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Nokia to flood emerging markets with budget blowers

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"Brim full of Asha" - Classic, thanks for the smile.

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.

Curved light drives boffin one-upmanship

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Yes, yes, this Airy beam is all well and good but what I want to know is....will it bend. Well yes, yes it will!

X-Prize offers $10m for working Trek tricorder

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uhh...how about no!

putting pee inside my mobile...that's just taking the piss!


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I'll have a Arrgh please Bob!

Well bad game or no, this comment made me chuckle. Maybe throwing it in as some kind of mini-game might have improved things. I can imagine cyborg Holness gunning you down if you get a wrong answer!

Malawi poised to outlaw farting

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I'm guessing sales of fart apps are going to take a nose dive in Malawi then!

PC market limps into 2011

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Read my post again, my reference was to the last sentence of the article with says Acer lost 15% of sales. I then go on to talk about why I thought that was. That doesn't really have anything to do with the industry as a whole.

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Acer decline

Wow, a 15% decline in sales for Acer almost counts as a landslide doesn't it? Mind you I think the wave they rode of cheap laptops has worn a bit thin. I'm coming across a lot of their machines that are physically falling apart, and most of them are well inside the lifespan that people are expecting from their machines. This is leading them to other companies when it comes to renewal.

The ever present adage of you get what you pay for does generally hold true, and in terms of economics, investing that extra £100 for a same spec, better build quality device can pay dividends down the line.

Samsung shows off tablet-cum-netbook convertible

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It looks pretty cool but I'd have to see it in the flesh because I agree with a previous comment, the screen looks like it's at far too shallow an angle to make for comfortable viewing.

The 500 year archive

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I agree

I feel like that carpenter having read that amongst the diatribe that normally adorns these walls.

You realise you will probably be sacked for attempting to raise the tone in here!

PC World, Currys to offer cash for clunkers

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not quite any ol' thing

Your trade in has to be a laptop not desktop. Apart from being able to power on, it also has to have no significant damage to case,hinge, keyboard or screen and have correct power supply and battery.

Given all that, unless it's a complete relic, you'd probably get more than £50 for it on Ebay, then go and buy the same model for another £50 less than these 2 slop shops are selling it for.

Move on nothing to see here.

Intel snaps up McAfee in $7.68bn deal

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They could have bought Nvidia and developed their own rival to AMD's Fusion for less than that. If RW's profit figure of $178m is right, even if they can increase that to $250m, that's still 30 years before they get their investment back.

Was there a special offer on frontal lobotomies at Intel HQ recently?

Apple's fresh Mac mini stripped naked

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what app for video

Does anyone know what they used to create the YouTube video. I've not seen a photo presentation done this way before and it's pretty slick.

Loud sex a human right, says loud sex woman

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not so noisy

While I probably wouldn't want to be living next door to them, the levels are probably more annoying than disturbingly loud. Even 47db in blow normal conversation levels which can be 50-70db. Rainfall, a breeze or a refrigerator is rated at 50 db. Levels measured at 30db would not be much above background levels, although obviously night time is when things are quieter.

Maybe the neighbours are just not getting any action themselves.

Newport Networks goes titsup

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It's because that's the value of Celtic Manor, which is where he stays when he comes over from Canada.

It was built with his money so effectively it's his house that he lets other people visit .

Ok, the logic is tenuous but hey.....this the Reg, what were you expecting really?

Who will win the epic battle for the kitchen OS?

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IT Angle

I'm planning the next, next battleground

I'm already working on the toilet pad, which will display:

* a selection of ebooks, including basic plumbing techniques

* carefully selected toilet humour

* a flashing message that says "NOW WASH YOUR HANDS!"

IT icon because I reckon I could make SH{icon} loads

NASA ponders Spirit's erratic behaviour

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@nobody expects

Nice one on the Pythonesque prose, a genuine laugh out loud post!

SanDisk reinvents 1980s personal stereo for the noughties

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£16 for an album!

Oh yeah because we've all been crying out for a way in which we can pay double for our music.

And what a brilliant idea to change from having all our music pre-loaded and easily searchable to splitting it up on to separate, losable, breakable cards.

Can't wait for all the extras like artwork which will be very useful on a device with no screen.

Absolute winner!

Mine's the one with empty bottle of scotch.

Birmingham Airport in X-rated X-ray shocker

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@deep interrogation of luggage

>>> a) the balls on the dildo suggest it's anal

wow, you clearly know a lot more about this kind of stuff than me. Mind you even if I could tell my dildos apart, I'm not sure I'd want show my skills off to everyone!

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deep interrogation of luggage

Is nothing sacred! While many security organisation don't think a woman's personal fun time activities should be made public, apparently airport security's system for Deep Interrogation of Luggage - (DIL) DO.

coat.... thanks

Right: Which one of you lot invented 'tw*tdangle', eh?

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Icon please

As "twatdangler" can be applied to a vast number of people fronting the IT industry, can I suggest that when I vent my spleen towards them here, that I be given a suitable twatdangling icon to visually enhance my eloquent prose. Mind you the one I'm using now isn't too wide of the mark as it look a bit like a muff on a string!

eBay: don't come on our US site without protection

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where's the competition?

Trouble is, where is there to go for disgruntled Ebayers to peddle their wares on a national scale? When you give a company free reign over a sector, eventually they are going to start taking liberties. Yes there are the likes of Amazon, but that's only for current retail items. What we need is some big hitter who offers a realistic alternative that covers the second user market and beyond. Maybe with Android unleashed on the world, Google has an eye on releasing something like Gmarket to the masses. Seems like a prime segment to place ads to me, which I would be more than happy to put up with if the transaction costs were slashed.

MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom

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270m rock takes out France????

I know this is a fair chunk of rock, and it would whack this planet with a fair thump, but can someone please explain how something 270 Metres across takes out a country with a land area of over half a million square kilometres?


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