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Devs slam Microsoft for injecting tech-support scam ads into their Windows Store apps

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Re: "Avoid Redmond..."

Try it. Go an entire, normal life, week without having any thing to do with anything from Redmond. Then get back to us.

Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary

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I have the same problem

I have had emails from, I calculate, nine other people with the same name as me. Those emails have been from the NHS (UK), Australian companies that make and maintain the sails, ropes, lights and radios on yachts, prescription glass companies (UK and Canada), flights (internal UK and internal Australia), job offers (London, Bristol, Cardiff (UK), Perth (Aus) and Toronto (Can)), legal proceedings concerning car crashes, house sales, house purchases, apartment rentals, wills and compensations for unfair dismissals (all UK). I have had new job contracts, notifications of payments for one off contract jobs, wages and other similar regular payment details. And so on and so forth.

The worst people I have ever had to deal with in terms of getting them to contact the correct person and obtain the correct email details have been estate agents, especially ones in London. I actually had to phone one very annoying lady in a London agency and explain to her how the Gmail email addressing system works after she accused me of stealing, yes stealing, all the gmail address' associated with my combination of first name and surname. It was only after speaking to her boss that the boss was able to get her subordinate to accept that the email address that they had for a very promising client was wrong. Not fake, I always stress that (even more so since President Trump came to power) just wrong. The best ones to contact have been solicitors and other legal offices. They always apologise, clarify that they have indeed been given the wrong email address, ask me politely, very politely, to delete the emails and notify them immediately if I receive any other communications from parties in the proceedings before they can change the email address.

I have been called by several of the people who have got their email address' wrong over the years. They have all been adamant at the beginning that it is me who is up to no good and I have been accused of hacking so many times I have lost count. When I explain to them that I think I was the first person to use that combination of names to get a Gmail address and didn't use any other letters or numbers and explain to them how, by their forgetting to include what ever other character or number, the emails will come to me, they start to understand. One man even phoned me to apologise after I had been sent the details of not one, but six, medical related issues in the space of about ten days and after I had contacted each and every sender apparently one them had contacted him and pointed out, in no uncertain terms, not only the issues he had left himself open too medically speaking but also the various legal issues that could of arisen from his mistake. Alas that man still makes the occasional mistake but those are confined to getting his car serviced and or washed these days.

Google: Psst, hey kid, want a new eSIM? Our Fi has one right here

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How is still legal to sell them together?

"The two moves are orthogonal; all they have in common so far is they both seek to uncouple the hardware from a service contract. But then so does the basic concept of a SIM card designed into GSM."

In Finland, the land of racist twats and forests too clean to burn, it is illegal to bundle a phone that has "3G capabilities" with a SIM card contract. Yes the MNO will sell you a phone on a monthly payment plan, if your credit rating is good enough. But they can't offer any sort of discounts or bundles with a SIM card from them. For example, for several years I was getting my phone on a monthly plan from Sonera and the SIM card from DNA. I have always found that this is a wonderful way of doing it. Not only does it promote the continued long use of a phone that has no reason to be traded in (once you have paid for it all it is yours and the bills stop of course!) it also ensures that the MNOs actually compete on things like coverage and performance. But then I guess this isn't worth doing in countries with ten times the population. Let alone a hundred times the population, or more. Too much like hard work I assume. And no doubt many people will explain that being competitive and offering great service is bad for business, and, not something most customers care about anyway.

30 spies dead after Iran cracked CIA comms network with, er, Google search – new claim

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What about the double agent?

Surely the biggest "mistake" the CIA made in this whole thing was not identifying the double agent *before* he told the Iranians about the website. Right? Obviously the Iranians would be on the look out for moles/agents within their country. But. At no point does the report say that they were actively using Google to search for these websites before the double agent put them onto it.

Need a modest Arm Cortex-A CPU in your custom chip? Just apply online. Plus $125,000

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Thumb Up

Thumbs Up!

The first two paragraphs made my week!

