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New Jersey bans sex offenders from the web



I think that people like you should be kept away from the internet with your overly simplistic answers to complicated problems. Maybe we should put you on an island with all the other wackjobs who want to nuke the middle east and believe that Bush is the greatest thing since slice cheese (since he is also a big fan of overly simplistic and heavy-handed solutions). Them and the Christian fanatics. Good riddance.

Wikipedia COO was convicted felon


I think some of you are missing the point...

So she is an alcoholic, so what? So she shot her boyfriend, who cares? She has a felony conviction, felons deserve to be able to live and contribute to society. But to allow some one who has been convicted of writing bad checks to be in charge of auditing finances is one the stupidest things I have ever heard of. Allowing someone who has been caught stealing (because that is what you do when you write bad checks) control over such an important part of a companies finances is ludicrous. Plus who in the their right mind hires someone to such important position with such an out of control personal life? Organizations that operate as charities need and deserve this type of scrutiny.


Nice that you only mentioned the drinking and the stealing... not the shooting people and complete disregard for others safety by repeatedly drinking and driving, which in turn led to her killing someone. Wikipedia not weeding this person out in the hiring process for such a important position is a direct reflection on the lackadaisical way that wikipedia is operated.


I might agree with you... if she hadn't been convicted of drunk driving multiple times. Maybe being busted once I could understand. People make mistakes and a DUI can be easy to get and are monetarily and time consuming to resolve. BUT SHE KILLED SOMEONE BECAUSE SHE WAS DRUNK DRIVING AFTER BEING REPEATEDLY CONVICTED OF DUI'S. GIVE ME A BREAK. It doesn't sound like she is being unfairly targeted by the US justice system.

AMD braces for financial mayhem from ATI acquisition


@ AC

while I do agree with you about the whole debacle with the 754/939 platforms, AMD's new socket AM2+ will be compatible with older AM2 boards. You just won't be able to take advantage of the some of the feature like hypertransport 3.0 and such. Also supposidely AM3 procs will work in AM2+ boards.



Totally agree! I remember when AMD first started to release decent processors (later k6-2 days) and Intel prices began dropping to compensate. Even if you don't like AMD and ATIs products we need both of then to keep prices down and provide the motivation needed for intel and nvidia to continue their pace of innovation. Competition like this is a benefit to all consumers and I don't see anyone in the wings waiting that are able to be the new AMD and ATI. Plus I think the anyone that arbitrarily chooses one brand over the over is a tard. For price vs. performance (depending on how much money you wanted to spend) AMD, until recently, has been as good if not better then intel. Same with nvidia and ATI. Hopefully they pull through.

Firefox version 3 makes beta


@ Thorin

I'm not sure how the install works on linux but I can guarantee that on windows nt based o/s the data for your history, cookies, bookmarks, and passwords are stored in a specific spot in your user folder inside the doc and settings folder and a custom install does not give you the option to change that. Therefore, there is a pretty good chance that info would get written over even if you do a custom install.

Man who urinated on dying woman for YouTube glory jailed


Crimes like these tear society apart...

and should be treated accordingly. I'm not saying this is as bad as murdering someone but it sounds like this piece of pond scum had been harassing this poor women for awhile. Allowing people like this to get away with crimes like urinating on someone that is unable to defend themselves especially when he knows that they are mentally disabled makes me sick. To suggest that something like that just deserves a fine is morally wrong. The general ambivalence that the majority of people seem to have towards the abuse of those people in our society that need the most help sometimes makes me want become a hermit or something.

The thing that worries me the most is not the guy who urinated on her. He deserves to be in prison and I'm sure this is not the only horrible thing this waste of flesh has done that would sicken anyone who is not a piece of crap. He sounds like the type of guy that might beat his wife/ kill small animals for fun/ fiddle little children. No the thing that really worries me is if it is true that this of abuse had been going on for awhile and no one had stepped in and tried to stop it or at least say something about it. If this is true then all those people are as guilty as the man on his way to jail and should be ashamed.

Student suspended in gun rights email row


@ Anonymous Coward: Cleveland School Shooting

Hey just to let you know the little bastard who shot those people didn't kill any of them just himself. Thankfully all his victims survived.

And to ever other gun nut that thinks more guns are going to fix the problem:

Why would you want this racist butt wipe to support your cause? He just make anyone is actually sane and has the same views about concealed weapons for protection look nutty.

And to anyone who thinks that this a perfect example of reverse racism:

Any one who thinks that putting a swastika on a bathroom wall is a good way to show your unhappiness with your schools diversity policies is a racist. PURE AND SIMPLE.

But that doesn't mean he should have been suspended. There was nothing threating in his e-mail and just because he is a nutjob doesn't mean you suspend him. just watch him.