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El Reg receives message from planet 'Female Pigeon'

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Oops, Jim meets perry

Hmm, forget greek or roman, It's just SciFi:

Vulcan and Romulus are the home planets of Vulcanians and Romulans, as we all know essentially the same race. And Peristera is a planet from the SF-novelles 'Perr Rhodan'. Rerry Rhodan is a very, very long running series of booklets (don't know, maybe a 100 pages each) being each week or so, stemming from Germany.


Chemistry Nobel awarded to semiconductor boffin

Dr.Heinrich Backhausen

Good gracious

So Haber-Bosch is quite a dangerous process as it removes nitrogen from the air, leaving enriched in oxygen (which is toxic - no joke) etc?

No gents, Haber-Bosch is the standard process (invented in the 20s or 30s in Germany) to synthesize ammonia NH3 (which Libavius called 'spriritus urinae' ) from N2 (air) and H2 (from industrial raw gas mixtures) under pressure using a catalysator.


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