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Christian footie match ends in almighty brawl


Re: @Kellerman - Team Sports

@JustaKOS - I've played and managed in both a Christian Football League (i.e. against other churches) and also Sunday League football. The difference is one of attitude and self-control, it's not at all about letting yourself get 'trampled on'.

It's concerned with playing the game fairly, justly and not seeking to win by hoodwink, deception or by causing deliberate physical / emotional damage to your opponents. You can still play hard, you can still shout at people, you can still moan at the ref, but do so without offence or dissent. Self-control in the heat of battle - it's not easy, but it's what playing in a 'Christian spirit' is really all about. Wouldn't football be great if everyone played like this? Hard but fair.

Clearly these guys involved in the brawl have got a little way to go yet...*ahem*


Re: Team Sports

What's so 'unchristian' about wanting to win? You can be competitive and want to win but do so with grace, a degree of humility and without a 'win at all costs' mentality - that I believe commands respect from everyone, whether you hold faith or not.

You've automatically assumed that players can't engage in sporting combat without conflict, which is just nonsense.

O2 launches Wallet: Plays pay-by-text card, again


Re: I'm on O2, can I use Wallet on Android Market?

@Robert Carnegie - yes, any smartphone (plus some non-smartphones if the browsing experience is adequate) on any network can sign up for the O2 Wallet, no need to be 'with O2' in any respect prior. It also works on an iPod Touch with WiFi and there's a fixed web log-in as well, just in case your phone is out of juice/coverage.

Texter who fell in fountain threatens to sue


Why stop at the mall...

....she should extend her litigious action towards the handset manufacturer, the operator network, her friend that she was texting, and of course God himself for giving her fingers to text with and feet to walk on. Nothing wrong with a bit of bet-hedging...

Catholics slam PETA nude adopt-a-mutt poster


@ Dale Morgan

I don't think it's the naked women that Christians find offensive, but the juxtaposition of the cross on her nudity. It's certainly lacking taste and tact, although she has at least come out and said she's a practising Catholic, so not done entirely for the sake of 'art'.

PETA must be loving all the publicity.

O2 gets into fixed line with BT


Do you all work for Vodafone??

Is the only explanation for these comments - in my experience, O2 is the only telcos that gives a monkeys about its customers, which might explain why its service (including broadband) picks up so many awards and why they're #1 in the market (pending Orabile merger).

Remember, this deal with BT is with their wholesale division, not the crappy customer-facing part (Global Services), so customers will benefit from the decent part of BT - its network - without having to endure the pain of being frigged about by its inept customer care department.

Orange and Barclaycard partner on touchless pay-by-phone tech



This is NFC = Near Field Communications technology, essentially the same priniciple by which Oyster cards work (i.e. no battery!). In other words, it should work OK even on a flat phone - you would probably need power to be able to upload money to the e-Wallet though.

Shane Ritchie poised to 'reinvent' Minder


The key question is....

....what's the modern day Winchester Club going to be like? Some of the best scenes in Minder were the banter between Dave, Arfur & Terry/Ray.

"VAT, Dave - better make it a large one." They sure don't make 'em like that any more.

Kiwis deploy nut-crush powered jumbo

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Let's not forget humble coconuts....

....which the pedants/QI fans amongst you will be quick to point out isn't a nut at all. Nonetheless, 50 billion (count em) of these beauties grow each year globally in the wild already, most of which are wasted. Another desert-friendly option perhaps?

Have a look here for evidence of where it's already being used: http://www.channel4.com/4car/ft/feature/feature/80/1

T-Mobile kicked for 'more minutes' ad

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Surely this misses the point?

The bigger question that has to be asked here is who at T-Mo actually sanctioned this hackneyed, low-rent, banal creative idea as a supposedly mesmerising campaign? Is there no-one with a shred of creative zest at their ad agency?

This whole idea and hammed-up execution is every bit as woeful as those "had an accident that wasn't your fault?" ads on daytime TV. In fact, at least those raise a smile - even if inadvertently.

World needs mobile phone wallets, cries trade body


The usual amount....

....of ridiculous rheotic and ignorance being spouted here.

NFC technology is totally different from GSM, GPRS, 3G, WiFi etc. Think of it more as your Oyster Card with bells on being embedded into the back of your phone. I know Oyster isn't 100% perfect, but it works nearly all the time for almost everyone - this will be the same, and won't be dependent on your phone being in coverage or even switched on.

