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Web cam images undo MacBook thieves

Thom White

Software flaw?

The 'Back To my Mac' feature mentioned within the article isn't turned on by default. And, apparently....

"Back to My Mac uses advanced authentication and data encryption technologies to help prevent unauthorized access to your data and protect it during transit over the Internet. So you can rest easy knowing your data is secure."

16GB iPhone to launch today

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What no Fanboys?

Just iPhone bashers here?

Shouldn't you all be busy shopping for a phone with 3G, GPS and a teasmaid?

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RE: Apple have got some nerve


"iPhone 16GB ... $499.00 USD = £253.828 GBP."

Remember to add VAT. It comes to £298.

Apple's iPhone numbers do not add up

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Unlocked exports?

Today's New York Daily News features an article about 2 guys who stole 800 iPhones which were to be delivered to Hong Kong - where they are very popular.

If there is an international trade in unlocked iPhones it would certainly explain /some/ of the missing phones.

Testers give iPhone virtual keyboard the thumbs down

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So, the test is specifically designed to stop the iPhone's automatic error correction, and doesn't allow predicitve text on other handsets.

It is really just a test to see how well people can press buttons, not a test to see how useable a keypad/phone actually is.

This is a truly pointless - and smacks of an attempt to use 'Blackberry' and 'iPhone' references to drive traffic to their site.

Tumbleweeds outnumber punters, as iPhone's First Night flops

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Too much choice

The lack of a first-night rush may also be due to the fact that there are plenty of places to buy an iPhone - Google Maps shows me that there are 7 O2/Carphone Warehouse shops in the vicinity.

Also we learned from the American launch that there was going to be no shortage of iPhones - hence no rush.

I was busy on Friday night, so I wandered into a Carphone Warehouse on Saturday afternoon and picked one up.

Now all I need is for Virgin to send me my PAC code so I can get my iPhone working.

Macs seized by porn Trojan

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Social engineering, or cyber-Darwinism?

Well, I always make a point of entering my admin password at the request of a porn site pop-up.

OS X, Linux or Windows - If you are daft enough to fall for this, you deserve everything you get.

Universal recruits enemies for Total war on iTunes

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iTunes-beater? iPod-beater!

Of course this bright idea has one tiny flaw.

There is no way that Apple will play ball with this, so unless Universal et al can convince A LOT of people to get a new MP3 player, they are pretty much screwed before they've even begun.

Then factor in all those people who don't like a subscription-based service (i.e. your music isn't your own, and will vanish when you stop paying).

This sounds more like a Microsoft style vapour announcement in order to force Apple's hand than a real business plan.