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Intel launches Atom brand for UMPC CPUs


Its about time

Hopefully we will be able to fit an ENTIRE laptops architecture into a form no bigger than a credit card.

The smiling bandit strikes agian

Wikileaks judge reverses takedown order


son of a...

Whats this... common... sense... head... exploding... paradox.

I've always said:

Fear the politician that claims he'll make the trains run on time.


The end is near when courts start to work for the common man rather than against.

mines the one with the NBC hood.

Comcast pays Americans to oppose net neutrality


The issue at hand... sort of.

Cable internet is nice and all, but Comcast users have other alternatives if they are so upset about the throttling issues in regards to internet service. Personally I think comcast's decision to use such nasty means is uncalled for. It is a form of censorship that should not be tolerated. I find it sad that so many people have no clue as to what is happening, that they almost fill an auditorium. Blissful Ignorance at its best.

@b shubin's lack of reason

Let me guess, you live somewhere on this globe where everyone is an altruistic Marxist? You happily bash another culture, another race, another way of life with such glee. Perhaps it is the random strain of bigot that runs through the ENTIRE human race that leads to sh*t smears like yourself.

Capitalism is not the cause of hatred and vice. It is the human predilection towards vicious and greedy behavior, something that can be found across all lines of religion, nationality, culture, economy, and race, is the root causation for all of the pain in this world. Think next time before you choose to vent your hazy understanding of the world to others.

As for the puppet known as Bush, Public speaking isn't a required college course. You are not required to love to read before attending a higher institute of learning. Any dumb@ss can graduate from a college as long as they complete the work assigned to them. The only reason he was in Yale was his pedigree.

Which might I remind you descends from Prescott Bush, a man who was flirting with the idea to stage a coup in the states during the tail end of the depression, with the ultimate goal being a military dictatorship not much dissimilar from the Nazi regime in Germany at the time. The Bushes have been real winners (please note sarcasm) and how they continually gain the backing of influential families around the world cannot just be related to money in the right pockets (although this helps as bribery is a tool that is used regardless of what sort of socio-economic climate you occupy).

On another wonderful glaring error in your tinfoil wrapped little world, Americans do NOT vote their president into office. The president of the United States is appointed by the electoral college. Read your f*cking Constitution and your local state laws to see who exactly is screwing you over before blaming the rest of us. Popular vote is a sham and anyone who bases their opinions on other based on an ill calibrated measure needs to pull their head out of their @ss.

Mines the one with the ammo bandoleer...

UK media consultant dupes 2.4m randy YouTubers

Paris Hilton


Now only if it was Paris would I watch. Then I would join the masses and oggle.

Latest China scare torpedos 3Com takeover

Paris Hilton

As much as I hate to admit

I have to applaud my government for this move.

Its not that I prefer the homegrown oppression over Chinese psuedo-social-comu-capitalism either.

And even if I agree with Chris on the idea of national information security being a joke.

The blokes at 3Com own subsididaries that supply the US military with communications solutions. Large fat government contracts. Contracts that are a pain in the a$$ to change for both sides.

Some of these 3Com systems are installed in areas that are fairly sensitive. The book and schematic knowledge isn't enough to know how the non-3Com systems in these places operate effectively.

Just because you mag on Paris doesn't mean you know how to handle her. Same thing applies to complex sensors and weapons control rigs.

RIAA chief calls for copyright filters on PCs



They can have my files when they pry 'em from my cold dead hard drive.

Bush overrules judge in US navy-v-dolphins sonar case



Previously stated by Michael:

"On the other hand, what actual or imminent threat is there in this perpetual state of emergency?


Possible threat? How probable is it?"


Fortunately modern warfare is the same as ancient warfare in one concept. You fight like you train. The harder you push your men in a training environment, the better results you will get in combat. The roll of the combatant throughout history has been the same story, just different arms and armour (despite being a yank, I like that spelling better).

Unfortunately modern warfare sucks the GNP of a nation faster than you can say: "Holy t*ty f**king chr*st."

With that being said... I am sorry Mr. Dolphin and Whale. I appologize for my human nature that says I must kill my fellow man. To do so with up most efficiently I must practice, and this may (or may not) harm you. For this is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine....