Wi-Fi Alliance ditches 802.11 spec codes for consumer-friendly naming scheme

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If it is not broken...

Then do not fix it! Do not even attempt to fix it! What an utterly pointless exercise.

Mac users get to join the OneDrive Files On-Demand festivities

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What I have learned from reading the comments section on El Reg

Anything and everything that has have ever carried the Mircosoft name is a steaming pile of incomprehensible junk. Put upon this earth to make everyone who works in the "industry" despair and lament the "good old times before Microsoft ruined everything".

Apple. They can do no wrong (mostly), their beef with El Reg is entirely warranted as (paraphrasing and condensing) "everyone who works at El Reg is paid to hate them" and if only their products hadn't become so gad-damn-popular the world would be a much better place.

So when Microsoft get round to giving Apple users something that they should of had before everyone else I always make a point to spend as long as possible avoiding the comments section on that story...............

UK.gov to tech industry: Hands up who can help cut teachers' admin

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It really doesn't need the Tech Industry to help with this

The following steps are simplified but the nuts and bolts of this plan are not rocket science and there are plenty of other countries who can offer all the advice that is needed.

1) Scrap all league tables. For every type of school at every age group.

2) Scrap all centralised exams except for the GCSE and A-Levels.

3) Give all teachers a pay rise immediately at five times the current rate of inflation.

4) Let teachers teach. They decide how they are going to teach a certain topic, what skills they will assess during the teaching of that topic and they decide how and what the assessment should be upon the completion of that topic.

5) Scrap infants school. Mandatory schooling should only start in the August of the year the child turns seven.

6) Scrap the stupid "school year" for deciding what children are in what class. All the children who turn seven at any point in 2018 should be starting school next week. In the first year of school.

7) Allow an entirely optional, completely free, one year of "pre school" starting in the August of the year that the child turns 6. This should focus on introducing children to the environment of school and peer awareness rather than getting a jump start on subject material.

8) An example of a school year: August 13th 2018 to October 12th 2018. October 22nd 2018 to December 21st 2018. January 7th 2019 to March 8th 2019. March 18th 2018 to May 31st 2019. Good Friday is a day off and the only time off for Easter. One "national holiday" day to also be taken off. Yes that means the summer holidays run from June 1st 2019 to August 12th 2019 next year!

9) School day starts at 08:50 and ends, at the latest, at 15:00.

On a purely personal level I would also scrap school uniforms but I don't think the UK is quite ready for that yet.

First A380 flown in anger to be broken up for parts

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Re: This underlines one more thing

"Stop over in Birmingham... quick trip to Sparkbrook for a balti surely? How could that compare with London?"

Quite simply the funniest comment I have read on here in a very long time!

HTC U12+: Like a Pixel without the pratfalls, or eye-watering price tag

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When Nokia bought this to market, everyone scoffed. Now devices get a negative mark for not having it. I sometimes wonder why Nokia kept going for as long as they did. Nothing they made or tried seemed good enough for the market and reviewers back then. Qi for example. And the camera. The 808 Pureview was laughed out of town and the Lumia 1020 fared little better. Both of which take better, truer, pictures than just about any phone on the market today and can actually be used at night/in low light thanks to actually having a proper flash.

Kremlin's war on Telegram sees 50 VPNs stopped at the border

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Re: Good advertisement for it

Exactly what I was going to say.

Russian RATs bite Handbrake OSX download mirror

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...Because in 2017 the vast majority of Apple users know the following things:

A) The OS on their computers is UNIX based and *not* some "better version of Windows"

B) What a "terminal command line" is

C) How to use said terminal command line


Would you believe it? The Museum of Failure contains quite a few pieces of technology

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N-Gage? OK. N-Gage QD? Not so much

I can't tell if the use of "N-Gage" also lumps in the much better N-Gage QD too. Because it shouldn't. Not only is it better at being a phone than every Android phone I have ever seen, the games ran better too! I still have one as my second phone today. When it comes to getting, and using, a mobile signal not much comes close!

