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Irish politicos try to cut off call girls' mobiles


Protecting the poor girls from life in the sex slavery

Eh like the majority of comments i would say legalize and regulate and tax it... How can you regulate a service that isn't legal?

Same thing with certain soft drugs, grow them under a strict set of rules and then sell the produce regulated... After all Tobacco is legal and kills thousands of people every year (EVEN IT people).

Besides this shouldnt our politicians be doing their REAL jobs opposed to nonsense proposals like this?

Article withdrawn

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Yorkshire man wakes up Irish after brain surgery

Dead Vulture

@the Flemish slur


By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 28th April 2009 13:21 GMT


"Godverdomme, mijn hoofdpijnen" Literal translation - "god damn it, my head hurts"; could have been flemish Belgian but then they'd need to remove far more than half the brain - more like 95%.

AC so my Belgian wife doesn't find out.

BTW just as well it wasn't a Lancastrian accent...


My dear chap perhaps you should check yourself for missing most of your brain... Had it not been for them stupid flemish you english would have been quite a bit poorer off at the start of the industrial revolution and during the wars with the French...

Not to mention that apparently cricket would find its origins in a lawn game player in Flanders looooooong time ago...

Also all our beers but our lagers are much better than anything (bar ciders) in GB... I totally understand why you go the coward way... she should kick you out and squeeze you dry...

I would dare to presume you are a typical limey arse who still thinks there is such a thing as the British Empire

Apple eyes patent for web silence

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euummm ever heard of foxy tunes? Available on IE and FF and it basically does what apple says... and its free!!!!

I got an idea for a patent for apple why dont they patent the on off button? They would become the richest company in the world if that were to be approved and knowing the us patent system it probably would

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases


@ Charles King

check your facts bubba!! GwBjr is a former governor but TX never gave him to us... he is a blue blood yankee...

Cost of a cuppa set to rocket

IT Angle


eummm What's the it angle? Apart from that it ppl also need tea breaks

BOFH: Defiling the profile

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After all our nagging there is another episode quicker than a month but am i the only one thinking its not THAT funny?

Watching Martin Johnson in Ireland - England in the past 6nations now THAT was funny... The guy is a standup comedian!

BOFH: Cable entanglements

Gates Halo

And all that for a 16Gb usb drive...

LOVE IT!!! Thanks for brightening my friday up!!!!!

Come on Simon one episode a month is WAAAAAAY TOO LITTLE!!! You got us hooked now keep delivering man or we the Reg Readers will have to conspire and replay out fav episodes... with your reg liason as the boss...

Snacker discovers Nokia phone in crisp packet


quality control

but what if the phone fell in it after quality control?

Besides they cant test all the millions of bags that pass through... they must pick one out here and there me thinks

American Stereotype™ walks Google's mean Street View


@dan fri jan 30

Optional accessories for this picture

By Dan Posted Friday 30th January 2009 14:09 GMT

Confederate Flag

Can of Budweiser in right hand

>>> Silly pom... Now you are being JUST as ignorant as our American cousins... North Dakota fought on the yankee side in the Civil war... The were the opponents of the Confederacy...

ps: there was widespread slavery in the North too...

Apple's Snow Leopard may know where you are


I guess...

this could also be used by the good and gracious ppl of the anti download coalition so they can track ppl down wo the use of an isp... Yes apple fantards I know you will say: "Apple won't do that!! Apple respects our privacy!! Apple has the noblest of intentions for us with this new addition!!!"etc...

On the flipside we could use this to find all apple owners and send them to detox camp to kick off from their Apple addiction... (I know evil thought!).

And no apple tards i am not a M$ fanboi... I am a neutral who is tired of seeing you creeps show up everywhere!

Dell quietly jacks up EMEA prices


Strong dollar?

Surely that must be WEAK dollar... If the euro declined in value prices would go up... and now its value goes up prices are going up AS WELL?

Surely Michael Dell is making us pay for having the audacity to buy elsewhere than by DELL

BOFH: Unfriendly ghosts

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@JIm the boss

Pal i would not want to have you for a boss... You can't even spell... Let along handle responsibility... After all managers take decisions about matters they have jack knowledge about and leave it to the footsoldiers to make their mess right...

So Jim the boss back to grade school for learning to spell!

Apple rattles legal sabre at Canadian tech school

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~shakes head in utter bewilderment~

This prooves that Apple really is not the nice family orientated company all the fanboy's claim it is... It really is a ruthless, moral less, mean and hypocritical industrial behemoth!