Don't get me wrong. I am a peace loving individual. But if I cannot trust my own countrymen to do what is right in regards to governing my homeland, what makes people think that I would trust a foreign government not to encroach upon my hopes and dreams?

Mines the one with the urban camo pattern with rifle magazines pouches and the MOLE attachments for survival gear.


@ Cowardly Whale

Paranoid yanks... you live up to Anonymous Coward.

The last time a US vessel was attacked by a submarine was quite some time ago (try World War II); the reason for the lack of recent submarine attacks is mainly due to our numerical and technological superiority under the oceans surface.

People think twice when its time to go toe to toe with a multi million ton warship that can crack the keel of any ship afloat and cause the sky to rain fire from a thousand miles away (conventional fire not the nuke). Just as the US uses fear to keep its population in line, US naval warships are built to put the fear of what ever god you worship deep within the cockles of your shriveled sub human heart.

We are not so much worried bout the Ruskies. Try China who is has developed their own nuclear subs for quite some time; not to mention their own crazy munitions for their small, but growing surface fleet (Rocket propelled torpedoes anyone). Read about China's economy and industrial growth. I am not worried because they are communists (no one in history has been a true commie. Chairman Mao's communism differs from Stalinism and post Stalin Communism). I am worried about a superpower that has the ability to crash and or obliterate any economy they choose (not even the US has this power; we can harm, hinder, and hurt, but not truly destory) without any form of military intervention towards their target.

To a lesser extent. How about the Iranians. They own quite a few ex-soviet diesel electric boats. Or the Peruvians who maintain a small fleet of their own. Or those pesky Germans who crank out Type 206 diesel electric (and even AIP diesels, air independent propulsion) for anyone who can cough up enough cash. And the Swedes... god bless the Swedes. They put women on their subs!

Nuke or diesel, it doesn't matter to surface ships. A submarine is one of the most deadly weapons at sea. History has proved this. Hell, the last major naval engagement in history involved a British Sub firing torpedoes at the Argentineans. So don't give me this American whore mongering, I mean, warmongering jibe.

Human kind lives for strife and struggle. It is what makes us human. Without our self-appointed overlords sending thousands to die in the name of false and hopeless causes, there would be an over abundance of people killing each other for no reason

Hey, wait a second....


Oscar Oscar Oscar

Ever hear those words passed over a UT set? Guess not. Some good arguments for both sides; however, I doubt a single one of you has USED active sonar. I also doubt any of you are familiar with the feeling of being in a steel tube built to sink (read as submarine) and hearing the hull echo with the sound of a kid jumping on a chain link fence (active sonar). Makes your gut go all kinds of twisty, you break into a cold sweat, and you want nothing more than to get the hell out of dodge.

I also have some reservations on weather or not any of you have ever fired (or been on a ship that has fired) a live torpedo. Hydrostatic shock does do some significant damage, but not to the extent the damned hippies would like you to believe.

As for the damage of active sonar, unless your REALLY close, the damage to living creatures is minimal.

This isn't coming from some long haired (or bald) man in a lab coat. This is coming from someone who has had to study the effects of sound propagation in water, effects of explosives in a underwater environment, and the tactics involved in submarine warfare.

P.S.: I no longer work for THAT employer. I am trying to be the long haired man... btw the white coat is mine.

US biotech firm in new human cloning claim


Please, do not be tempted....

My new lungs, liver, heart, and kidneys are more important than any split tail entertainment!

Seriously... vat grown spare organs with damn near complete genetic match. Sound like a bad Sci-fi flick and we all know that it will only go to the rich first (so is the way the world works)

After that, then comes the custom made harem.

My coat? the white flowing lab type one over there.

US.gov sets Real ID rules in stone

Black Helicopters

Absolute Madness

Armed checkpoints between states. Why do you need checkpoints when you have armed men roving about the highways in cars with little blinking lights, high powered tasers and assault weapons? They will do what they want with us because the rest are indifferent.

American apathy at its finest. As long as your warm, dry, and fed, don't ask in f*cking questions. Ignore your countries past, the true golden years of revolution. The only good times in the United States was the 30 or so after we violently left our mothers embrace.

Given the state of affairs in the U.S. right now, with jingoistic socialists and absolute rule despots (read as democrats and republicans) driving the United Welfare Police States of America, I can't think of any other place in the world I'd rather be sh*t on by the upper one percent.