BBC hooks up with ITV, launches long awaited US subscription VoD

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Umm, what about the rest of us?!

By that I mean those of us who have chosen to leave the UK and have not ended up in the United States of Trumpledon.

Anyone any idea when we will get access to this in the EU and Japan?

What a Flake: Congress mulls trashing privacy rules, letting ISPs go to town on your data

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Who votes for this guy?! I mean why? No, I mean why aren't they camped outside his office protesting this insanity? Do they not care? I really don't get this.

MacBook killer? New Lenovo offering sexed up with XPoint booster

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No one will take this laptop seriously

Why? Because it has ports! Anyone buying this will not be able to tweet/gram all about the tonnes of extra dongles they have had to get to allow them to actually use their shiny new laptop with anything!

Twitter trolls are destroying democracy, warn eggheads

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I can't tell what is more despised on here...

... Twitter or all politicians.

Which then leads me to wonder what is more scary? The pathological hatred of Twitter (which is no where near as bad as any of you make out, the phrase "you are using it wrong" springs to mind) or the vile loathing you seem to exhibit for the people who you vote for to lead your country.

I would downvote you all, but, quite frankly you would all take it as badge of honour anyway.

And! it! begins! Yahoo! sued! over! ultra-hack! of! 500m! accounts!

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Headline fail!

Yes, I am fully aware of the rules governing headline writing when the story is about Yahoo!. However for this story it should of just been:

"And so it begins..."

Sub headline:

"The truth points to itself."

Picture at the top of the article of Ambassador Kosh.

Adblock Plus chalk talk takes stock: Facebook's gonna block our block of their block of our block? Let's rock

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Not in the least bit surprised...

... By all the most popular comments on this thread (as of 05:26 GMT, Friday 19/08/2046).

What I am surprised about is the fact that no one has mentioned the long held belief that Facebook need to man up and offer a paid for service that allows no adverts to be placed anywhere on the page, allows unrestricted access to all their services and options. Meanwhile the free Facebook places an advert after every other post, allows a maximum of 100 connections (including liked pages, people followed, friends etc).

Why does everything have to be free on the internet anyway?

(Downvote away folks! Happy Friday you grumpy sods!)

Google tried to be funny, cocked it up, everyone thought it was a bug

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I am angry

On this April Fools day I hoped to find some truly wonderful jokes and what have you floating around on the internet (I *really* need cheering up...). Instead what did I find? This! A glowing testament to just how stupid some people actually are. To every single person who claims that this button ruined their life, I hope you spend the rest of your time on this planet with a permanent, 12 pints of Guinness and 3 double shots of whisky all drank in three hours sized, hangover. It is the least you deserve for depriving those of us with (1) working eyes (2) hand eye co-ordination and (3) and sense of bloody humour a great April Fools day joke. Morons.

P.S. I do not have a hangover.

Amazon's new drones powered by Jeremy Clarkson's sarcasm

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Fail. Anything that has to resort to using that sorry, tired, lack lustre excuse of a human being is going to really struggle to convince me that it's not going to be a catastrophic failure of the highest magnitude. Much like Top Gear was when I stopped watching it five years ago. And no I haven't watched the video.

Reader input required: review our reviews

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Don't publish the review until it has been re-written.

And at least twice. OK. So you do not seem to be able to procure devices for very long. Well as far as I am afraid that right there is the biggest issue. I want to know what something is like after it has been used and abused for at least three weeks. Every single waking minute of every single day for three weeks. If it is a laptop then it is the reviewers only laptop. Mobile phone? Then it has to have the reviewers main SIM in it for those three weeks. Quite frankly I'll be happy to wait for a review from this site so that when it comes I know it has been really reviewed. If possible get the device to more than one person and have the review period staggered to take into account any early software/firmware updates.

Camera centric phones (so anything from Nokia then I guess), have them reviewed by both a photographer and someone else. The Nokia Lumia 920 review was a very well done review but could of benefited from a proper photographers take on the camera bits in my opinion.

