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Oracle makes some certifications and cloudy content free, in case you have time on your hands

Noah Monsey

Re: How to access?

The link below has instructions for accessing the Oracle Education information.


Bit barn raising Arizona: Thirsty Microsoft mounts blazing saddle, plants 3 solar-powered server farms

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Re: Elastic Cloud

The largest Nuclear power plant in North America, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is just a few miles away from location of the new data centers.


Palo Verde Generating Station has been the nation’s largest power producer for more than 25 years – all of it clean and carbon-free.


As of 2002, Palo Verde supplied electricity at 1.33 cents per kilowatt-hour.

You better layer up, Micron's working on next-generation XPoint

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Re: What about NVMe?

NVME was designed for xpoint.

The article below explains the relationship between NVME and Xpoint.


Security bods disclose lock bypass bug in iOS

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Every patch contains a list of bugs that are exploitable on a unpatched device.

Every patch set or new version of the operating system contains a list of the bugs that are fixed.

If the device / phone does not have the latest patch set, how hard is it to read the list of bugs and then find a bug that is exploitable on the device.

Watch out, Tokyo! Samsung readies a 15 terabyte SSD

Noah Monsey

The story does not mention if the drive is using NVME, SATA, or SAS.

As a comparison, the HGST Ultrastar SN150 Series NVMe drive does 668,027 random read IOPS and 121,621 random write IOPS.


How flash storage raced from glory to despair in 2013

Noah Monsey

What happens when NVMe SSD start shipping.

What is going to happen to all of these Flash suppliers when Samsung starts shipping NVMe SSD (XS1715) with 740,000 IOPS and a sequential read speed at 3,000MB/s?


I would love to see a story summarizing some of the new NVMe SSD and controllers that compares the NVMe devices to the current enterprise storage products.

Liquid electrocar batteries could be replaced at pumps

Noah Monsey

Hydrogen Fuel cells are here now.

Hydrogen fuel cells are already here now.

Several automobile companies have practical hydrogen vehicles in use now.

The cost of hydrogen vehicles will come down quickly as the manufacturers start to ramp up production volumnes. The car companies have had years of experience testing and using several generations of vehicles and fuel cell stacks. Over the next couple over years several companies will introduce production FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicles). Take a look at http://www.fuelcells.org/ and http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/ to read current information about fuel cells. There seems to be a lot of skeptics posting comments based on out of date information. Companies like Honda, Toyota, General Motors and Ford would not have Fuel Cells vehicles if they where not practical.

Arizona sheriff prefers jail to handing over server password

Noah Monsey

Conflicting regulations

The reasoning behind the change in management for the system was related to allowing technicians who did not have security clearances to run the system. The regulations which fund the system require that the system is managed by law enforcement personell. The Maricopa County staff had their employess to run the system and the Maricopa County Sheriff's office was just moving the system back to being managed by law enforcement personell.

Toshiba hints at sooner-rather-than-later fuel-cell debut

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FAA already approved fuel cells for use on planes

The FAA already approved fuel cell for us on airplanes.

A search on google using the key words fuel cell faa returns lots of articles.

I believe there may be limits to the number of cartridges you are allowed to carry.

Spinal Tap's Tufnel gets new Honda hydrogen car

Noah Monsey

Fuel Cell information

One of the posters asked about the number of hydrogn refueling stations.

Here is a list of hydrogen refueling statuons.


Here is a searchable list of hydrogen stations.


Here is a link to Honda Home Enrgy Station.


Yes there are usable hydrogen storage tanks that do not leak.

Please do a little reading if you are interested in modern fuel cell technology. Fuel cells are being used in cars, buses, boats, trains and stationary power generation.


The links below provides recent fuel cell news.



Many of the skeptical comments that have been posted do not take into account the recent scientific advances that been made in the use of hydrogen fuel cells. If some of the problems that people have mentioned had not been solved, we would not have Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota and others producing fuel cell vehicles.

There will be fuel cell vehicles mass produced within the next several years. If you look at the trials, the companies doing the research have proposed several methods of generating and using hydrogen. the methods that have worked have been kept.

The Electric Car Conspiracy ... that never was

Noah Monsey

The movie was biased.

Truthfully, the movie was very biased. By the time that I saw the movie General Motors had a very successfull fuel cell project under way. Currently most car maufacturers have fuel cell projects in progress. It sure seems that a lot of the comments about have been using out dated information.


There are fuel vehicles cell being leased to the public in California.

The Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV) recently completed a 2,300 mile trek from Fairbanks, Alaska to Vancouver, British Columbia proving that fuel cells operate in extremely cold climates.

Most automobile manufacturers will be mass producing fuel cell vehicles in the next couple of years. The fuel cell vehicle trials have been conducted for several years. Now that the trials have gone through several generations, fuell cells are ready for general use by the public.

Some companies have complained about the lack of fueling infastructure. The are a small number of hydrogen fueling stations throughout the world. The automobile manufacturers are liiting sales of fuel cell vehicles to locations where fueling infrastructure is available.

Some of the recent automobile shows have shown fuel cell vehicles. There have also been some articles about how normal the fuel cell vehicles are.

Please stop being so pessimistic about the future of electric vehicles. The will be coming over the next couple of years. The only difference between the GM EV1 and the full cell vehicles like the Honda FCX Clarity , Ford Focus FCV, GM Equinox FCV is that the fuel cell electric vehicle have made it past the early trials to the point that automobile manufacturers are ready to start mass production.

We still have the problem of the infrastructure not existing yet. With the Honda "Energy Station IV" you can generate the hyrdogen at home. California is one of several places that have subsidized the building of a few hygrogen stations to get the transition to hydrogen fuel cell cars started.

Noah Monsey

Honda to put ultracapacitors on the road in '08

Noah Monsey

Fuel Cell comercializaton

It sure seems like everyone is extremely cynical about fuel cell vehicles.

It would be a good idea to read current new about fuel cells before dismissing them completely. http://www.fuelcells.org/

The are a lot of fuel cells trials currently being conducted by most automobile manufacturers. Companies like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda have been running hydrogen fuell cells for several years. There are hydrogen fuel cell cars and buses that have been operational for years. We are only a few years away from fuel cell cars that can be purchased by the public.

Telly vision: future display technologies

Noah Monsey


Why should anyone care about the lifetime of OLED displays.

If the displays can be manufactured using roll-to-roll technology,

the displays should be much cheaper. The displays should

be replaced every few years.


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