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Football lottery scam targets UK punters



"Most likely, cybercriminals collect a fee for each SMS, but they do not give any ticket to Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium or Stadio Olimpico in return."

Aw, c'mon. Nobody is going to fall for this. They're soccer fans, it's not like they are idiots or something.

Acer sued for shipping Vista-book with GB of memory

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@ "And please give it a rest with the OS wars."

No, let them continue. I am really interested on what people do with their computers. Why won't anybody else be also interested?

Boffins breed new programming race

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It seems that there *is* a Linux download -- experimental, small link, etc.

Don't drink and post!

Where is the "I am stupid" icon? Oh, wait.

Gates Horns

Scratch is part of the ... software ... for the OLPC

Well, tried it and there are downloads for OSX and Windows. Nothing for Linux.

Samsung unsheathes screaming phone

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@If these phones come over to Britain

Cool, just imagine people's faces in the pics!

Microsoft boffins devise 'secure' Gazelle browser



"But there's catch or two: It's slower and uses more resources than IE 7, and you can't get your hands on it."

Well, I developed a web browser which is fast, small, secure, portable, smart, cute and uses a brand new mind reading interface, but you cannot get your hands on it.

Gates looses mosquitoes on tech conference bloodsuckers


"But attendees need not worry"

Are you kidding??!! It was a SWARM of DEADLY VICIOUS DISEASE-RIDDEN KILLER MOSQUITOES and I am QUITE SURE they sucked ALMOST ALL MY BLOOD!!!!11!! I need a doctor... and a lawyer.

Kurzweil to found 'Singularity Uni' in Silicon Valley

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SU is intended to attract "the smartest... from around the world

Geez, am I smart enough? Maybe if I attend it people will think I am smart!

With apologies to Calvin

Mac malware tide on the rise

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here is the title, happy now?

If the user runs the keygen as a default, non-root user, can it still install the backdoor?

*NOT a troll*. Really.

Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta

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Windows 7???

Yeah, but is it really 7, I counted and it should be 45, yada yada yada

(cue to a long discussion about which windows version is which)

Where's the clueless moron icon? Oh, wait.

iPhone gets Hong Kong eye transplant


"Super Marco" 0.67X effect

Shurely you mean "Super Mario" effect?

21 million German bank accounts - yours for only €12m


Ban all call centers.

Or even better, nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. I am very tired of receiving calls at 10 PM from the "XYZ bank investment expert" trying to sell me yet another credit card.

Armed anti-paedophile cops swoop on video site uploader

Black Helicopters

"sanity will prevail"

"famous last words"

Dead boffins deflate the cloud



Good story, but where are the Playmobil reenactments? You could even do a Robot Chicken and paste some eyes and mouth on the "actors"!

Barack Obama will be president


Obama with atypical American family

If you're going to fake it, at least use playmobils!

Mmm. Palin Playmobil. Almost as hot as a Palin Pez dispenser.

Group Test: electronic book readers



"Unless they've been created for A5, they're just not readable." -- I've noticed that this review (and others) does not explain well the PDF conversion/display issue, i.e. can I simply get a bunch of non-DRM, free PDFs and put them on these devices?

I have a whole bunch of papers, thesis and other boring^H^H academic PDFs I'd like to be able to read in a e-reader. Tried that once with Adobe Palm Reader and the Palm TX and it was unbearable. I'd like to know which of those readers can display a PDF without reformatting it (a la Palm Reader) and removing/mutilating all graphics.

Did I miss this information?

Dial 'M' for Microsoft's new programming language



"I do sometimes wonder whether anyone actually uses all this technology?"

Who cares? With new languages there will be new books, new training courses, new certifications, new blogs, new magazines and new opportunities for me to scream with undergrad students who want to take a CS course to "learn the new hot cool language". Little twerps.

Serial troll bitchslaps Reg hack


CnC marketeers, are you reading this?

I'd buy a "The Databases Are Coming! The Databases Are Coming!" T-shirt. Do some 50's style artwork on it, similar to those horrible movies about giant robots (or 50-feet tall woman!) rampaging with some people running from it. 50's style hats for the men, cutesy dresses for the women. All screaming in horror.

So, here is the idea, if you use it at least send an XXXL to me :-)

Red Hat: Go support yourselves, Fedora users

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"I don't want to be nasty, but in this case, it's probably you"

@Joe Zeff

No hard feelings :-) but I did all steps when the updates-newkey thingie was released. What I was complaining about is that from some time "yum check-update" didn't return new releases. Some time ago it showed a new kernel, but no fglrx so far, so booting that kernel is sort of pointless for me (I have the old kernel version so I can boot the computer to an usable state).

