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The dead reanimates as HP ships Open webOS beta

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Schizophrenia (/ˌskɪtsɵˈfrɛniə/ or /ˌskɪtsɵˈfriːniə/) is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness.[1] It most commonly manifests itself as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction. The onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood, with a global lifetime prevalence of about 0.3–0.7%.[2] Diagnosis is based on observed behavior and the patient's reported experiences.

I've been wondering about HP's management functionality for a while.

They were the dominant printer manufacturer, especially for network printers. The developed a very nice enterprise network portfolio but, in my opinion, made second rate computers.

I expressed my idea for HP to buy Compac and stop making HP computers about 6 months before the purchase actually happened. Unfortunately they only got the first half right.

When the bought Palm, i thought maybe they finally have someone with a tech brain running things finally.

I always thought Palm OS had the potential to become a full fledged desktop capable OS. Loved the way my Palm Pilot ran but wanted the form factor and network communication of a real computer.

Web OS seemed, at the time like a good first step towards and independent, marketable OS. Windows Mobile and Android are based on downsizing a desktop operating system to fit a portable device. Web OS appeared to be the result of taking the opposite approach. Recreate the OS by going from the portable device and up size it. The HP tablet was welcome evolution if you were familiar with the Palm OS. It seemed like a logical evolution.

But HP treated it like deformity and threw it out.

I hope they continue to back this platform and let it develop to its full potential. WITHOUT the built in Control Freak features (app stores) being mandated by Apple, Google and now Microsoft with Windows 8 / fkna Metro. Make a system that works and let the customer decide how they want to use it.

'United States must renounce its witch-hunt against WikiLeaks'

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Second time around.

Vic 4. You seem completely unaware of the fact that Swedish authorities already investigated this "crime" and found the allegations to be "unfounded".

They only started chasing after this again after that fact.

So the facts bear witness that there may be a hidden agenda behind this.

"It's not paranoia when everyone really is our to get you"

Facebook facepalm: US judge tosses out 'sponsored stories' deal

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Most, if not all of these agreements fail.

Basically the "license" or "contract" is almost completely one sided in favor of the licensor with the offer being, take it or leave it.

Since there is no balance of power in the negotiation to allow for negotiation the agreement is unconsionable

and some or all of the terms cannot be enforced.


Unconscionability means that a term in the contract or something inherent in or about the agreement was so shockingly unfair that the contract simply cannot be allowed to stand as is.

whether one side has grossly unequal bargaining power


see also.

Pay Pal terms Unconsionable


Microsoft: It's not Metro, it's Windows 8

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Re: app claptrap crap

Better trademark the use of the term "Grout" to denote space between "Tiles" before I do it for you.

RIM doses PlayBook with 4G super serum

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Re: Phablet!

Ah!! the Phabulous Tablet - Playbook

Try to keep up with the times.


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The original, Wi-Fi only, Playbook comes in three memory options. 16, 32 and 64. They are dropping the 16 GB option. There is some speculation they might even offer the L.T.E. and other cellular enabled models with 128 GB.

The new version 2 OS includes bridging to your Blackberry cell phone. All existing Wi-Fi models can be upgraded to the new OS as there is no hardware change involved. The new OS also includes synchronized email and calendar to your blackberry account on the Playbook.


Metro, that ribbon, shared mailboxes: Has Microsoft lost the plot?

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Re: As always,

He can't even kill it at a proper pace.

The cure for US job woes: More immigrants

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You are obviously part of the priviliged few category.

And simply pissed someone is letting the cat out of the bag. Again.

Facebook tries to grow up by undergoing corporate rejig

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The only privacy Facebook is interested in ...

Is you not finding out what information they are really collecting about you and what they are doing with it.

Microsoft welcomes OSI open source to Win8 store

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Have you seen whats happend to the manufacturing plants lately?

Natural disasters have cause significant damage in Asia in the last year. This is affecting manufacturing capacity. And if it isn't; it makes for a plausible excuse.

‘Blogger not a journalist’ says Oregon court

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Wrong address - Canada IS a Canadian but his postal code is H0H 0H0

Santa's address is:



By the way you will see he can also be reached by email.


Death match between site and writer over Twitter account

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Tradesmen own their tools.

A Trade is by definition, "An occupation, especially one requiring skilled labor; craft: the building trades, including carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and electrical installation." The skill labour requires the the Skill of using specialized tools in practice of the trade. As such, Tradesmen are expected and usually required to provide their own tools so they can practice their trade.

The Twitter account in question was being used by the journalist to practice his trade. IT had his name on it. (all of my tools have my id on them too).

It follows that the account was and is a specialized tool of the Skilled Trades Person employed to practice his trade and the tool goes with him when he goes to his next job, contract or appointment.

They should get over it.

The followers of the account were following the author not the company.

