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Judge refuses to lift order squelching students' subway card hack

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Presentation was leaked to wikileaks anyway...


US judges can suck as much as they want, can't block THAT ^_^

'Crazy rasberry ants' target Texan tech

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Dumps full o' scrapped electronics solution...

Well, here's our solution to that environmental emergency... export the bunch there and let'em start the gnawing. Of course, due to the toxicity of those dumps, we may end up with a few Antzilla's, but we can sort that out in due time...

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot

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1 Core Duo laptop, 1 Athlon X2 4200, 1 Athlon XP 2000+, all good this far w/ SP3

No crap whatsoever this far, but the Core Duo took it harder... went to a serious crawl, prolly some driver having a fight with whatever they dropped in that SP3 thingie.

Winona Ryder to suckle Spock in Star Trek XI

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RE: Stupid villain names

Well, the lad burned Rome to ashes... dunno what that makes him to you, but 'villain' sure comes to mind for me.

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All Your Borg Are Belong To Us

The Borg collective IQ would take an abysmal drop in the event of a Borging of that kind of staff... but their PR rating would go up thanks to "The Mams" !

Reg Standards Soviet defines temperature and force

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A Norris being only 100 Newtons ??

I'm pretty sure the poor lad who came with that measure has neven been "Chucked" (that may happen if The Man ever notices this), else he'd have estimated the Force as a somewhat way larger value... IF he'd survived the initial impact, that is.

Flaming kamikaze squirrel torches car

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Re: Squirrels hate us

A quick look at the "Related Items" section there confirms that:


They ARE indeed testing new ways of suppressing us all, backed by their Masters (same guys running the whole ROTM gang)...

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

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Re: Whatever happened to support packs?

fyi, XP SP3 will be rolled out in Q1 2008, bout same time as Vista's SP1

International manhunt tracks pedophile suspect to Thailand

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Thailand cops

Hehe, foolish scumbag should've thought it thorougly before fleeing to Thailand, cause if/when Thailand cops cuff his sorry ass, he stands an absolute zero chance of making it to the courts, let alone jail...

Because of their somewhat loose laws relative to child exploitation (that changed alot in the last 5 years btw), the cops there often want to make sure the perp won't have a second chance at doing it again, which he'd definitely have if going the usual court way. Nothing out of the ordinary of course, a simple "the scum resisted to his arrest" does the trick most of the time...

I have a few friends in Bangkok, and all of them confirmed this, most people there are kinda tired of their country being branded "paedophiles' haven".