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BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts

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wanted to join TalkTalk but no joy

since we moved house and the new home had TalkTalk we TRIED to join TalkTalk but with no luck. we were free to move away from BT. after having to dial 5 numbers and every person told us another story we give up and had the BT engineer to change the line back to BT. for BT we only needed 1 phone call / number to dail and all was sorted in no time we even kept the same number. be broadband will follow next week.

and the funny story is that no one from TalkTalk was actually saying welcome glad that you called us and consider to join us... non of that but oh, can you dial this number to talk with this department.

as you ask me TalkTalk just has to many departments with people with limited knowledge to keep them all in the job.

Microsoft kicks Ubuntu update in the hardy herons

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Paris Hilton

what's the story here?

sure, but what's the story here?

i don't see any info being written that's why paris since she either has no valid info to publish.

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

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The Mickey Mouse history repeats it self every time

there is nothing new about this...

when moved from windows 95 to windows 98 the same story

when moved from windows 98 second edtion to windows me the same story

when moved from windows nt3.51 to windows nt4.0 the same story.

when moved from windows nt4.0 to windows 2000 the same story

when moved from windows 2000 to windows xp the same story.

so what's new here?

MSI releases £235 desktop Eee PC rival ahead of Asus

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since it's a mini-itx main board it's using a 12volt brick, something like a laptop psu.

and the plug is on the right side.

Freesat launches in UK

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what's the news?

so what's the news?

i have all those channels (and lots more) on my dreambox for ages... most of it is full of adverts what they play much louder than the program or film what is handy if you want to do something else. also they start those adverts at the same time so no channel hopping. :)

Department of Homeland Security website hacked!

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good news...

yeah, send those so called porsche driving ict guys back home and get some decent people in. it’s getting about time that this whole ict circus is getting mature and back to basics as other jobs do!

Build a 14.5 watt data center in a shoebox

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19" rack servers rip & mini-itx in (at home)

i already dumped all my 19” rack servers for mini-itx boxes in my house. less fuel, less noise, less space & less ups. also all my desktop boxes are gone, now only using laptops. lets say, save the planet and get smaller bills. ;)

HSBC e-payments system goes titsup (again)

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change control?

sure this is again an good example of bad change control... (and roll back program).

Mass compromise powers massive drive-by download attack

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China Domain?

And where is the pointing China Domain?

If we got this info we can block out going traffic to it...

Drive for superfast broadband switches up a gear

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Speeds over here are slow due to still think we (BT) are the best...


yeah your right in my country they did speed tests with 200mbps down and 80mbps upload speeds just to see how it performs...

oh yeah, 100mbps cost about €60 / month...

Cisco hack suspect convicted of breaking into universities

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Cisco should give this person a job in there Security department if it's true that he hacked in the Cisco network...

Darling admits Revenue loss of 25 million personal records

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UK keep dreaming

That show off that this country is really an 3rd world country… In the first place departments who need to access each others data should have secure network connection between them full stop. Data like this should never ever been on disks ready to send by post… I’m happy that not my data is on the hands of those monkeys.

And the lies from the government that those disks are being secured by not easy to guess passwords he he he let me laugh. That UK encryption system from the World War II was being hacked in seconds…

Facebook faces UK data probe

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Forums the same?

This is also true for lots of Forums around the Globe.

So when registering with Forums keep your personal data as less as possible or make up some names. ID theft is every where around the corner.

In most cases they only need your name, dob, mothers maiden name to do the trick...

iPhone to get 3G in May 2008

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3G phone for only £49.99

Why is that iPhone so in the news?

Just bought a brand new 3G phone for only £49.99 on PAYG with camera / internet / skype etc etc...

Infamous RBN quits China

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IP ranges

why did they got those Chinese IP ranges in the first place... and then ban them???

Synergy gone mad - travel agents to enrol for £100 ID card?

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ID Card cost £100!!!

£100... My Dutch ID card cost incl P&P £47 (send from the Netherlands)

So why does it cost £100 here? Must be the inefficient government here who want to spend our tax monies.

Controversial Russian Business Network drops offline

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Block their IP on every Router

Just block their networks on every border router you have (as we do) will sort that problem by it self.

Babbling net software sparks international incident

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journalist not speaking english...

What kind of journalist are you when you cannot speak / write a word of english?

I fully understand my Dutch Consulate to refuse those people to come to the Netherlands...

Microsoft calls in the builders for Dublin data centre

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cheap soil only reason?

I think the only reason why Microsoft choose Irish land is the price of soil and not "He gushed that it was "a further example of Ireland being to the forefront when it comes to the cutting edge of technology... The Irish government recognises the importance of being a competitive, innovation-driven, knowledge economy," according to Associated Press." as being stated...

Virgin Media stops the rot

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50Mb/s in 2008... Well, well, well, they call that fast?

Look around and you will find in some countries where they already have 100Mb/s and are doing successfuly tests with speeds upto 200Mb/s...

ANPR bags alleged uninsured pirate godfathers

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It's about time...

You guys are really living in the dark ages...

We known this kind of systems for years. No need to buy and clue tax discs on your windscreen or carry around those (easy to fake) papers they call here car / mot or insurance certificates.


Vyatta does open source networking with a mean streak

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RE: Weak

@Michael H.

Sorry, But an Cisco 6513 isn't really a router only but a 13 slots chassis where you can install MAX 2 Supervisor 720's. I know we have 4 of them. You are comparing Apples and Peers.

They are high-end boxes not really the market where Vyatta is marketing for.


California teen offers GPS challenge to speeding rap

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GPS and speed...

you will need a GPS with speed signal from the car since those without are NOT accurate enough...

Any way, why not just install a taco in that boy race box?

Police bail OiNK admin after filesharing raid

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police state...

sure why not a deny any any here on this island...

Banking data fears over Fasthosts intruder

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again and again and again

with those guys it's an ongoing story... but sad that, why are people still using them as hoster?

Anti-fraud site turfed offline after Joe Job attack

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Gloucester farmers

Yeah, They (Fasthosts) did the same with my web site! And also not responding other then standard automatic messages. Very very bad hosting company.

On my site was (is) some free available security information about how to prevent hacking and hardener from O’Reilly since that’s my job as Network and Security Manager.

But according those Fastshosts Experts it was hacking info... and they shutdown my web site without any notification other then an email (after the site was suspended). Lucking me I have manage my own DNS servers and my site was up and running in minutes from my own server.