There are 52 new updates today, but no fglrx. The latest updates also broke kpdf (which refused to open PDF files, I had to recreate some file associations -- shouldn't be related to updates, but who knows?) and created some removable devices mounting annoyances.

I've refused to use Suse or Ubuntu in the past simply because of sheer laziness -- I am more used to Fedora, know something about the tools and where the configuration files are, couldn't bother even to run YAST, etc. Since I had those problems I had to spend some time working to solve things that weren't broken before, by changing I will at least learn something new. And I've read some nice things about opensolaris too...

So thanks for the comments, here is an peace angel icon for y'all.


Bye Fedora

It is just me or Fedora died? After that package server glitch thingie there were almost no updates for Fedora 8 and the latest kernel simply does not boot.

Hellooo Suse...

Boffin brews up 'Jurassic Park' beer


Practical science application

Isn't he the same Dr. Cano who once tried to revive fossilized bacteria? I recall Dave Barry wrote a column about it.

Anyway, is he doing something involving prehistorical pretzels and peanuts? Give this man a huge grant!

Chinese manned spaceshot set for 25 September


@Sceptical Bastard

"Large Hardon Collider" - sounds painful!

Is Ron Jeremy available?

Scumbags punt Trojan with baby kidnap lure


Hijack a baby?


Also, what's with the new wave of "you've received an e-card with a .exe attached" messages? Five since yesterday, really lame.

The quality of the e-criminals' work is getting worse and worse! We need some educational efforts on this ASAP.

IT career virgins need a cherry on top


Programming languages skills

"with some of the biggest reductions in salary identified for jobs featuring C+ or Java in the title. "

Sure, who wants to hire a C+ programmer? Java programmers are also a dime a dozen, unless you need one who can read and not only fiddle with a IDE GUI designer.

OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop



The lack of infrastructure, electricity, telephone, etc. is a problem, but the worst is that people are blindingly embracing the idea without considering an education plan behind it -- where is the (adequate, localized) content? Where is the training for the teachers who will use, indirectly, the laptop? Do they really believe that all they need to do is give the laptop to the kids and voilá, problem solved?

Just read http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/05/16/krstic_olpc/ for some thoughts on what OLPC's (lack of) educational goals. The money spent on those toys could be better used to solve other educational problems.

BTW, El Reg, why can't we comment on Andrew Orlowski' stories?

Ballmer bitch slaps Vista

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Learn from mistakes

> he also promised that Microsoft would learn from the mistakes it has made with Vista.

I've read this as "would earn from the mistakes", it sort of made sense.

Boffins chomp noggin-nobbling narcotics


Many boffins?


"that many of the world's boffins are routinely taking" ....

"All but one of the 14 British scientists who responded ordered online."

So. 13 British scientists are "many"?

At least we know who's been keeping the spamvertized pill peddlers happy...

Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe



Are lawsuits free? Do I need to pay for filing this kind of lawsuits?

Google Sky brings the heavens to a browser near you


@Anyone figured it out?

"Say I want to know where a given planet will be tonight at 10pm"...

Use celestia or stellarium?

@AC - Sorry for being a spoilsport. There is enough weirdness in the universe *without* the artifacts, just search for it (hint: Seyfert's sextet - no need for puny space death rays)

Rafael, amateur astrogeek


Re: Spacebattle

The SDSS (visible) image is a mosaic, it is not perfectly aligned. The coloured slits are the edges of the images which composed the mosaic.

Rent-a-bot gang rises from the DDoS ashes


Re: Bling, Bling, Bling.

Just a naive question: I recall seeing those "click here for free 3d screensavers" in some more-or-less reputable sites (sorry, don't remember which one, but one was the site of a comics publisher). There were also several ads for "free ringtones", usually disguised as a silly flash game.

Assuming those ads were links to malware, how did they go into those sites? Even if they are randomly selected from an ad server, shouldn't the people who put those ads be responsible for the dissemination of this stuff?

Brazil bans the evil sold in EverQuest and Counter-Strike


Ho hum

OK, ban it (I never liked it anyway). Make it as illegal as pirated software, which is sold practically in every city with more than 50.000 inhabitants, often openly.

The OLPC XO laptop



I maintain the effort is *useless* without proper support -- training, maintenance, reposition, content creation in Portuguese -- do you trust our government to do it? Without it how is it going to reduce the digital divide?

It is just yet another waste of money from a government that likes to be seen doing things.

xjy got it right -- solving illiteracy is way more important. Ability to learn and use knowledge is a far more effective tool for citizenship than a shiny nifty probably-unsupported toy.


Why not simply set the money on fire?

