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The Times kills off blogger anonymity

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Eady and Murdoch sitting in a tree...

Justice Eady and Rupert Murdoch are two of the biggest blights on Britain in 2009. The Times must be happy that it first forced NightJack to shut down his blog, and then reveal his identity to his employers and the world and large. Well done; one of the the few intelligent, cynical and human voices on policing, politics and society has been silenced and may well now lose his job.

For those who don't know of Eady... look up 'libel tourism', and see if you think he's a friend of free speech or not.

Nork nuke quite a lot less powerful than Hiroshima


The world turned upside down,

One of the many bad things to come out of the Iraq war is that any time America says that a state is potentially dangerous the message boards 'tards believe the opposite to be true and that America is only saying such things to advance their own interest. Easier to ignore the UN, China, and Russia being in agreement with America on this than to actually have to think about something, eh?

Palm: Pré to launch on 6 June

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Not pretty

Man, dat UGLY!

Analysts slam iPhone security and battery life

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People still listen to what Gartner have to say, huh?

I don't have an iPhone and perhaps its security isn't great for the enterprise, but heck, when was the last time Gartner had anything to say that was remotely insightful or useful? They are specialists in statingthebleedingobvious who survive by getting paid from no-bollocks middle management who prefer to pay someone else to take the buck rather than commission their own research.

McKinnon loses Lords appeal


By bye McKinnon

McKinnon's a nasty little runt who among other crimes, in the days after 9/11 thought it amusing to post his own moronic theories on who was behind the attacks on Pentagon staff's computers. How did he think they'd react when their colleagues had just been murdered?

There's some pretty dumb posts about the legal system here especially regards international law. If you asked some of the above posters to comprehend how UK police arrested Pinochet in England on a Spanish warrant for crimes committed in Chile their heads would probably explode.

The broken terror systems that killed de Menezes


Don't blame the police - blame Hussein Osman

It was Osman who the day before tried to blow up a train full of passengers at Shepherd’s Bush, Osman was linked to the block of flats in Stockwell where Mr de Menezes lived, and it was Osman whom the police thought they were following. Had Osman not existed, or else been content with allowing his fellow citizens to exist in peace, Jean Charles de Menezes would still be alive.

The people responsible for terrorism and it's consequences are not the police or government but the terrorists.

Met Police guilty in de Menezes case


More anger

over this genuine fk-up than for the deliberate murder of 50-odd other innocents a fortnight earlier.

It really is a screwed up world...

Jailed terror student 'hid' files in the wrong Windows folder


Here we go again...

Thinking about something is not a crime BUT preparing yourself or facilitating others for a crime is, whether that act is carried out or not. Not toooo difficult to understand, and it's always been this way.

Lot of anti-cop stuff on The Register recently. Would be nice for site editor to explain why.

China hijacks Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! traffic?

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Nice to see the Chinese Government posts comments here

Yes 'The Sceptic' I'm talking to you! Obviously you're a representative of the People's Republic. We won't fall for your puny propaganda!

A few more weeks at those English classes will pay off - then your poor spelling and grammar will not so blantantly give the game away.

Renewing the mythology of the London ricin cell


@Misha Gale (and Paul)

Misha, perhaps I misinterpreted Dick's statement "I had contributed some relevant materials and information on ricin recipes to Duncan Campbell, a forensic scientist who was providing expert work for the defense. This gave me access to court evidence - the poison formulas of Bourgass, among other information - and as a consequence I was able to publish on the trial in the US before the British pres were permitted to go forward with the story" but Dick was profiting from pushing his spin on events during the UK embargo, which was in place as parts of the investigation was ongoing.

Paul, intent to murder, rape, etc most certainly IS a crime. And you've brightened my Monday morning by your admittance that you are terrified of people like Hazel Blears, Alistair Darling and Geoff Hoon. Perhaps it's best if you stay under your duvet today?


Dick by name, dick by...

For someone who's making money by undermining a trial by publishing his findings for the defence when that information could be prejudicial, dick is quite an apt moniker.

And just how reliable a source is anyone who works for Global Security? Check out their designs for the new Iraqi currency;



The terrorists I party with


Robert Long

The incidents were, as you put it, attacks on infrastructure and Gordon Brown wasn't wrong to tell Andrew Marr on the following Sunday that "it's clear that we are dealing, in general terms, with people who are associated with al-Qaeda". So what's your point? You obviously don't follow international politics at all if you think that the UK Government's response was over the top; what comparisons are using to come to this conclusion?

As for the Met Police been given Transport for London's live ANPR data (only in the case of threats to national security), then great. If it's available then they should be allowed to use it. Or should the Old Bill be restricted to magnifying glasses and notebooks like in the good old days?


Sixth-form ramblings

Your sub-Chomsky witterings get more fanciful every article - I guess you're encouraged by the clapping seals who lap up the outpourings of your limited mind. Go and check the fevered conspiracy theorists on Medialens; they'll give you the news you want to hear.

Where are the facts to back up your opinions? You demand research and facts from others but proffer none yourself.

The reaction to the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow was very muted by the Government, and as you'd expect it would be from the mainstream media.

Move along, nothing to see here...

Israelis vote for Eurovision nuclear apocalypse


Daft Punk

"Don't like Israel, too warmongering, too militaristic, unhealthy influence on USA policy, and I don't see why we include them in a EUROpean contest.... null points."

Null points indeed. I guess you may be a teensy bit militaristic yourself if all your neighbours denied your right to exist and your biggest neighbour vowed to wipe you from the face of the earth.

Nice to see the Israelis manage to retain some humour about this promised armageddon; perhaps something you and the Iranian theocrats could benefit from too?