Yes I want to see the full gamut of facts and figures as well as a good run down on what in that list effects the price.

Listen up, Nokia: Get Lumia show-offs in pubs or it's game over

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Screen technology

Being able to use the screen with normal winter gloves on is the key feature for me on the new phones! The camera isn't such an important feature for me as I already have an 808 as my main phone.

HTC stimulates Sense with snap-happy One series

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Nokia roll out the 808. Anyone wanting to get people to write about their camera centric smart phone, or for that matter pay any attention at all to the camera unit on their new devices, should just go home right now.

Anonymous knocks FTC site offline

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Instead of going after a bloody website why on earth don't they go after the actual agency? The FBI, CIA, GCHQ, NSA, DGSE, KGB and the ISI would all make much better targets than the FTC as well. If they could actually, you know, hack. Just taking down a website, well, that's like proclaiming to be a master criminal after you stole a Mars bar from Tesco on the last shopping day before Christmas!

El Reg, kindly stop writing about these utter morons until such time as they actually man up.

Eight... HD camera smartphones

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Not normally bothered by these reviews

No, I'm not. These group reviews are so light on details I normally like to find full reviews of each item across various sources and compare like that.

So why am I here and commenting now? Because in picking the Nokia Lumia 800 you have been as daft as a brush and I wanted to share that thought with you.

This review isn't about operating systems, ecosystems or form factors. It's meant to be about HD cameras. So you decision to not pick the Nokia N8-00 both astounds and disgusts me in equal measure. Yes it only records at 720p but it does have a standard HDMI mini output and includes a mini to full adapter in the box, and if you are running out of space on your (up to) 32GB microSD card and/or you've filled the internal disk while you are recording you can always plug in a USB memory stick and push your already recorded files over to that to free up more space. Then you can of course watch said HD recordings back from said memory stick via the phone while it is plugged into a HD TV and controlled via a suitable bluetooth device while seated on your sofa.

But then of course you know all of that. A more suspicious commentard might think that all of that was why you didn't choose the Nokia N8-00. But then I suspect that the publicly given reason will feature the word Symbian...

Anonymous tweets for hack targets

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Put up or shut up

I just told them to do just that. Take apart the NSA. Every single last bit of information pertaining to anything and everything the agency has ever done.

Asian canaries revive 'one year, two iPads' launch rumour

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To everyone at El Reg.

Not that it matters to anyone, or causes any real harm, but I'll be giving every article that is based around rumours about a new device, or service, or software or anything else like that, a low as vote as possible from now on.

If you want some other "useless" advice why not set up a new site called something like "Here be hours of pointless speculation register" and so keep this complete drivel off of your otherwise top class sites.

Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip

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Or Apple could fit a proper shutter button!

I'm sorry but no matter what anyone says about the camera qualities of a phone, unless it comes with a dedicated camera shutter button the camera is always going to be a pointless, last minute, half arsed addition that just shows that said phone manufacturer can't be bothered to take phone based photography seriously.

And here are are at the end of 2011 and still no one has managed to eclipse the best phone camera ever released, and that was over a year ago, by Nokia.

UltraViolet: Hollywood's giant digital gamble is here

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Well that all looks and sounds fine to me!

So I have to wonder: (A) What's wrong with me? (B) What am I not seeing?

As far as the "it's got DRM it must be bad" argument, well, one universal code, 12 devices allowed at any one time, several simultaneous streams, a seemingly huge mix of supporters for the format, yes I think I can live with that. Yes Disney/Apple are the wolf in the room, but how long can they stand to stay out of this? A year? Two? It seems to me that a year from now if I was in the market for a film from Disney and a film from a studio that supported this I would be tempted to go for the one that supported this. Based on what I know now.

All in all I actually feel like I want this to work.

Inside the shadow world of commercialised spook spyware

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Beat me to it!