Even Hair Dressers have "followers" who will follow them to the next Salon. Nothing the company can do about it. The followers don't belong to either.

Samsung takes another hit in patent punch-up

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Adobe doesn't make hardware. Different fight.

But same attitude from Apple. We (Apple) own the ball park, so take your ball, your glove and your bat and Get the fuck off our grass!

Winning new UK pylon design may never be used

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Use Less bit.ly

Don't follow those stupid links a I can't even guess where it is taking me.

Mostly used by @!#$%@#$holes directing to infected sites anyway.

Facebook deletes hacked Pages, destroying years of work

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Free and "Doesn't cost any money" are two different things.

Face Book is using you and all of your followers and their associated information to make money from advertisers. The information you provide is the "cost" of using the site.

The Brand Awareness and Goodwill generated by the client / businesses uses of the site are considered tangible assets. Goodwill can and is actually assigned a dollar value on a companies book. These are also the Quid Pro Quo payback the client / business gets in return for providing their information and using the services of Face Book.

By ignoring this problem Face Book is depriving the business of the value of their return in the business relationship.

IANAL ( I Am Not A Lawyer) but if I can see and state such an obvious relationship a lawyer would not have a problem stating a case in court.

The problem then becomes a simple math problem. Cost of going to court versus the cost of the lost business.

If the Face Book account is generating adequate business lawsuit might be worth trouble and appropriate.

How scareware scumbags avoid getting flagged by banks

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"Government pressure" NO. "Accountablitly to legitimate customers" YES

Your argument is an example of the current behavior of these self interested . pocket lining greedy bastards. Screw their customers as long as they get their cut.

First accountability to the stockholders instead of the customers is the underlying flaw in modern economics. (emphasis on LYING).

It is simply the institutionalization of the old monarch mandated "monopoly" system but without cutting in the monarch (screw him too!)

The banking/finance industry constantly advertises they are doing things for You their customer.

Bullshit. If they were they would have done somthing about this problem a long time ago.

As another poster noted. They know how to recognise this type of fraudwithout some outside group doing a study for them.

I worked with a guy in the phone industry in the USA who developed a method to detect fraudulent calling card charges ON THE FIRST CALL. It worked so well the manufacturer of the switching equipment invited him to their facility to educate them on it.

So YES I expect they should be looking for this type of fraud. For the benefit of their customers who are paying them to perform AND protect their transactions.

Mike Row

Because the fake ones actually remove the virus.

And don't ask you for any more money.

Hmmmm. Doing for the customer EXACTLY what you told them you would do and what you charged them for?

Now I'm CONFLICTED!!!!!!

Google's Facebook: It rocks, but who cares?

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They don''t know hat they want, but htey do know they don't want Microsoft.

I don't don't have to tell my friends and family to be wary of Microsoft.

I simply have to answer their questions about alternatives.

Avoiding Microsoft is half of the decision for going Mac/Apple for everyone I know that has bought a MAC recently.

The fact that Apple knows how to make a computer "cool" doesn't hurt.

Microsoft adds RIM to its anti-Google axis

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Nail in the coffin.

Microsoft needs to stop forcing their on line services into the operating system.

I hate BING Windows Live and MSN. I don't like them or their results. I hate tha I cannot remove thier &*^*(&^ from my computer operating system. THey are not OS components. THey are clients to online services.

THey also need to take their ()*&&)(* &*(^ out of Internet Explorer.

If someone knows how to rip bing out of ie cxompletely for ALL users of the machien and leave no traces their are lots of us wanting to know.

RIM need to accept that the Blackberry asit stands is a dated device. FOr basic email and texting they're great. But the world has moved on. No body wants a "PlayBook" Without independent operation it is nothing more than the TOY it's name implies.

They need to give Microsoft the KISS OFF not jump in bed with them. Otherwise it is simply the Microsoft Kiss Of Death.

Windows on a PHONE? Get real. I'm already trapped in a Windows computer world. Not going to extend their dictatorship over my life to include a phone.

Apple has already shown the vendor cannot be trustedwith access to your phone.

I already know I don't trust Microsoft on my PC. I'm certainly not going to trust them with a device I have to carry with me all the time.

Microsoft sings Happy Birthday to Windows 7

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You have been hanging out in the library too long.

In the real world most people don't really know where their files are when they are ACTUALLY in ONE location. Libraries confuses this even further. Since most users today have never properly learned or been trained on files and folders they don't really know where the hell anything is anyway. Giving them the ability to spread their stuff around more is'[nt really improving anything.

Just started setting up the first Windows 7 computer at work 2 days ago. Libraries in the Navigator window was the first "feature" I disabled. Favorites is the second. That was right after I turned of that stupid and distracting Aero interace. Windows BUSINESS edition is for getting work done. I need to see whats in the window on top not keep getting distracted by whats behind it.