"On another point, I was under the impression the OLPC was for countries like Brazil where there is huge poverty, but the country is not a basket case"

I am not a MIT super visionary - I am just a brazilian who used to teach programming languages in college, until I gave up completely on trying to teach 18-25 year old students who were clearly not interested in "computers as tools for learning" but in "computers as tools for gaming and orkut".

My personal point of view is that the OLPC effort will be useless, regardless of the usability of the software, it is a tech toy that will be sold for money for food or drugs, will have no support at all from the government who bought them ("our work is done!") and will be totally meaningless in remote communities.

Our worst problem *is* education, but tackling it requires changes in basic education, better salaries for K-12 professors, better schools. I couldn't find a single word on how the teachers and students will be trained to use the colorful new toys. Who'll do it -- are the toys really that intuitive?

Showdown over encryption password in child porn case



Send the disk or whatever to Hollywood. I bet Sandra Bullock or Keanu Reeves can crack its protection and give the police the contents in seconds.

The best post in this thread was the one with "by hiding the encryption, you're in fact stating you're hiding something incriminating and should be treated as such"... posted by a Anonymous Coward, who apparently does not have anything to hide. Oh, the irony!

Academics slam Java


Sure, Ada, Lisp, what else?

Cobol? Fortran?

The way basic CS courses are taught are more important than the language itself. On the other hand it is quite hard to motivate students to learn languages such as ADA, Lisp, Prolog and such.

Yet another case of "I hate it, refuse to learn it therefore it is crap"?

Oh, PL-1, wherefore art thou?


The 'Funky Business' consultants want to poke you

Paris Hilton

Another examples...

... of "hey, this is new so we *must* embrace it because we're all for innovation": http://dogbook.ca/ and http://catbook.ca/


Universally in favour

"On the other hand, where businesses claim to be universally in favour of innovation, this is a recipe for hypocrisy." - Uh?

Universally as in "I don't care how much that new technology costs and whether it will help me, but I will embrace it because I am a clueless moron with no capacity whatsoever of thinking by myself except on issues whether where to get a I (heart) wikipedia tattoo"?

Let's invent an artificial working hemorrhoid (tm Dave Barry) and go around asking the "universally in favour of innovation" whether they are really, really interested in pluggin it on their butts.

Can't comment on Facebook, but Orkut is quite popular in Brazil, and it is really amazing the amount of time people waste on it. It's like a giant, ever-muting gossip magazine-cum-big-brother where anyone can enter. I wonder if the inventors of this kind of drivel will ever be judged by crimes against humanity.


Fatten or strip - the great Java debate


Sure, another language, why not?

Whenever I see someone say "we need another language" I read as "we need to squeeze more IT money in training, certification and 800-page in-a-nutshell, for-dummies or in-24-hours books and people won't fall for this with languages which already have more books about it than there are self-help books".

I am a Java fanboi. Is it really bloated? Won't the new, marvelous, light, enhanced language suffer the same destiny later? I wouldn't mind having the AWT removed (at least most of it) but it seems a case of fixing what ain't broken.

Before the flame war starts, I was a Pascal fanboi, and a (shudder) Prolog fanboi way back, before Borland stabbed our collective backs.

Topless Liverpudlians confined to tropical fish stores


Age of consent in Japan/Wikipedia

So there's an entry on Wikipedia just about age of consent in Asian countries?

Web 2.0 is awesome! Beat that, Brittanica!

We should have a El Reg's sponsored contest on the wackiest wikipedia entry.

Just to avoid people making even crazier shit the entries should be at least two months old. And I should get a XXL El Reg t-shirt for thinking yet another way they can write stuff without doing real research :-)

Get started with Silverlight

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The phrase "it's an exciting and important new technology that could help to change the way we build Web applications" scares me in many levels.

Whenever I read this I guess that the only people that are going to be really, really excited are writers and publishers. Expect an onslaught of titles on this exciting, new technology soon.

What about Linux browsers? Will need to download runtimes too?

AI egghead: Human-robot humping, marriage by 2050


Make money fast!

Well, 50 years ago we were promised robots, flying cars, cheap and reliable space travel, etc.

Whenever I see this kind of gullibility in the media I think of ways to make money on that. One that comes to mind is to open an "International University of Futurology" where pseudo-boffin wannabees could defend their PhDs in wildly guessed, utterly unprovable and inane themes, like:

* In 2030 television will be broadcasted directly into your brain.

* In 2090 nanobots will be able to cure any kind of health problems, and will be delivered nasally throught scratch-and-sniff interfaces in your own computer monitor (making life easier for spammers, too).

* In 2210 sex organs will be plug-and-play, you will be able to change them as you like.

* In 2300 most of mankind will be rendered so stupid due to lack of common sense, sloppy education and media influence that they will be unable to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Wait, change the date on that last one.