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Kaspersky false alarm quarantines Windows Explorer



Nod32 and bit Defender Internet security 2008 i use here at office and home (nod32 in office casue i have ISA in place and Bit Defender at home casue of its uber firewall) i Hate symantec casue its shite.... and kapersky i dont use cause its ... well ok but not as good as afore mentioned.. most i have tested have mist common virusus such as bagle but not nod or BT !! both updated hourly too

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP



why has no one mentioned xp 64bit edition ?? if u wanna use all that 32gigs of ram and ur new fangled shiny 64bit processor run that one and no crappy vista :)

Nokia unleashes N82 smartphone multimedia computer


Still love my e90

E90 has been great phone had it for 5 months now ( live in finland :) ) not one problem with it .. battery seems to last good too , if u have the wifi switched off.

Finnish school gunman posted warning on YouTube


@ Bill L

finland is 5 milliion residents,

so ya a bit different from states..

I just going to move to tuusula aswell ......

I fint it strange no one had spoted that video on you tube fefore the event identified the studant and arrested him before it happened , but saying that its really unusuall for somthing like that to happen .. usually the depresed ones here in finland throw them selfs in front of trains ....

'PlayStation-deprived' teen admits part in plot to pop parents



i thought maryland was a biscuit .....

'Fiendish' Trojan pickpockets eBay users

Black Helicopters

Norton AV is bad

i have also had bad experiances with Norton AV particurally with the bagle w32 virus , it just wont pick it up i got infected twice casue norton failed to dectect now i use NOD32 at work and BitDefender at home both have worked excelentlly and detected ALL viruses i also tested them withthe viruses that norton didnt detect !!! how can this be ... any way NEVER RELY ON NORTON AV .. ITS CR*P

Hackers unlock iPhone - again


lol its what a load of hassle for a a lump of rubbish

Its obvious this is going to continue i just do not understand why anyone would buy one of these, just like a mac , its total garbage. go out and get ur self a E90 , now thats a brick that works ! :)