Microsoft has !@#$ up windows explorer by completely integrating Explorer and IE into one interface. The features subset is mutually exclusive as far as I am concerned. Combined with the fact that corporate/domain users are not allowed to save files locally and Libraries and Features in the navigator pane are totally redundant. (I am grateful {astonished} they have restored the folder/tree list to visibility.)

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Windows Side by Side

This is where windows stores different versions of the same file required by different programs.

"The Winsxs folder, stores multiple copies of dll's in order to let multiple applications run in Windows without any compatibility problem."

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4 of 5 stars.

You've got my vote.

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Backward compatabiltiy.

Microsoft decided to move everything in VISTA. (Yes Steve, VISTA happened and it was your fault).

The old folder names automatically redirect to the new folder names.

AppData > Application Data

All Users > Public


They also removed the spaces in the folder names. That at least made sense to IT personnel as typing paths in commands was a PITA.

CTOs warned to prepare for Windows 7 budget squeeze

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50% of installed PCs are Windows 7 licensed running XP Pro downgrade

Licensing is not the issue, neither is the hardware, ONly issue is all the crap changes in Vista and 7. Once its approved rolling it out is mostly labour.

Microsoft plays ads-funded Office 2010 Starter gambit

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Yes! More money to me for removing the Pre-insalled Crap Fest and installing OOO.

Users HATE Office 2007. Major struggle to get them to move on at work. Only way is to replace their machine and not install Office 2003.

I get constaant "feedback" that they can't get their work done as fast as they used to becasue they can't find the functions they need and used to use all of the time in O2K3.

Home users want ALL of the "Welcome" adware REMOVED completely.

What a STUPID PAIN IN THE ASS! Pre-insatlling cripple ware and then advertising it with an XML file that has to be EDITED BY HAND to remove the ads and keep other required functionality.

AND, after that pisses them off , paying the bill gets them REALLY interested in Open Office. Especially when you tell them they can install iot on ALL OF THEIR COMPUTERS.

Dell offers XP option for £44k

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A Vista license by any other name still counts as a Vista license.

This is not a new option from Dell. It has been available for a while. It is offered on their BUSINESS desktops to business customers who do not want to (most of them) or cannot (proprietary application does not work) to switch to Vista.

The licesne is VIsta Business Edition. This covers the actual license for installing Windows XP Professional. The surcharge pays for having WXPP PRE-INSTALLED at the factory and incluides BOTH Vista and XPP restore media.

Yes, It is a bargain. Especially if it keeps the customer or client happy.

I do not know if this is affected by the January 2009 deadline for the discontinuation of sales of Windows XP.

What this really does is explain the so called numbers of how many customers have "SWITCHED" to Vista. Not as many as the sales numbers indicate.

AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

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LinkScanner SUCKS! So dn't install it.

I have used and installed AVG since version 6. Great program. Still is! But the linkscanner is USELESS. I almost gave up on AVG because of it slowed down Google to the point it was UNUSABLE.

Install AVG WITHOUT LinkScanner!

(Forget where I found this)

# Download the AVG 8.0 Free Edition installation package from their website.

# Run the installation with the parameters /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSurf /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSearch. One way to achieve this is to:

save the AVG Free installation file directly to disk C:\

open menu Start -> Run


c:\avg_free_stf_*.exe /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSurf /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSearch

# The installation will be started, and AVG will be installed without the LinkScanner component.

Yahoo! vs Icahn, Yahoo! blinks first

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Yahoo's only value

is that it is not Microsoft and it is not Google.

If Microsoft actually buys Yahoo I will abandon my yahoo account. Many others will follow suit.

The ONLY reason I created a yahoo account is because it is NOT Microsoft.

Microsoft are wasting there time and their money.

Icahns' only interest is in making Microsofts money HIS money. To hell with what happens to Yahoo.

Microsoft makes final heroic grab for OOXML votes

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@ Brett Brennan


Does it really matter in the end?

All the fan boys and legal beagles are absolutely right in their assertion "You don't have to USE the product if you don't want to". Unlike most people out there, I understand and accept the terms of THAT EULA - and its consequences.)


"You WILL HAVE TO use the product if you DON"T WANT TO"

That is whole purpose of Microsoft "STANDARDS". Congratulations on finding a comfortable hole where that is not so, but for MOST of the business world the "ONLY" reason they upgrade is because a large customer or government agency they deal with has upgraded and the HAVE to follow to continue to communicate.

BTW, do you have directions for your vacation spot away from REALTIY?

California court tilts towards mandating web accessibility

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So when are they going to sue GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes

Computers are a VISUAL device. The internet has become what it is based on the delivery of VISUAL content. Not everything can be translated for the visually impaired.

Describe a rainbow to a man/woman who has been blind from birth and never seen colors. You have to! I just made a law that says you have to!

This is stupid. I would say more but I know it would just be wasting more of my time.