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Microsoft covers Brit who penetrated Windows 8.1 with GOLD

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Re: I applaud this approach

D'you know how much a set of horse shoes cost nowadays?

Defendant presents Playmobil rendering of court in court

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Google hails Pac-Man with retro gaming homepage

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You need to click the "Insert Coin" button ... duh!

Closing the gap between development and operations

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Aren't you talking about systems integration?

What you're talking about used to be called systems integration - a role which, for many companies, no longer actually exists.

In fact I was involved in an exceptionally similar conversation just 3 weeks ago:

Dev Mgr: "Our dev is in our private SIT environment and we want it in prod before the Christmas change freeze in 3 weeks."

Me: "Don't think that's going to happen - we haven't even got it in UAT."

Dev Mgr: "This needs to be the top priority then to get it UAT'ed and in prod before the Christmas change freeze in 3 weeks."

Me: "Don't think that's going to happen - we've got end-user support priorities. What's involved in your deployment plan?"

Dev Mgr: "We don't have one - we need to define it so that it can go into prod before the Christmas change freeze in 3 weeks."

We're now 3 weeks later and we have only just defined who will be responsible for the roll-out (me) and you can be damn sure it's going to have a fully defined deployment plan before it even gets near the UAT environment.

Jacqui Smith resurrects 42-days after Lords rejection

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So they have a 1 liner bill which can be pushed through parliament saying "we want to be able to hold Mustaffa al Terrorist because he's a very naughty boy."

That'll bode well for any intended prosecution won't it?

When a case can get thrown out for undue press coverage d'you reckon that publishing in Hansard might impact upon any future proceedings?

Brit, German indicted for stateside satellite TV attacks

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Extradition Treaties

This'll be an interesting one for comparison of extradition treaties ... will the Brit be lovingly delivered to the arms of the FBI while in Germany they have to jump through hoops to get the other guy for the same crime, same charge.

The Daily Mail readers won't know who to slam the most - the Yanks or the Jerries.

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

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I saw the headline & thought it was a wind-up.

'Lo and behold it's true!

Oh ... before anyone else gets in ...

Where's the IT angle?

Where's the Paris Hilton angle?