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You want a medal for writing a script? Sure: here it is!

James McPherson

speeling corexion

"...he figure out that Excel was comfortable important data from ODBC-enabled sources"

itym "he figured out that Excel was comfortable importing data from ODBC-enabled sources."

Looks like your source did a poor job of post-transcription sanity checking of the text.

Azul starts peddling Zing virty Java stack

James McPherson

clue missing

"Sellers says that Zing Vision is akin to Sun Microsystems' DTrace probe, but is meant to be used in a production, not just a development and test environment, and is built into the product from the ground up so that using it imposes no extra performance penalty when people use it"

Ummmm... so are those words yours, or his? Either way, they display a lack of clue about what DTrace is. DTrace is not just a dev/test tool, it's designed for production environments. It's also designed so that it has minimal effect when in use. I'd love to know how Azul reckons their tool can be run with no performance penalty. Dtrace (and, iiuc, systemtap) have a performance penalty - even though it's very small.

Oracle and HP proposed joint Sun dismemberment deal

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USD2billion *just* for the software?

WTF? The value of Java, OpenSolaris, Solaris, Cluster, Lustre, ... has got to be a few billion more than that!

Sun adds goodies to OpenSolaris 2008.11

James McPherson

re upgrading from UFS to ZFS root

As a member of Sun's kernel engineering community, I've now had the

distinct pleasure of upgrading many systems from UFS root to ZFS root.

From NV/ufs to NV/zfs.

From S10/ufs to S10/zfs.

From S10/ufs to NV/zfs.

You use LiveUpgrade. It really is as simple as the following:

(install new LU packages from the target OS you want to install)

# zpool create rootpool

# lucreate -n zfsrootenv -p rootpool

# luupgrade -u -n zfsrootenv -s /path/to/install/media

# luactivate zfsrootenv

# init 6

(cue much joy).

The only pain I've had with it has been in waiting for the initial lucreate on UFS to finish, so AC - please, if you've got hard data to support your contention about pain, please provide it.

Montalvo's x86 chip struggling to be an x86 chip

James McPherson

"close to buying" ?

Surely, *surely* if Sun wanted the tech it would be easier and cheaper to wait until Montalvo croaks, and then purchase the bits of the carcass that they want?

Suicide website creator arrested for murder

James McPherson

Last sentence not funny

I really dislike the flippant attitude displayed in the last sentence of this article. Suicide is not painless and is not a "national pastime." That there are so many suicides every year in Japan is an issue which should be investigated and resolved rather than making jokes about.


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