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Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

michael mackey

Should have bought Huawei !

Samsung ST550

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Beware !

Have the cheaper ST500 and the touch screen cracked after being in my (front) pants pocket on a car journey. The LCD was fine but the touch screen seems to be a layer on top of it and it was completely cracked after being pressured against my keys in my pocket. I've never had that problem with any other touch screen device I've owned. Less then a month old but of course the warranty didn't cover it, despite a pocket camera not surviving it first trip in my pocket.

Hisense 1080p Media Player

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What about a review of this ... http://www.xtreamer.net/

similar price but way more features including wifi !

YouTube injects cash into US F1 team

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Re: Snicker

Fisichella won the Brazillian GP with a Jordan Cosworth ... stranger things have happened, it would be great to see a privateer back winning races in F1

X-Men helmsman to fly Battlestar Galactica

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Frack that

4 Seasons + 2 Specials + Prequel on the way ... Been there, Done it, bought the fracking toaster ...

Western Digital debuts HD TV add-on

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No 5.1 support

"AAC/Dolby Digital decodes in 2 channel output only"

Suppose you get what you pay for ... Back to getting the Popcorn A110 from Santa

Apple prices iPhone at $666, says analyst

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By its fruit you shall know them ...

$666 ... The price of the beast ....

UK White iPhone 3G availability boosted

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But it still doesn't support flash ...

I played around with the jesus phone in the shop, and although I agree its got a nice UI, theres too many things missing from it still ... Until it supports flash and MMS (not to mention the signal issues) I think its incomplete.

Sony to bring E Ink eBook reader to UK in September

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I'm still waiting for the paperless office

... and my jet pack, and my flying car, and robot butler ....

iPod Classic to ring till loudly for Apple, analyst says

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Apple don't honour their warranties

Would never buy an apple product again. Bought a 5th gen iPod 11 months ago and lost audio through one of the headphone channels while on holidays. Relieved it was still under warranty I sent it back to apple. 2 days later I get an email telling me it wouldn't be fixed due to "accidental damage or misuse". After an hour on hold I got on to a customer rep who told me that he had a picture of my iPod that showed there was sand between the cover and the screen. I explained that it couldn't possibly be sand as it had never been near a beach and it may have been dust from the inside of my pocket where it lived for the last year (Apple only do a visual inspection they don't open the unit). He then went on to explain it was IMPOSSIBLE for dust to enter the unit without me damaging it and that they won't be honouring my warranty. Talk about doing your best to avoid replaceing a 10 dollar part.

Would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing one of these to look at a competing product before they consider one of these.

As for an iPod being hermetically sealed ... I suggest apple search youtube and they'll see people opening these devices with guitar pics.


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