US 'robot surge' deal re-inked after droid piracy fracas



of the roombas falling from the sky. Tiny vacuum motors sucking up all the top soil and generally annoying the populous.

I for one welcome our robotic overlords.

US man sets himself on fire and cuts off his own arm


Survival Instinct.

It sure as hell wasn't there when sticking a hand in moving machinery, suddenly popped its head up when the man was going to die.

Maybe he should have just let the machine kill him. His brilliance will go on and help future generations shove their hands in moving machinery monsters.

Met Police to pilot Tasers

Black Helicopters

Fallacy of freedom.

Welcome to the world of litigious tyrants my friends. Better to cripple and maim than to utterly destroy a population. Victims of state sponsored brutality still are productive, after a fashion that is.

I find a sort of perverted humor in the fact that most Americans and the Brits, ignore the fact that we are all slaves to law, and therefore slaves to those who control it. Instead we continue to trash each others popular cultures and sh*tty leadership.

When will either side recognize that police state brutality and law induced economic hardship is common to both.

Law enforcement only exists to "Protect and Serve" the ideals, positions, and laws of the social elite above the common man. Sugar coating it in the lie of protecting us from ourselves. Self-defense is no longer a "natural right" within litigious societies. Our overlords in their infinite wisdom and delusions of grandeur, have redefined it as a liberty; which is something that can be removed at whim. A man (or woman for that matter) who cannot defend himself, is not a man, but a slave.

Tasers are just another step towards the unjustified use of force. When a weapon leaves no trace of use (A lot of stun weapons are starting to minimize the signs of use), expect wanton abuse. The harder it is to prove that you've been oppressed, the easier it will be for the government to deny any wrong doing.

Hushmail warns users over law enforcement backdoor

Black Helicopters


is an illusion in all aspects. Any political entity able to leverage force, be it economic or physical, is capable of breaking down any barriers between them and the power they crave. The individual does not matter in this scenario; neither do any perceived liberties.

Not saying that I welcome our Police State overlords with open arms; sometimes wearing a tinfoil hat just confuses them into thinking your not worth their time.

I am not paranoid. I know that any thing I do, or say for that matter, has the potential of being recorded, logged, scanned, interpreted, placed in a relational database, ect. ect. ect.

Look at the brighter side of things; at least thoughts (in most cases) are still private.

Girls' school head condemns bubblewrapping of kids

Gates Horns

Bill gates...

Educated via the american school system. The devil incarnate... and one of the richest men in the world; who didn't finish college his first time thru.

Eight out of ten of the worlds super computers were designed, built, and hosted within the borders of the US. This is a credit to american college system.

But as with any system, there are cracks. Some of my fellow students shouldn't be permited to breed let alone compleat their schooling.


[Common] Sense ??

"... bucking the stupid, risk averse, US style culture of breeding pointless, brain dead unthinking lard arsed kids with about as much knowledge of the real world and it's problems as a retarded donkey."

Seriously... wtf. A nation that cranks out more college educated nationals than any other. More foreign students clambering over visas than you can shake a stick at (and not the credit card). Brain dead lard arsed kids in a nation obsessed with money and "doing well" for one selves while furthering our (crappy) consumer culture?

Obviously you've got a real handle on this real world crap. With your supreme grasp of reality you must have also noticed that US children are more violent and socially aggressive. Of course with your all knowing and overwhelming knowledge you'd also be able to make a connection to school murders and what not. You may have me cornered there oh wise one of all knowledge of what children are and are not, but...

my kid with his pistol can shoot your kid with his baseball bat at 50 yards. Oh how insensitive of me.... about 48 meters.

You know shite of what it is to be an American kid.

Intel celebrates 'Penryn' launch


Intel is mother, Intel is father.

I for one have always welcomed our Intel overlords.

Mum sends stripper to teenage son's school


The music...

is torture enough. Brittney Spears can turn something that I wished would have happened to me, into something that would scar me for life. I think the guest of honor fled because of the soundtrack.

Microsoft invades 'city of friendly people'

Black Helicopters


the ninja like nabbing of network hardware in the area Micro-slouch has their work cut out for 'em. But then agian they are known for pooring money in to sinkholes (need we not mention V*sta, Crap Box, Crap Box 360, the list goes on).