Thumbs down because the logo has a very vague familiarity to it... OF COURSE it is an apple as in the Fruit apple..

Maybe the black helicopters need to go to sunnyvale (Wasn't that where Buffy lived? Maybe Apple is taken over by the vampires)

Apple surrenders the Pink (to Microsoft)

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cade metz are you an apple fanboy? Based upon the few words in your article i would classify you as a worshiper of everything that comes from Apple and anything that comes not from Apple is devilish and doomed... GET REAL!!!

No I am not an M$ fanboy but i find it hypocritical how Apple gets away with deeds that would get M$ in deep shit... Or M$ charges too much for its software but Apple that really asks money for a glorified servicepack is praised... M$ can be run on a wide array of hardware while Apple locks itself down and charges through the teeth for generic hardware in a design plastic case...

Reality check dude they both are evil because they both only care about the all mighty (?) US$... And El Reg really such overly biased entries really do not belong here...

BOFH: The Mandelboat virus



Fín hilarious and brilliant! Poor users who are left at the PFY and Simon's mercy... But it makes great reading!

Have a good weekend lads and ladies!

uTorrent for Mac leaks into Pirate Bay



[quote]NETGEAR ReadyNAS

By Rolf Harris Posted Friday 26th September 2008 15:24 GMT


The NETGEAR line of ReadyNAS (used to be Infrant ReadyNAS) products like the ReadyNAS Duo, NV+, and Pro have a built-in official BitTorrent client, and so you can download BitTorrent files directly to the NAS, and with the Duo for example only consuming about 25W of power, you're pretty damn green compared to leaving your PC on - I do this at home :-)

"Tux" because ReadyNAS is based on a Linux 2.6 core.


[/quote] And how much does this baby cost? A few grand?


@ Rolf Harris

dang a grand for a box to turn your puter off and let your torrent running... Its cheaper to leave your pc on anyway...

Worms spread via spam on Facebook and MySpace

Dead Vulture


I had 2 examples of this in my myspace box... duly reported them as spam. The odd thing was you could not "delete or add" them as that link was missing from the layout of the msg. Anyway no harm done as i didnt click on the links and reported it as processed canned meat :)

French get pre-pay iPhone 3G


Jesusphone (Iphone) pre pay

Like Stephane said here in Belgium Orange daughter Mobistar sold their Iphones unlocked and without a contract, although some salesstaff apparently tried to enfoce customers to sign up with a contract at the same time as the purchase and this upon their own initiative (hmmmmmm suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure).

The other major GSM operator Proximus has even faq's on their website how to activate your Iphone so yeah if you can find "The Holy Grail" of mobile phones and do not want a contract come and stay for a few days in Belgium and call around to find one of those Holy Grails...

Mine is the one with the N95-8GB... Just about all the functions from the Jesus phone but much less fuss around it

Yahoo! exec! exodus! continues!


Execs leaving

Something like rats and ship and jumping come to mind... They know they will be held accountable so they rather leave on their own account...

HP buys EDS: What are they thinking?

Dead Vulture


Just a wee little side note... Dubya hails from CT (Connecticut)... Granted he did spend most of his adult life in TX and he was the governor but he is NOT a TeXan...

India and Belgium decry Chinese cyber attacks

Paris Hilton

Belgium, Beer and Cyber terrorism

Why Belgium like others have said already ... NATO HQ is in Evere (Part of the Capital Area of Brussels) and guess what? A large number of EU instances are based in ... Brussels... Thats is why...

As to the beer remarks well Leffe is good I suppose but be adventurous and try some Kriek (Black cherry) or Framboise (Raspberry) or Apple-Black cherry beer... Nicely chilled in a cold glass it is heavenly...

Paris because she knows how to handle her booze... or so she thinks

ISP reporting network to pierce bandwidth smokescreens



A quick glance at Zen their site says you get a max of 50GB and per extra GB they bill you STG1.75...

Hardly fair... Im going to relocate to Blighty and my isp here in Belgium charges me EURO 0.25/GB... now THAT is fair... Granted most major isp's are rip off's here 2...

Governator outs Dubya's global-warming 'time bomb'

Dead Vulture

Wasnt Arnie a Republican?

I am by no means an Arnie fan but he was elected as a REPUBLICAN and guys the greenhouse issue IS as high priority as the food prices are...

For no clean air and the food cost is irrelevant coz we wont be around anymore...