It's also likely to be free to use - remember that every retail outlet that you use cash in still has to pay that cash into a bank and is charged accordingly each time it does so. There will be an interchange fee between whichever payment partner you use (e.g. Mastercard, VISA, Amex), but that won't be passed on to the consumer. Nor will you get charged by your network per transaction. You might find that a compatible handset costs more in the first place, but that's it.

Advantages? I'd have thought they were fairly obvious - fewer things to carry (all your credit cards could go onto your phone, no travel card needed), never needing to worry about cash / correct change again....

Winning contestant dies during competitive eating event


All for one (and me for myself?)

@Chris Paulson

Humans clucking well should care about the fate of the rest of the planet. In case you hadn't noticed, we're all here living together at the same time - separated by a few thousand miles of land and sea, and although you might not believe it, we're all the same species. I thought it was human nature to show a little compassion about others? Or is it out of sight, out of mind? Head in the sand, I'm all right jack, tough crap on the rest of the planet?

Thank your lucky stars folks that you were born into the relatively rich west (yes, credit crunch notwithstanding), which, for all its faults, is an infinitely better place to live in than a resource-poor nation controlled by a megalomaniac who doesn't give a fig about the welfare of the people he purports to serve. You can take your pick from dozens, if not hundreds of these.

Have a little perspective.

Noel Gallagher takes a tumble on YouTube


Noel vs Keith...

....comparing this incident to the video of Keith Richards attacking a stage marauder with this guitar isn't valid - Noel didn't see this bloke coming at all, or certainly not until it was too late to do anything about it.

Richards on the other hand (if you watch the vid) has enough time to take his guitar right off, balance himself and tw*t the little bleeder before he even has a chance to lay a finger on him.

iPhone 3G to lure pre-payers to contracts - survey


@Muzchap - that made me laugh!!

Muzchap, you need to CALM DOWN a bit, fella... and while you're there, how about we start dealing in some real evidence here rather than your own bizarre rhetoric....

Fact: GfK NOP did this study off their own backs (for PR purposes you might say). The results would not have been published by the agency if they had done the research on behalf of either O2 or Apple as it wouldn't be GfK's intellectual property. And before you ask, I work in O2's marketing department, so I'm pretty confident in this statement.

Fact: 750 is a perfectly respectable sample size, regardless of the entire population 'universe'. Your own logic on this might sound right to you, but it's cobblers. There comes a point where surveying more and more people has no discernable impact on the outcome. You'd need to understand stats to appreciate what I'm talking about here. A sample of 750 out of 64 million is infinitely more reliable than a sample of 30 out of 100.

Fact: The soup analogy is absolutely spot on. You my friend are not.

Fact: No corporate 'big cheese' as you put it would stay in his/her job long if (s)he just employed agencies to tell him/her what he wants to hear. The research agency wouldn't last long either, nor would they put their name to research that was fudged to tell the right story.

Market research / polling is a totally respectable industry - it's the (ab)users of the data that give it a bad rep.

Philips hops on 'iPhone killer' bandwagon



How on earth can you say it's "rubbish" based on a couple of pictures? Philips have a great record for making the very hi-tech very usable (in my experience), so am expecting good things from this.

I'm not denying Sony Ericsson are also excellent on the usability side, but let's at least see how well this works before discounting it. On the aesthetics side, the curves give it a style of its own which I like.

Boffin: Coconut jumbo is millstone in disguise


It may have escaped some people's notice...

...that humble coconuts seem to thrive quite well in the wild by themselves. Not only that, they are a perennial - we get quite a lot of them each year. I'll qualify that further - 50 BILLION coconuts are generated naturally each year, which, in theory could be converted into 5 billion litres of diesel.

Not only that, because they grow up in the air on trees, they don't take up massive amounts of land that could be used for other crops, in fact they tend to grow in places largely unsuited for traditional farming.

So in short, they are at least a highly sustainable source of fuel, even if there is a cost associated with transforming the oil into biodiesel and of course the inherent pollution problems.

Dial-a-phone 4u?


@Sam Kirkpatrick

"I've no personal experience of Phones4u, and haven't found them any more pushy than any other mobile sales stores."

If you've no personal experience of them, how can you have found them no more pushy than others?? Doesn't make sense.

I work in the industry and ALL the customers we speak to are unanimous in their condemnation of P4U's sales approach - I've not found anyone with a good thing to say about them. Most of the networks' own stores are now committed to offering an experience that's diametrically opposed to P4U.... it's a slow process, but it's starting to happen.