I'm going to be very interested to see the output from their investigation in more detail when it all goes live. That is if it all goes live.

Also if this is what is being peddled around on the commercial market now then what do you suppose those agencies that pioneered all this technology are using now...

High Court reinstates Oz Galaxy 10.1 ban

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This is all just so moronic

Does anyone, really, think any of this is actually good and worth pursuing? Honestly? Personal tastes and preferences for modern technology aside I can't honestly see how any of this, be it in Australia, Germany or anywhere else is genuinely worthy of merit. And not just this case either, most of the other ones brought in this area seem to be equally pointless. I will grant that the cases based on company X chasing after royalty payments from company Y may have some technical merit given that in most cases I have studied the underlying patents cover some fundamentally important areas but in most cases these too are also handled so badly as to paint one or both parties in a very bad light.

And yet here I am using a thoroughly despised operating system*, running on somebody's idea of hateful hardware**, which in turn is running a browser so horrible*** as to warrant instant death to anyone so dumb as to admit using it to post on a story about one company's complaint about another company's product looking too much like theirs. ****

Does the action of the company feed the flames or do the flames power the actions of the company?

*Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

**HP dv6-2050eo laptop

***Firefox 8.0.1

****Downvote and flame away :-(

Need for Speed: The Run

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I was actually looking forward to this game

I had last read about not long after they had announced it, so I have been somewhat dismayed by the reviews and comments that this has been picking up. Which is a shame because I've always felt that a racing game based around the simple act of racing from one side of a country to the other while avoiding the police and other road traffic would make for a very good game. I imagine a starting point where one has a number of serious of cars to pick from, say 50, all well programmed and designed to fully accentuate their real world differences. From there, there is the case of choosing the route, with say just a few jokers allowed to be played for changing this in the course of the game. Of course we would have to plan fuel stops, oil changes, tyre changes etc as well. With a unified start and finish point and a minimum distance to be covered and a well reproduced game world you could really have some fun with this. And then you're off! With say a maximum of 18 cars per race and if you kept it so that one type of car could only be used by two racers maximum it would ensure a very mixed grid and range of opponents

I imagine that you could play persistent online races as well, where a group of say 3 to 12 could compete in the same race with all progress saved between stages and the race only continued when all the competitors were online and available. And yes the same limitations on the number and types of cars would be carried over from the single game.

Obviously a lot of this is going to be against the clock, but sooner or later the cars are going to passing down the same road at the same time and so the racing against others would possible. Maybe for some parts of the route all cars could follow the same route and then the stages could run like the Tour de France with points awarded for "sprint winners". Once one country was finished then it would be off to the next! Racing across Russia from East to West would be fun!

The game must make the distances true though, of course, otherwise the whole point of the game would be lost!

Mine is the green anorak with the map covered with fuel economy figures in inside pocket.

Nokia promises not one but two Lumia 800 power fix patches

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Not so fast...

I don't see HTC notifying customers of a forth coming battery boost. I think you will find that this is Nokia tweaking the hardware to software interface of their own phones at such a low level as to leave the main Microsoft provided layer, the one HTC will have, well enough alone.

Larger Kindle Fire coming soon, say moles

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Screw this for pickup full of Porcupine burgers!

I have had enough. Enough of moles, and leaks and morons from those investment companies or whatever they are constantly trying to guess what the hell some scum hole of a Chinese factory is making for some bunch of over eager kool aid obsessed idiots of the most titanic nature.

I. Do. Not. Care. Yes this story is the one that has finally driven me over the edge.

Why am I commenting then? Because I can. And because I feel the need to be down voted to death by a group of people so moronically and zealously infatuated with the next "cool" thing that they wouldn't even notice if they got run over by a Challenger 2 at top speed while standing naked in the middle of Time square on New Years Eve!

