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Natasha Henstridge braces for Impact



The earth could be encased in a thin layer of this substance which apparently makes it impervious to sound, radiation, cosmic rays and the second coming of jesus.

Microsoft hit by two more EC probes


European Bias

Its more than a little odd that this has taken so long to surface, both Opera and IE have been around for some time, and it seems that Opera have decided its their turn to take a shot.

As someone else said, god forbid that people should get so successful that they have to abandon improving their own products because their competitiors cant organise themselves into a cohesive group or define their own standard. If everyone else is using a standard and only microsoft isnt, then i fail to see the monopoly. Its just tall poppy syndrome. If this had of happened back when the BIOS was invented we may not have PC's as we know them today.

I've never had an issue with IE, WMP or Office in any of its categories. I haven't used Vista yet, but WinXP may be the most user friendly program ever made by man.

At the end of the day, this amounts to nothing more than a european assault on a big american business. There is no other reason for this barrow to be pushed AGAIN and AGAIN. This is going to go on and on because new business doesnt want to innovate, it wants the guys at the top removed so it can "compete fairly" by emasculating the people that got their first.

Writers' strike hits US talk shows hard


time for Duke Nukem to shine!

With all the writers on strike and tv off the air i hear that Duken Nukem forever is that much closer to being released

Shocked Shatner shunted from Star Trek XI


Magyver in Space!

Anything from the first 5 seasons of StarGate was pretty nifty....and I still rate it higher than any of the Trek stuff.

Star Wars movies were WAY better than the Trek ones...and I mean WAY better.

Last I heard Shattner was big enough to play the part of a PLANET, rather than a captain...

Firefly, Lexx ftw

Racist Reg ignores Nigerian helicopter pioneer


Not di caprio

you might find that Leonardo Di Caprio is an actor of some dubious note, whereas the italian gentleman you are referring to was Leonardo Di Vinci...

Small things...

Simon Pegg to play Scotty


needs a doctor

you could do worse than cast david tennant...he IS a scot AND he's already in scifi :p


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