Also the drilling for a few more gallons of gas and petrol would ruin wildlife refuges and that also would affect our environment...

Anyway keep rolling over the street and crying about your petrol prices... Here in Continental Europe we pay approx $8 per gallon... boohooooo barely $4... Get your car manufacturers to build powerful engines who consume less gas...

Opera screeches at Mozilla over security disclosure

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re; hmmm by Dark

This just proves how petty Opera is... FF announced it almost 2 months ago to the world...

Eummm Opera ... Mozilla did not even had to notify you lot, but they did none the less!

My 2cents.

Thumbs down for Opera

Shell IT staff disgusted at mega profits


Shell staff outsourced

Eummm I think the vast majority of Shell IT workers are contract workers... Meaning they can kick you out if they do not like your face...

I once applied with them and back then (2003) they paid about 10quid an hour...

I understand that mngrs think that outsourcing callcenters to 3rd world countries is cheaper and the service is equal... However their idea of speaking fluent English isnt the same as the standard in the Uk... Try to get an engineer with ie a scouse accent explain a problem to an Indian guy who barely speaks real world English... Result Engineer frustrated Indian guy chilled and Shell happy coz they paid less for the call...

It is the backbone of any itself respecting company now a days under spending on it will wreak havoc on you in the semi long run

Ballmer! explains! hostile! Yahoo! bid!

Paris Hilton

Yahoo marriages Micro$oft

Has anyone forgot to inform Mr Steve "I am waiting to be worldchampionship chair throwing" Balmer that Yahoo + Ms doesnt necessarily means that the sum of the separate entities is equal to their separate worth?

I mean when Yahoo is taken over and Yahoo im is discontinued in favor of the much less stable and usable Ms Live! Messenger you can bet on it that loads of the Yahoo hits will move to different shores...

Which ever way this goes there is only One winner and No Mr B its not Microsoft its the Googlezilla... not the Redmond Beast...

Paris because EVEN PH could figure out that a Yahoo and Ms marriage would mean BAD news for the online world... Very Bad news...

Yahoo! readies! jobs! purge?

Paris Hilton

Yahoo vs Live Mail

YOu lot are over reacting!

Yes the new mail interface is a bit slow to download but tis not slower then Microsofts one... that one takes eons!

Ph factor this discussion is even below Paris her level!

O2 misses iPhone targets


Nostalgy to phone

Eh I still have a 2002 6310i! Does all i want but taking pics but all the new phones are do damm small ya know?

I wish they would make the phones a bit bigger like the 6310i a true work horse!

Microsoft wireless keyboards crypto cracked


I dunno

I got a ms keyboard with bluetooth and before this one i had another ms desktop set but infra red and with that one i replaced the standard mouse with an identical mouse (same type and model) and i needed a different receiver for it... So I dunno about this... Might just be a bug in the "cheaper" versions

BOFH: Spreading the festive cheer

Dead Vulture


Great stuff Simon!

Indeed one of the best episodes in a looooooooooooooong time! Makes me wanna stay on the good side of the BofH

Air France compensates 170kg passenger


pay extra

Okay so i am fat... partly coz of my diet party through dna... If airlines force me to pay extra will they force you lot to pay extra for being English? I mean the majority of responses came from people who were being extremely bigot...

And then you are surprised why the home nations don't like you...

Leopard security bug puts Mail users at risk

Dead Vulture


And here i thought that OS X was flawless... Sorry Fan boys but this is a worrying discovery... And surprised that /on sarcasm the example company/off sarcasm Apple has yet to release a patch...

/off topic 2,5 hours without a reaction...

BOFH: Workplace accidents = 0


LOL what a place to work

Dammm I need to find a job as assistant to the BofH alongside with the PFY these guys have it well...

They don't pay tax and anyone who wants to dob them in "mysteriously" leaves without a trace,,,,

Well Done Simon you made up for the not so brilliant episode last week!

Cheers mate!

Student suspended in gun rights email row

IT Angle

eummm Where is he threatening?

Oh Come on!

They guy is just speaking his mind... I do not agree with his view regarding concealed weapons but he has a point on the racism... Not just in the Us but all over the Western world White folk can be racist but if other people from a different ethnic origin call us whitey or honky it isn't deemed racist while it is...

Racism is a plague and this means ANY kind of racism... Including reversed... Why can't we treat humans alike? Give kids a scholarship based on their marks and not color of their skin...



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