I can't let El Reg escape my wrath either. Why for the love of all that is blue do you continually, and it seems to me more than ever now, publish these bloody things? What is the point? What is it going to do? If you want to know what a company is going to be doing next year, and you want to tell the world about it, then have the common sense and decency to go straight to the source. As the source will most likely not tell you then steal the damn information. Don't want to steal the information so that you can actually print something tangible? Fine! OK, so stop running these epically pointless and annoying stories and learn some damn patience.

I wonder if this will even get published...

Motorola Razr Android smartphone

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Hardware review failings

Again El Reg seem to have seriously skimped on some details of the review.

1) Micro USB socket. Is this just for charging? If so then how long does it take to charge with a variety of chargers? Do they still pack a charger with the phone for that matter? What is the power draw like when charging and when the charger is just left plugged in without charging? What are the charging times like with other chargers?

2) If the micro USB socket supports USB OTG then do they include an adapter? If they do not, do they sell one for this phone and how much will it cost? Will a Nokia one work? How long is the adapter if one is included? How much power can be drawn down the adapter? What storage formats are supported? How does the file manager deal with external storage? What file formats are supported from external storage?

3) Mini HDMI. Does this come with a mini to full HDMI adapter? If not then will any old such adapter work? What level output is possible? Does the phone have a "big screen" mode that automatically starts when the phone is plugged in to a HDMI TV? Can you control the phone with a bluetooth control device while it is linked up via HDMI? Is it possible to charge the device while it is streaming a HD film via USB OTG and HDMI to a TV?

4) Music. Bundled headphones? Inline music and telephone controls? Quality of said headphones? Music reproduction qualities? EQ?

5) Camera. Sample shots? "Flash" throw or lack there of? Focusing in the video? Sample videos?

This is something that I would like you to test with all your Android phones please from now on, and even go back a few months and retest them the same way. Take the phone out of the box, charge until full, turn it on, and then run that benchmark test in a loop until the battery runs out. Recharge the phone, then set it to play 100 of the highest quality of music files it will handle with the volume set to 50% via the headphones until the battery dies. And then another two tests using a video streaming service with the screen at 50% brightness, one via WiFi and the other via 3G until the battery dies. Of course where possible you should subject iOS and WP devices to the same battery tests as well, and I am sure that this sort of testing regime would be a very good base for testing tablets as well.

Of course I don't really expect you to enact any of that last one as no one really wants to see just how horrific the battery life is on their "favourite" device/OS before they buy it. And from the look of this review and the recent Nokia Lumia 800 one it looks like the reviewers are not spending that long with the devices or seem to be that bothered about giving them a real hammering.

Nokia Lumia 800

Insane Reindeer

Forget the C7

And get the 701 instead.

Insane Reindeer

So far as it goes not a bad effort

And from the title I was talking about the review not the phone itself.

No comment on the maps from Nokia, how was the GPS signal pickup? Does this phone offer all the current Symbian methods of position determination?

The included headphones and music output as a whole got no mention which greatly disappointed me.

The included case that comes with the phone, worthless POS or actually worth using? Did it make the design issues worse or better for the reviewer? Was it even tried? How hard was it to get on the phone and then take off? Did it add excess bulk?

Charging time? Power consumption of said charger? Both when charging and not.

Design issues. OK you didn't find the design that great and I don't mind a reviewer saying that, but given it's been taken from the N9 nearly in its entirety I would wager that the build quality will be much much better than is hinted at in here. The technology of the screen got very short shrift. I find this baffling when it is of such a cutting edge nature.

Come on El Reg, stop pulling your punches. I come here looking for a review that lets the reader know that the phone has been truly used and abused. This reads like it was borrowed for 24 hours and that the reviewer had several other more important things to be doing at the same time. For a review score of 80% I would of expected much more detail. If you felt that all the phone had to offer was covered then I would of said the score, based on this review, should of been around the 58-62% range.