Masked thieves storm into Chicago colocation (again!)


Cheep skates.

Hell the solution after the first robbery should of led to shotgun wielding rent-a-pigs. Those of us who have grown up brooding on cyberpunk-esk ideals know the only "safe" data or hardware is that which is guarded both physically and electronically.

After the fourth robbery and no armed guards... the company deserves to flop for their incompetence.

Woman murdered after answering Craigslist ad

Paris Hilton

Looking for the Hilton Angle

Not to sound cold blooded, but PH angle? Anyone?

Now to sound cold blooded: Out of the hundreds of deaths every day, what's so special about this one? Tomorrow the sun will rise, birds will chirp, and the world will go on without this babysitter. When we die, we will be lucky to be remembered by our own damn families in a hundred years. Let alone being remembered for two thousand years is reserved for guys like Hawking.

Preying on suffering via sensationalism is disgusting.

Student suspended in gun rights email row

Dead Vulture

Gun control means using two hands.

2nd amendment of the U.S. constitution states militias may bare arms. U.S. Law considers every able bodied male a member of the national guard. Therefore, every able bodied male in America is a member of a militia (the national guard is a militia). Hence the carte blanch rule for American gun ownership.

Some well known facts about owning a gun in America. You must be 18 to own a rifle or shotgun. You must be 21 to own a pistol in all states. The average shooting ending in death in America is committed with an ILLEGAL firearm and not by a law abiding citizen. Second runner up is police actions. Third, every bloke who legally owns a gun defending himself.

Gun control and gun bans only affect the LEGAL acquisition of the firearms! Current laws against ILLEGAL possession are already high ranking felonies.

Outrageous bans and laws affecting legal ownership are quite absurd. However I do have to agree that it works. Just ask Hitler, Stalin, or Mao.

You wouldn't be able to pick me out of a crowd. I do not stand out in any form or fashion. I am not a revolutionary, nor do I abhor my government. I am a veteran of an (unjust) war. I am a law abiding citizen of the U.S. (I even follow the speed limit most of the time) who is a moderate in the political arena. This isn't because of indecision; the reason, to be put simply, is our founding fathers did not believe in a bipartisan government. I could be (and some cases, am) you neighbor.

Springfield Armory .45 GI spec, Walther PPK/S, WASR-10 (Romanian AK), Mossberg 500, and an M-1 Garand.

These things you would never see unless the lives or liberty of others were at stake. I am discreet about my ownership for the comfort of others.

I will not live in a police state. I will not rely on the judgment of lesser men (read as lawyers) to guide my every wakening moment. I will tolerate my elected dictators to a point, but once that point is reached (good chance I will not see it) all bets are off.

P.S.: Don't hate Americans. The majority of us are stupid, but there are still a few bright bulbs.

P.S.S.: Hate American politicians because they have been the root of evil for quite some time, and the ignorant masses continue to elect them time after time.


Taken aback in horror.

if gower==asshat then

no guns = more knife, baseball bat, broken bottle, cue ball in a sock, aggravated assault, and don't forget my favorite, illegal gun crime.


People like to live in a fantasy world where if no one had guns there would be no violence and death, and that all man kind was altruistic. Mere belief does not conclude in truth, blind faith is proven dangerous every day of the week. I do not fear my fellow man, I distrust his motives. I distrust his concept of "social responsibility."

Civilian gun ownership allowed my country a chance at becoming independent. It was not the police or standing military that fought for (perceived) freedom. It was Joe average that locked and loaded.

The police have something called a response time. Time that it takes to kill a person with a knife is approx 2-3 seconds. Time for the police to show up to clean up the mess approx 2 to 5 minutes. Police = ineffective against violent crime against innocents. Therefore: Buy a gun. Learn to use it. And don't be an asshat about it. Be a responsible f**king human being.

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize


From where I am from, we call this.... a joke.

Age of a creationist world: < 10,000 years.

Age of a big bang theorist: > 20 million years.

Average amount of empirical evidence used to support global warming theories...

< 120 years.

Approximate amount of time studies have covered in relation to age of the planet.

Creationist: 1.2 percent of total

Bang Theorist: 0.0006 percent of total

Chance of ANYONE BEING RIGHT and Al Gore inventing the internet: 0 percent

Chance of Al Gore being a douche: 100 percent


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