA pitches USB 3.0-friendly ExpressCard update

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Graphics card add-in?

With this upgrade I could see the market for external graphics card add-ins opening up. It has the bandwidth and with that you could have the little 6-9 hour-on-battery-power laptop that you can take everywhere converted into a gaming machine when you get home and plug it in. Or a very fast 2nd harddrive on the move. I like it.

Physicists fire up strontium atomic clock

André Marques

Why bother making an watch?

Just stick it in a phone! That's where everyone gets the time anyway...

Sony Ericsson goes Windows Mobile with Xperia X1 'arc slider'

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This is made by HTC...

So hopefully we won't see the same problems of the P series. I want this very, very much, only waiting for the confirmation that the camera has a macro mode before I start saving for it, even my girlfriend likes it a lot (still prefers her E61, but it is HER E61...).

It's just strange that a macro mode is still so rare in smartphones. I find it so useful to take a snap of a business card, serial number, IP adress, doc, price and feature list in a shop, etc...

Rock reveals graphics benchmark beating monster laptop

André Marques
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In defence of gaming laptops...

I have a Clevo M570RU (17'' 1680X1050 screen, T7300 2Ghz, 4GB RAM, Nvidia GO 7950GTX, yada yada yada) And it does work very well for my uses. Yes I could have gotten a faster desktop with less money, but I do get to play some games and movies desktop like in my room (attached to an LCD, ex.keyboard and mouse while lying confortably on my Fatboy(TM)) then join the family in the sofa and browse the web while whatching the telly, take it to a mate's for some LAN gaming or work, on weekends with the girlfriend to watch movies and play some Worms... And mine doesn't heat up that much, beint a lot cooler that a freing of mine's McToastBook. And it runs Crysis too :P

Asus EN8800GT/HTDP/1G 1GB graphics card

André Marques

Was all the RAM being used?

How much RAM had the test rig? Was it running a 32bit or 64 bit OS?

Nokia E51 executive phone

André Marques
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Looks like a perfected E65!

Seems to have all the things I love about the E65 plus the few problems about it sorted (no HSDPA, no way to easily turn on/off Bluetooth, a sbit of slugishness of the OS).

Hum... Anyone fancy a heavily abused E65?

First mobile Intel 'Penryn' processors to launch in January

André Marques


My Santa Rosa Clevo M570RU would gladly accept a T9500 to replace his T7300, right?

Asus Eee PC 4G sub-sub-notebook

André Marques


Just by sticking a 16/32 GB SD card in there It suddenly becomes much more useful, especially considering there are no moving parts, so you can carry it about without worrying over a ruined HDD. The rumored 10' model would be a lot better, but by then we're aproaching decent budget laptop prices.

This is what I hoped SSD would give us. But for now my plan is still to stick a 32GB SSD into a X61 tablet for browsing on the move.

Rock Xtreme X770-T7800 notebook

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A great notebook

I bought a barebone Clevo M570RU (on witch this laptop is based) and while the specs are a bit different (A 7950GTX, T7300 cpu, 1680X1450 LCD, 4 Gb) I can say it trully is a fantastic machine for gaming. It plays everying I throw at it at max resolution, the keyboard and overall build quality is great, and after I got a Targus backpack I can go everywhere with it. Of course, it's not something to use on the train/bus, and as for the weight, I use it 99% of the time on my lap with no problems. It's a bit noisy, with fans always on when playing/using Vista and while it does warm up the room the heat dissipation is well done so there are no scalding hot spots you get on other laptops. If you want a gaming machine you can take around the house, to a mate's, even to double as a workstation (I have it dualbooting XP pro for when I'm at work) It's a great laptop for you. Of course the 17' behemoths are not for everyone.