World's only twin jet-engine bike drives onto eBay

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Forgive the idiocy

But how on earth does a rear tyre of that size manage to deal with all that power? What am I missing?

iPhone 4S: Our *hit list

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If I understand it all correctly there is a problem with the photostream function as well. Namely once a picture has left you iPhone for the cloud/photostream no matter what you do with the original still on your phone the copy that is up on photostream cannot be removed unless you either nuke the entire lot and start again or take another 1000 pictures to push it off the end of the list. I don't understand why you can't just go into your photostream and just take out individual pictures you would rather not have on there. Or am I missing something?

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

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This review has just set my weekend up nicely!

Indeed it has! It reminded me that I have downloaded the latest mod pack for Falcon 4! Got to go and dig my discs out and install it again I'll admit, but a great weekend of flying and fighting awaits!

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Qwerty Android smartphone

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Might I suggest you buy a Nokia then! Their video call function, and I can vouch for this personally, will work with barely a sniff of a 3G signal! And has been part of at least 90% of Nokia's since 2007 via a front facing camera and for a couple of years before that using just the rear camera!

I can't help with the application support as I don't use Skype and my incredibly sparsely populated part of the Arctic circle has more than enough mobile signal going around for video calls to be, well, something that just works. :-)

But thanks for taking the time to clarify your point!

Insane Reindeer

1. Network Specific. Eh? Is it really? So you can't video call someone on Orange from Vodafone then? Really? Why would that be? That is not the case in Finland! In fact I've video called, and received video calls, from friends roaming all over Europe!

2. Special pricing. OK. I'll give you that one. But is it really all that much more than say a MMS?

I've been video calling since 2007 and I really can't understand why it is so hard!

Insane Reindeer


Umm, just select the person you want to conduct a video call with and call them using the video call function! Why would you want an application for this?

What's not in the iPhone 4S ... and why

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Oh come on!

Look Apple, if Nokia, who according to people from the Cupertino part of the world seem to be totally irrelevant to the mobile space, can pack a pentaband 3G aerial setup and NFC into a middle of the road €330 phone they why the hell can't you? It's not like your shy about using other peoples technology and taking ages to pay them!

Orange Barcelona Android Qwerty phone

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I'm assuming then that you have never looked at a Nokia then. My old N85 had the option to disable aGPS, and should you want to, the internal GPS as well and use a dedicated bluetooth GPS job. My N8, and the wife's C7-00 and the mates C6-01 allow you to choose from the following list of ways to secure the position of the phone:

1) Assisted GPS

2) Integrated GPS

3) Bluetooth GPS

4) Wi-Fi/Network

5) Network based

You can have all of these or any combination you so wish.

Insane Reindeer

What is wrong with a phone having the possibility of using the mobile network to aid it in locking a GPS signal?

Insane Reindeer

Does a Nokia E6 not fit the bill?

Verizon: Samsung 4G ban not in our, er, public interest

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Hang on a minute!

"In order to grant the extraordinary remedy of a preliminary injunction, this court must find that the requested relief will not do serious harm to the public interest."

I thought that Apple's whole point for bringing this case was to do serious harm to the public interest! Competition is a good thing, especially when it seems that the companies involved would rather take a flame thrower to their opposition rather than collude in price fixing with them, so surely the heart of all of these cases brought by Apple against Samsung, and vice versa are purely designed to deny the public a choice in this matter.

I don't know why Apple can't accept that the customer can tell the difference between two similar products and make an educated choice. I'm disappointed to see that Samsung have responded in kind, surely the smart move here would of been to fight Apple in another way rather than sink to their level.

Why Samsung won't open the Bada OS box

Insane Reindeer


I try not to discriminate against one news source, reporter, author or channel or another just because they tend to hold a different position to me, under the premise that this makes me worse than them, but sometimes the Wall Street Journal make it very very hard for me to actually read their publication.

Articles like this just make me marvel at their seemingly never ending "America is the only country that matters" stance and while Jeremy Clarksons oft repeated lines about American car engineers knowing nothing of roads in other parts of the world may be past their prime now, a case could certainly be made for American technology reporters not knowing anything about the way the rest of the world works!