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Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

Matt Ruggles

I call BULL£#%!

Er I call bullshit. Has anyone seen, heard of anyone, had a vision of ANYONE who has 50mbit?

I dont know anyone on 50mbit, the only person I know who has higher than 20mbit in the UK is a friend in London who gets 100mbit but is actually more like 60mbit (might just be his download locations)

Virgin are liars, not only do they lie and say their service is fibre optic. But it seems they tout products they dont have and have little intent on selling either. I'd rather stick to my 20mbit BE and not get capped thanks.

Theres no light coming out the end of my coax !

Be Broadband doubles down on ADSL to catch cable

Matt Ruggles
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I'll buy it

Was previously a vm customer, but dropped them due to lack of hd content, lack of sky channels (although now back I believe) never took broadband with them due to horrible traffic shaping (on an unlimited service).

I currently have two adsl links, one with BE and I cant fault them at all. They sent me texts on the day it was activated, connects at 20mbit / 1.3up its never gone down since i turned it on and theres no shaping / capping and its cheap too :D

Would have been tempted to get virgin for 50mbit but if BE offer me bonded DSL I'll buy it.

Fight the bearded one.

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

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Will he sue the government if he gets stuck in traffic too?

More frivilous law-suits its a wonder there is any money left in America, oh wait, there isnt.

Virgin probes Facebook safety, chav claims

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Punters the chavs?

I think the airline staff are the chavs...

They all speak like cockneys (at least here) eee arrigh did ya pack that bag yaself innnit ?

Then theres the ones with WAAAAY too much makeup on and all the rest.

If you ask me, Virgin staff are the chavs.

London could get HD Freeview next year

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About &%*% time !

Its about damn time.

Lets see when did HDTV take off in America -- Circa 2001 (very popular by 2002)

Uk gets HDTV circa 2006 with 0 content.

And now possibilty of freeview in 2009 a whopping 8 years after the yanks and dont give me any twoddle about not enough bandwidth.. there is. The US has many more free over-the-air channels than we do (admittedly they are mostly full of crap) and a great deal of HD channels.

In the UK we have ... BBC HD ! wow.

Oh and if you have sky then you can actually watch some content in HD!

Too little, too late.

DIY Russian war robot plays nanny to inventor's kid

Matt Ruggles

I wonder

If its anything like homer simpsons robot made from household items


BlackBerry boss blows raspberries at iPhone

Matt Ruggles

Shame the blackberry sucks too

Blackberries look dated, crash, are very slow, have huge icons, cost a fortune to run and are mainly used by suits to look good on the train reading the joke email sent around the office that day. Oh and full keyboard ?!? cough.. blackberry pearl .. cough

Nokia pwns BB and iphone.

Beeb news website goes titsup

Matt Ruggles
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Oh dear

Does that mean we can't read any more propaganda about cannabis and the latest rantings from sir-ian-should-be-fired-blair ?

What a shame eh.