O2 sweetens its iPhone deals



Peter - you can buy if you're using a UK address for purchase and delivery purposes (you might need to arrange for someone else to collect the phones for you).

I doubt that any UK network would deliver phones abroad for security/fraud reasons, and as O2 doesn't have a presence in Belgium, there's no way it could safely reconcile and fulfil a purchase from you.

Public school IT supplier goes titsup


How sad....

....the poor little darlings might have to do some written work for a change, which might come as a shock to some of them.

There's bound to be someone in each school whose mater/pater works as an IT director or even owns an IT services company that could step up to the plate to 'bale them out'. I suspect a few vultures are already hovering.

Peter Erskine calls it a day at O2


Not great??

> the last 12 months has not been great for O2 so a change of leadership makes a certain amount of sense.

If launching iphone, a very decent broadband service, the best indoor arena in the UK (by far), and remaining no.1 for customer connections aren't a great year, then I'd like to know what exactly might constitute such a year for anyone. It must be tough at the top.

I'd call that going out on a high, but maybe I've missed something?

O2 to launch Stella/Stellar in December


@Anonymous Coward

Why is rebranding HTC phones as O2 "just plain stupid"? HTC has virtually no brand equity here in the UK, whereas all the mobile operators are trying to generate some genuine loyalty by offering their customers something tangible (i.e. a decent handset), rather than just a pure service offering.

BT-branded home phones are a good example of where this has worked well in a similar industry.

Aussie boffins translate whale chat


Waste of money...?

Everyone who's seen Finding Nemo knows that a John Dory fish is all you need to interpret whale noises. So, anyone speak John Dory, eh? (Apart from Ellen Degeneres?)

You've got to ask yourself, was this 3-year project worth the time and money in all honesty? As fascinating as this may be, finding solutions to Planet Earth heating up or alternatives to fossil fuels would surely be a better use of however many millions they spent on this. Perhaps whales are part of the solution, what do I know.

iPhone auction fakes swindle the impatient

Jobs Halo

Acquisition tool....

....O2 is clearly using the iphone as a way to differentiate itself and get more people to join, that's the simple reason the deal is exclusive to them and the iphone locked to their network.

From what I've seen, O2 always come top or 2nd of customer sat comparisons and their network is excellent IMHO, so if you can port your number (which you can), why wouldn't you switch if you really wanted the iphone?

Swearing at work 'good for business'


@Steve Sutton

Oh dear, Steve - as well as being a real charmer, you've vainly tried to make some points to justify your use of whatever language you like, but not very well.

1) "If people find the specific words I use to communicate, then that's their problem". I think you missed out the word 'offensive' there, but I got your drift. If someone finds you or your language offensive then it's YOUR problem, sunshine. Who are you to say how someone should feel? By your own lofty standards is homophobic, sexist or racist language also acceptable? If you answer "no" to this, you're guilty of appalling double standards.

2) Using offensive language can amount to bullying on its own, doesn't need any actions to go with it. Cases have gone to European Court over this.

3) Mostly tosh, Steve - I'm not telling you to stop swearing, but just to consider the thoughts of others. Would you swear in a job interview? In court? Of course not - it's part of cultural etiquette not to use certain words in certain circumstances. And as I said earlier, if someone finds it offensive, that's reason enough that you should at least consider refraining. How on earth can that be considered self-fulfilling? What exactly does it fulfil?? In any case, the less frequently it's used, the more value it has - keep it up your sleeve for hard-hitting impact.


An alternative perspective

We're all having a good giggle about this (and why not), but there's a more serious side to it. Now, I'm no prude, and in an appropriate context the odd swear-word at work can be quite effective / impactful, however consider the following.

1) Some people may find swearing seriously offensive, distasteful, blasphemous or even intimidating / frightening

2) What we say is taken at face-value by many and remembered. In other words, it may not do your career prospects much good especially if someone in 1) complains about it, or if your current / future boss isn't a fan of it

3) It's frankly unprofessional in an office environment. I work in marketing (a relatively respectful white-collar industry) and I get new prospective suppliers who come in to see me and a few will start using coarse/mildly blasphemous language like they've known me all my life. It's a very easy decision not to use them at all after that - and I'll tell them why, some look sheepish and apologise, others look at me like I've dropped down from Mars.

There are however certain industries where 'industrial' language is the norm, so it's horses 4 courses I guess....

YouTube invades Google Earth


With a bit of effort....

....and a handful more satellites, this could turn into the ultimate CCTV. Soon you'll have to go indoors to commit any sort of crime. Claustrophobic murderers will soon be outed!